A Hungarian Report on Cultural Enrichment in Vienna

The following report about migrants in Vienna appeared on Hungarian television. Hungarians are less in thrall to political correctness, so this account is more honest than you would expect from countries west of the Iron Curtain.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   In Austria tensions are increasing about migration, not only on the Southern or Eastern borders,
0:04   but in the capital of the country.
0:08   An Echo TV crew visited Vienna and experienced first-hand that in public places
0:12   more and more migrants are present…
0:16   Vienna. Today no longer just the favorite destination for tourists, but
0:20   for migrants too. The Austrian capital city will soon join
0:24   those other Western European cities where one can see more migrants on the streets
0:28   than natives. Despite all of this, most Viennese still think
0:32   it is a good thing that more foreigners are arriving there.
0:36   “I absolutely agree, that they come here, we must give them space
0:40   to stay here.” — “I think we must receive the refugees with love.”
0:44   “This is an important elementary thing.” — “I do not have any problem with this,
0:48   I completely agree with it.” [letting migrants in] How many migrants there are in Austria
0:52   it is hard to determine. Only thing is certain at the moment,
0:56   71,000 people waiting to receive the refugee status.
1:00   While they wait the migrants still receive social benefits,
1:04   “It would be better if there were fewer of them.” But not everybody agree with this
1:08   trend — which is pushed by migrant supporting-Austrian politicians and liberal media.
1:12   Many are afraid the overwhelmed Austrian social system will collapse,
1:16   because it will not able to pay out such a large volume of social benefits.
1:20   This might lead to violence from the migrants. —“In every way it is possible
1:24   that a terror attack will occur, because there is no 100% security.
1:28   But if you ask me, what is worries me more
1:32   is social conflict, which will lead to violent terror attacks.”
1:36   In the more important transport hubs and train stations,
1:40   a huge number of migrants can be seen. What they are doing, nobody knows,
1:44   because in the beginning phase of integration
1:48   they do not speak either the German or English language.
1:52   Where are you from? —“Iraq”. —Iraq?
1:56   What are you doing here? —“Vienna?”
2:00   —“I only speak Arabic.” I cannot speak Arabic [reporter].
2:04   The migrants not only love the area of train stations, but nature, too.
2:08   This was recorded about a week ago in a Viennese island in the Danube.
2:12   The video was uploaded to Facebook by one of the politicians
2:16   from the Austrian Freedom Party [FPÖ]. Since then the video has been deleted.
2:20   The video shows thousands of migrants invading the area.
2:24   They make fires, cooking and praying.
2:28   Now much fewer migrants can be seen on the same location.
2:32   The Danube island in Vienna — If I have to find an example in Budapest —
2:36   Margaret Island would come to mind. People come here to rest, spend their free time
2:40   bicycling, running, and on hot summer days they can bathe in the river.
2:44   About the migrant situation in Vienna, we wanted to ask
2:48   city leaders, who did not respond to our request for an interview.
2:52   And the Freedom Party — where the politician is from who uploaded the video —
2:56   promised answers later, after the summer vacation.

18 thoughts on “A Hungarian Report on Cultural Enrichment in Vienna

  1. As an Austrian from Vienna I can confirm that the video is 100% true.
    That said, a majority of the real (!) Austrians and citizens in Vienna are fed up with the influx of non-European migrants and especially Muslims.
    The reason why they predominantly come to Vienna is because the socialist-green city government is granting them the highest welfare in all of Austria.

    All this while the city`s debts already are skyrocketing because of decades of socialist incompetence and nepotism.
    The problem is that many voters in Vienna have migrant background or are personally connected to the socialist party (fe. in their workplace) and are only interested to feather their own nest.
    If the next vote wont provides a radical change, then Vienna is lost for the time being, as London or Brussels already are.

    • I remember a remark from Daniel Moynahan that democracies begin to deteriorate when people find they can vote themselves money from the public purse.

      Most governments today are not democracies, but a balance of interests. The US Constitution by distinguishing between the popular vote, and the decisions of state legislatures (Representatives versus Senators) attempted to balance the public with the monied and politically powerful.

      But when you have the government based on voting, the nature of the electorate becomes important. An electorate too stupid, or greedy, or immersed in tribal identity, to look to the future will sink a government and a country.

      So, dictatorships actually work best in Muslim countries, as the sharia preference of the majority is not honored. I have no idea if there is a stable form of government for Africa. Probably the best governments that were ever there were the white governments of Rhodesia and South Africa.

