A License to Steal

The following video shows a brief speech in the European Parliament by the late Gianluca Buonanno, an Italian politician for the Lega Nord (who died in 2016 in a car accident under very shady circumstances that were swept under the rug). His talk concerns the EU’s dedication of a special day to the gypsies, a.k.a. Roma.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:06   Yes, thank you, Mr. President.
00:09   Well, I’m the one who is pointed at as being “the European racist”.
00:14   I think that the title of this debate “the gypsy-phobia”…
00:22   What is a phobia? It’s used in psychiatry to say that a fear is unreasonable.
00:26   I ask then, is it unreasonable fear when there are gypsies everywhere who steal?
00:32   Yes, I concede that not all of them are the same,
00:35   but a great deal of them are prone to thievery.
00:39   They’re prone to using children to help with robberies.
00:42   And this is said even by the police force.
00:45   They’re known to prohibit their children from going to school
00:48   so they can go thieving together.
00:51   I’m sorry, you want to dedicate the August 2 to gypsies…
00:54   are we going to dedicate the remaining 364 days to those who were robbed by these gypsies?
00:59   In closing: we have children’s rights here. Go check what they do with their kids.
01:04   If there are children’s rights, in this bureau,
01:07   I also have right to say ‘f*** off’
01:10   to all those who claim that no such problem exists.
01:13   The problem exists, so let’s not be hypocrites. We have to intervene
01:16   The past is the past, everyone has rights and duties.
01:19   The duties are not to steal and the rights are to send your kids to school and be able to work peacefully!