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  1. Excellent video. A big reason why so many Europeans don’t see the “train” coming is that the media systematically lie about the crime statistics. I know, no big aurprise for Gates of Vienna readers. But the German ZDF television debate from a couple days ago featuring Alice Weidel of AfD was an appalling and egregious example of outright lies. A good little object study. Hoping GoV can feature something about it…

    • Yes, we have a translated subtitled video. I think Vlad already posted it. I’m waiting for the translation of a related text to go with it.

      • Good to hear! Thank you. I would have offered my own efforts at translating it, but even for this former German lit major, some of what was said was hard to decipher.

        And it must be said, Marietta Slomka (the blonde moderator) is truly a rat. Her constant smug, supercilious smirk — there’s really nothing more contemptibe in all of media, I don’t think.

        • right, Brasidas.When she is at the news desk, you can predict by her mimic if she likes or not the news to be communicated.
          This is anathema to serious news magazines. And I am compelled to pay for this.

  2. Pat Condell is no longer funny, and it’s not his fault. He used to have a biting humor, drawing extreme, exaggerated word-pictures of current events.

    Unfortunately, that region of humor is no longer available. It is impossible to draw an exaggerated picture of the degree of western collapse and cowardice. ISIS issues a public call for poisoning the food in supermarkets with slow-acting, painful, fatal chemicals, helpfully supplying the recipes. European countries knowingly import ISIS fighters, not only allowing them back into the country, but giving them living and food allowances, and helping them to enter into professions as apprentices: like being butchers.

    Linda Sarsour, professional Muslima hijab model, collects money for Jewish headstones and hurricane Harvey victims: and mainstream, Jewish SJW groups fall all over themselves to lend their names to her schemes. So, there is no market for sardonic humorists anymore: just for a news anchor who is able to read straight news rather than pure commentary.

    • around 2006/7, the St. Fagans museum in Cardiff was transformed.
      old exhibitions were removed, gave way to some really weird stuff.

      One of the new exhibits placed under glass cover, was quite memorable:

      1. Original neanderthal bone, dated about 250K BC (on the low level)
      2. Judaic Kadish (burial) shroud (middle level)
      3. Beautiful sample of Islamic calligraphy (on top)

      all these new talented, diverse graduates of Humanities departments, they should be employed somewhere, aren’t they.

    • Not to fret, though: the present reality–outpacing comedic comment–is even more darkly humorous. Metaphorically speaking, people are laughing their heads off.

    • Disagree, I roared with laughter on three occasions!

      Pat Condell is a star!

      It was a great post, I have missed him, but cannot begrudge him a holiday over summer.

      What a great man.

      • I also laughed a lot even though he did not seem to be trying to make us laugh!

        Again, he needs to shorten his videos by 20% otherwise people grow too tired to listen to the whole thing and he loses on his potential impact.

    • Pat Condell is no longer funny, and it’s not his fault. He used to have a biting humor, drawing extreme, exaggerated word-pictures of current events.

      Unfortunately, that region of humor is no longer available.

      Really well said, RonaldB .

      Condell’s original career as a comedian is no longer pertinent—as he has long since transited the realm of humor and become the West’s modern-day Cassandra. Rarely has the ancient description, “clever, but considered insane” been more apt.

      When one considers the more recent (highly profitable) role of Lutheran and Catholic “charities” with regard to importing limitless numbers of violent, predatory, hostile, parasitic, semi-retarded, criminal young warriors—Condell’s once-criticized rants against Christianity and the cadre of Liberal Jews that continue to wholeheartedly support borderless immigration suddenly snaps into focus.

      Would that America—I suppose we’ll have to settle for Trump—had an equally eloquent, sardonic, poignant, and derisive Cicero to whom we could point and say (in the grand institution of a traditional Greek Chorus):

      “I ******* told you so!”

  3. I am always confused by Pat’s rants, – can’t decide why I like them so much, or because they are radical, or because they are common sense.

    • [C]an’t decide why I like them so much, [if] because they are radical, or because they are common sense.

      Hint: go with “common sense”.

      Yer pal.


    • it is plain common sense, but in our media, this is so unusual that it shocks to see it in action.P.C.’ s speech ought to be the dominant tone in a sane country.Does anybody here watch hungarian or slovacian news formats? Let me know about it.

    • “In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
      A quote supposedly by George Orwell (I could not verify the authenticity).

  4. Islamic text that inspires the indiscriminate killing of non faithful is allowed to be printed and circulated, yet when an individual reacts to that, to an atrocity, by speaking a reciprocal message, he is jailed.

    My point is not that it is right to speak like this, though a natural right nevertheless as long as people are prepared to face the consequence, but that the British justice system is unbalanced in its approach. So either it must confiscate such texts and jail those distributing them, or it must give all individuals the legal right to express themselves similarly.

