It’s Not Your Father’s Oktoberfest

The following report by Egri Nök was posted earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Suspicious-looking locals getting examined at the Oktoberfest gates. Why would a little control, a fence, and a bit of a terror alert, put anyone off from having fun, anyway? (photo: Merkur/Schlaf)

Oktoberfest: Dramatic Drop in Visitors

by Egri Nök

An original translation from German news magazine Focus.

Oktoberfest Munich

Disastrous Stats: This is the bitter balance sheet of ‘Wiesn’ [shortened name of Oktoberfest] 2016

September 7, 2017

The city of Munich has announced the accounting for Oktoberfest 2016 in a statistics publication. Visitors, beer, bratwurst — there was a strong decline just about everywhere.

Only 5.6 million visitors came to the largest Volksfest in the world. A record low of the last 16 years. Affairs were bleak for the Wiesn-Innkeepers, too: only 66,231 hectolitres of beer were drunk in 2016, 15 percent less than in previous years.

Bratwurst sales dropped from more than 500,000 to less than 300,000.

Innkeeper spokesman Toni Roiderer cites the bad weather at the start of the Wiesn, and the fear of terror as reasons for the decrease.

But there is good news, too

But there is good news, too: The number of crimes and the number of rescue missions by paramedics and firefighters dropped, compared with previous years. And the number of crimes reported dropped by 25%, compared with the last five years. There were 15% fewer “drunken bodies” than in previous years.

13 thoughts on “It’s Not Your Father’s Oktoberfest

  1. Merkel should be congratulated for her wisdom and foresight; imagine how much worse those statistics could have been had she not allowed all those Germans who haven’t been in Germany as long as other Germans to enter Europe. Without all those young, military age male New Germans in attendence with their beer swilling ways, Oktoberfest would have been an absolute disaster!

  2. I have family in Munich and they all say they are going to avoid the Wiesn this year because of terrorism concerns. Which means next year also and forevermore. It’s not like there aren’t other places to drink bier.

    • That’s true, and I don’t care much for the tents either. But I loved the parade of the Innkeepers on opening day, with their beautiful heavy horses. Or just strolling and eating sweets, and having a giggle about the people shrieking in the amusement rides when they go overhead.

      • I remember, I visited the October Fest on my honeymoon (many years ago). Let’s just say the percentage of Somali, Afgan, Moroccan and Pakistani “Syrians” were a bit lower.

  3. On a side note: Securities like the ones depicted often have migration background, and in Germany that mostly means Muslim.

    So it`s quite likely that Muslims check the very dangerous looking German natives in their Lederhose and Dirndl (traditional outfits) because of Muslim terrorist.

    But we know this craziness from airports all over the world.

  4. An intended ‘slap in the face’ to German culture – I hope that many Germans have taken these intended measures as such. Such treatment invariably promotes resentment.

    • Such treatment invariably promotes resentment.

      Sadly, not in any sufficiently large quantity to derail Merkel’s reelection.

      If, as expected, Merkel is returned to office, a major portion of any sympathy I once held for Germany’s people will vanish faster than a Ferrari on the autobahn.

      A while back—after visiting and touring Germany twice—I was of the opinion that their reunification was the best thing to happen in Europe since the end of WWII.

      I am now obliged to question the wisdom of creating a powerhouse with such treacherous “leadership” that is so utterly hostile towards Europe’s indigenous populations. As in; a divided Germany would not have been anywhere near as able to wreak that much havoc so abruptly.

      Merkel’s Stasi roots are showing just a little a bit. Her willingness to socially and racially mutilate The Continent is an unforgivable act of treason that transcends all human dignity, morals, and ethics.

      Most horrific of all is a distinct potential for revival of the selfsame concentration camps that facilitated one of the last century’s most brutally orchestrated genocides. In this resides Merkel’s most staggering guilt. With her willkommenskultur mentality, she may well be precipitating one of this new century’s most avoidable catastrophes.

      It is chilling to think that Europe’s very survival may hinge upon a reenactment—in any style or scale—of that Continent’s most shameful modern episode. Worse yet is the simple fact that, given the slightest opportunity, this new wave of parasitic invaders would not hesitate to impose far worse measures upon those who have so foolishly welcomed them.

      This is a story that is utterly bereft of any “happy ending”.

      • Look at the bright side: next time the real germans will be in the camps with moslem guards. See how they fare.

        • See how they fare.

          Please permit me to draw your attention to a (less well-recognized) genetic timeline and endpoint.

          The Caucasian race—with its laudable and grand vision of intellectual, scientific enlightenment—is voluntarily aborting and demographically exterminating itself out of existence.

          Your “camps with moslem guards” would only hasten the eclipse of any remaining high-IQ White people (German or not).

          Please correct me if I am wrong, but if you DO NOT want the Caucasian race to perish, you had best and damn-well hope that—even political idiots like the Germans—do not perish.

          Even those brain-addled Swedes must be preserved in order to restock the genetic library of the Caucasian gene pool.

          Anything less represents total suicide for the White race.

      • Well, if the real Germans ever find it within themselves to stand up and deal with the invaders en masse, they will be totally morally justified under the concept of defensive war.

        • … they will be totally morally justified under the concept of defensive war.

          The central question being: Will they have sufficient moral conviction to proceed accordingly?

      • Have you read, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, by Jim Marrs?

        You will find many dots to join in what you already know and what he presents in his book.

        I remember the unification of the two Germany’s. At the time, I wondered what was going to come of it, especially as the Soviet Union ‘collapsed’ soon after, as if on que. Then again, maybe that Soviet collapse was exactly on que as required by the NWO, but it was certain Russian patriots who got in the way of an expected smooth takeover by the NWO of what was left of the Soviet system.

        Merkel, like Obama and his role in ‘hope and change’, was groomed for what she is now doing to a unified Germany – but does she really care what becomes of Greater Germany after the ‘immigrants’ have had their fill? Does she care for what she has been instrumental in achieving for the NWO – the genocide of the Saxon at the hands of those Hitler wished for in place of his own kind, the Muslim?

        Many worried Germans cannot fathom what is happening to them because they have succumbed to the resurrected ‘plan’ that almost succeeded back in 1942 – the Final Solution, only this time around it is the native German that is being targeted for extinction.

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