    The UK judge has just set a precedent, now it is up to some in the UK to use that precedent as defense. The difference between being the author, and purposefully propagating the words of an author as to be followed, as in “in the name of” , is in practical terms 0.

    If the defendent in this case had said that he was just repeating the views and intent of other people, would he have been let off? I don’t think so.

    Either way, he has been punished for his openess, even if it was not particularly constructive. The closer point being however, in allocating blame, was his sentiment not ultimately inspired by the acts derived from a text that is welcomed by UK legislation?


    Is the establishment allowing itself to be used to destroy its own?

    • You are correct that he would not have been let off. The crackpots in Germany have jailed a man for six months for posting a historical, verified photograph of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem shaking hands with Nazi officials. That is, jailed for telling the truth.
      This is the same Mufti, uncle of Yasser Arafat, who convinced Hitler to exterminate Jews rather than allow them to leave and go to British controlled Palestine. The same Mufti who was made a General in the Waffen SS. I don’t think it matters if he was merely an “honorary” General or the real thing.

  5. Women and girls have no business being out on their own after dark in ANY society.

    Yes, yes, I know — since “women’s emancipation” women can do whatever men can do. They may carouse into all hours of the night unattended by a male escort and NAIVELY imagine that they will arrive home safely. One has to wonder if they even give a damn to return home safely. Are they so corrupt that they have no idea of what evil lurks in the heart of every man? In their own hearts as well?

    Little wonder then that the very dregs of male-dom would see them as easy meat. And this is what “emancipation” has brought to the countless millions of women who have traded their SAFETY for emancipation and in the bargain have invited their own sexual trauma. Praise be to God if they even recognize that they’ve been violated and traumatized. In this age, that is not ever certain

    Part of that bargain is to deny that evil lurks around dark corners.

    Stupid women. Stupid parents. Stupid — and evil-enabling Merkels of the world.

    Once a society denies the reality of evil and casts vile criminals as victims then nothing but human suffering on an apocalyptic scale will follow. And while P Condell makes valid points — important ones — he fails to note, perhaps not even to see, that the trouble lies not so much with the evil hearts of MUSLIMS and their hatred for white flesh, but in the evil hearts of whites (Europeans) who prefer Muslim overlords over a civil government cast in the likeness of Christendom.

    Shame on you, Europeans — and this, in the 500th year anniversary of Martin Luther’s calling the church back to its roots of Justification by Grace Alone.

    • I quite agree with your comment. It is my oppinion also that “modern society” went the way of ignoring evil. And it is not only in the gender arena, where the secrects of sex addiction and perversion are well hidden from the public, because people are ashamed to talk about it, and we end up with youngsters experimenting with evil, because the oldsters have not warned the young.

      But the “ignorance” rings in other arenas as well – immigration? There is apparently no evil connected to immigration. State censorship? It is apparently good that the government will decide what porn you can or cannot watch.

      But at the same time the EU mainstream is ignoring the evils, it is also ignoring many goods – like health effects of nicotine on patients with alzheimers: No, cigarretes are completely evil and double evil, can’t have anything good associated with them…

      And so the disconnect with reality grows.

      My theory is that it is a deliberate tactics, to make average people’s minds into a mesh of inconsistent thoughts and colliding information so that the people will be unable to think for themselves.

    • Dear HarrietHT,

      Here’s hoping […] that Dymphna or The Baron will take heart and generate an entire post regarding your splendid observations.

      Regardless, thank you so much for taking the time.


    • So you don’t believe women should be able to walk freely after dark without harassment, and without a male “escort”?

      Bear in mind, we’re not talking about them getting totally drunk, and coming home from a club wearing minimal clothing. Just walking after dark… which, in northern Europe during winter means most of the day.

      Sounds like an attitude very much in tune with Saudi Arabia, or Iran…

      • It wasn’t that long ago in the West that women were considered worthy of protection and thus chaperoned. There was no law or Saudi-Arabian-type enforcement, as you seem to think I was arguing for. There were social expectations and realities about the dangers unaccompanied women might encounter.

        I go to the grocery store alone sometimes after dark; but I’m very aware and careful as to my surroundings and where I park. I’m thankful to be able to decide for myself what is safe and what is less so. But under no circumstances would I go bar-hopping — not even during daylight hours; but this is what “modern” Western women consider part of life — oblivious to the dangers inherent in such activities.

        And thank-you, NorseRadish — for your positive remarks concerning my perspective on this issue.

        • It wasn’t that long ago in the West that women were considered worthy of protection and thus chaperoned. There was no law or Saudi-Arabian-type enforcement, as you seem to think I was arguing for. There were social expectations and realities about the dangers unaccompanied women might encounter.

          You have admirably disambiguated your stance from the usual sharia and purdah nonsense. Women are worth protecting. I’m not sure how to put that any other way. Just call me “old-fashioned”, I suppose.

          And thank-you, NorseRadish — for your positive remarks concerning my perspective on this issue.

          You are most welcome HarrietHT. Again, I hope that this board might dedicate an entire article to your observations. A society that devalues the importance of protecting its women and children is destined for extinction.

          I will leave it to anyone’s imagination regarding what will become of the “Palestinians” who cheerfully bid adieu to their bomb-vested children. Insanity is far too kind of a word for such unparalleled evil.

    • There are many societies where doing so is reasonably safe, as it should be.

      Singapore would be an example.

      While one needs to be realistic about one’s environment, I do think that keeping the streets safe for women (and others) at all times, or at the very least striving to do so, is the mark of a civilised society.

      One doesn’t always succeed, but I fail to see why it shouldn’t be a goal.

  6. I think Condell is at least as persuasive as ever. I was thinking as I was listening that his commentary and analysis was a well-spring of “points” one would cite in a written communication with one’s legislators, to guide them upon the right path to acceptance of the bloody reality of cultural non-equivalence.

    We need, in our fair Republic, persuasion. To that end, persistence and factual accuracy are key. I never considered the collapse of my civilization at all humorous.

    • I never considered the collapse of my civilization at all humorous.

      Say “hello” to Robin Williams. His far-too-deep understanding of human pathos surely (“And don’t call me Shirley“) must have driven him over the edge.

      Either you laugh or cry. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) put it best:

      “The secret source of Humor itself is not joy but sorrow.

      We are all born crying … Some of us learn to stop.

      • Robert Heinlein made the same observation in “Stranger in a Strange Land”, when the central character, Mike (a human raised by Martians) comes to comprehend humour.

  7. Pat helps us understand one of our foes.

    The other is Postmodernism–which is rather like an autism spectrum disorder in that it blinds our “theory of mind” about other cultures–we cannot seem to understand how they are thinking; and we project on Islam how we, our culture, interprets the world. We simply can’t believe they are so evil. It seems impossible they do not respond to our kindnesses. We need to keep being altruistic until we choke to death on our own stupidity.

    Know thy enemy. We need to know both. Soon.

  8. He says “no excuse to not act [upon our knowledge]” and then it turns out that, in his mind, “acting” is supposed to mean voting for different politicians.

    Can you deal democratically with an oppressive elite openly hostile to its own people, that owns academia, the media, the police, the authority to tax, the military and all political parties?

    Did the founding fathers of our republic VOTE king George out of office?

  9. I live in Thailand. I might eventually move to Japan or Singapore. Most Asian states are socially conservative, and with minimal central regulation. In the West now there is not a single conservative country. A lemming mentality shuts out any alternative or rollback of multiculturalism. Its a kind of mass neurosis. Fighting this, or even just exposing it, becomes depressing after a while. I don’t believe the West can be ‘woke’, we’re too far down the rabbit hole. So I’ll never return to the West now. But I do want to visit Hungary and Poland. Trump is literally the only leader pushing back against the groupthink. Pat realizes that nothing can now reverse Europe’s suicide.

  10. HarrietHT – How would you advise the women who have been attacked whilst pushing a pram in daylight in the park? Or those who have been attacked during the day in their own home? And when in the west in history did it happen that women were considered worthy of respect and thus chaperoned? A chaperone for the working woman, or the widow, or the orphan? Perhaps then, these women weren’t ‘worthy of respect’?

    • Ouch!

      Did I imply that all attacks on women would miraculously disappear if our culture were less degraded than it is now? Given that our civil government has failed us to a remarkable degree, and given that the milieu which he inhabit reeks of decadence, and given that however curbed, evil doers will forever lurk amongst us, the perfect safety of all women at all times is unattainable. But you know that, don’t you. And you know that that is not what I was saying.

      Did I neglect to cite chapter and verse of those periods in our not-too-distant past when women were indeed chaperoned? (Or perhaps I’ve exposed the gaps in your own knowledge of history?)

      Women are worthy of respect; whether or not individual men have a character adequate enough to proffer that respect is another question.

      For at least a thousand years in the West when Christian missionaries as St. Patrick, St. Augustine, St. Boniface, and countless others brought the Gospel to pagan cultures, the status of women has been elevated and respected. In fact, the very notion of chivalry toward women in the Middle Ages directly corresponds to the increasingly Christian view of women as being equally regarded in God’s eyes as both worthy of His love and of His blessing as are men.

      Nay. There’s more here that separates your opinion from mine than mere knowledge of the facts.

  11. Pat is a brave man. The cowardly governments of Europe – and the US have jailed people who tell the truth about Islam. Hillary blamed a video for causing the Benghazi attack. As if that excused an act of war against US property. The video merely presented facts about Islam – but that’s all it took to land this innocent man in jail for year. This is very dangerous.

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