      Of course, the population of Vienna is being diluted by stupid migrants, but the original population was pretty stupid to allow their own displacement.

      • I remember a remark from Daniel Moynahan that democracies begin to deteriorate when people find they can vote themselves money from the public purse.

        Moynihan was quoting de Tocqueville, who worried about our form of democracy eventually crashing and burning. Had the latter been able to even formulate the concept of our welfare state – which Moynihan begged LBJ not to enlarge because it would destroy the black family – he would have given up in despair.

        As one of the greatest of the last of the classic Liberals, Daniel Moynihan, did. Give up in despair, I mean. The sucking hole left by his death has never healed over. To add insult to grievous injury, Hillary the carpetbagger “inherited” his Senate seat.

        • Thanks so much for the additional information, Dymphna. Obviously, I knew I was being lazy in not hunting down the actual source of the Moynahan quote. I did know he was quoting someone, but I blew off researching it more.

          What I didn’t know, and what is actually extremely significant, is the Moynahan predicted the devastation of the black family due to welfare and that he actually warned LBJ about it prior to the implementation of the Democratic-vote-seeking “Great Society”.

          Of course, LBJ not caring about lives or outcomes is old news. McMaster, in his brilliant book “Dereliction of Duty” cites the account of French president De Gaulle sending an envoy to warn LBJ about the high cost of involvement in Vietnam. France lost something like 90,000 men in their own Vietnamese quagmire prior to 1954. Of course, the prospect of tens of thousands of US military casualties daunted LBJ not in the least when it came to his political legacy and any political advantage he could wring out of it.

      • Not really stupid. Simply complacent. They had their grandparents’ stories and the great economic engine of the 1960s and ff.

        Americans are complacent, too. Hubris is a common sin in the West.

      • Vienna is and always was a city of migrants.
        In former centuries because it was the capital city of an Empire with many ethnic groups and later because it was located in the shadow of the Cold War.
        I myself have actually a Czech name from my fathers side.
        It was the gateway to the West for many people from the communist Eastern Block and also for many Jews who migrated from the Soviet Union to the US or Israel, Vienna is also one of the locations of the UN (amongst New York and Geneva).
        And in difference fe. to Germany most of the earlier Migrants came from the Balkans – Turcs and other Muslims were just a small proportion, but that steadily changed over time.
        The politicians in Austria are weak, they mostly just follow the lead of our Big Brother (in more then one sense), Germany.
        And Germany follows the globalist Agenda as proposed and outlined by the UN and EU – and by some US-Administrations (Clinton, Obama…).

        Only once they made their stand, that was during the discussion if the EU should begin negotiations for a turkish membership.
        During that time no one shared our position.
        And Austria in a very singular case was at one time under a political “embargo” from the other EU-members (when the freedom party – FPÖ – was part of government), only Hungary didn`t let us down then.

  2. The brainwashing is *SO* good that people will vote for their own demise.

    The USSR would be jealous.

    • The progressive liberal ideology which has become the official quasi-religious doctrine of the EU is even more irrational and self-contradictory that the official Soviet ideology.

      It is enough to observe that it combats with equal zeal ‘homophobia’ and ‘islamophobia’ to see how insane it is.

      Thank God, it is being imposed with less violence than the Soviet ideology – there is no Gulag (yet?). But it is asserted as stridently and as stupidly as the Soviet ideology was at the worst periods of Soviet history.

      It uses and abuses the word ‘tolerance’ at every suitable and at many unsuitable occasions, but it is as intolerant of dissent as Maoism. It promotes ‘multiculturalism’ but destroys the European culture based on Christianity.

      • «…there is no Gulag (yet?).»
        What is worst: a prision were you were made to work; or a place were you would be out of job, taken to court and dispossessed of all your savings; evicted of your house (landlord would be pressed to it)

      • Does the EU have a consistent philosophy, or is it just go along with the bureaucrats?

        We talk about the soft totalitarianism of the EU, but I feel the EU will apply whatever pressures are necessary. If the threat of a fine works, they will be satisfied. If a prison sentence works, they will use that. And if those don’t work, they will (have already) give open reign to the fascist antifa street thugs to terrorize independent thinkers.

        The common denominator between the Stalinist regime, the Nazi regime, the USSR bureaucratic regime, and the EU are love of power.

  3. War is coming. You better be prepared.
    Your government will turn the weapons aganist you.

  4. When I visited Vienna back in 2009, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff gave me a personal tour of Vienna’s Muslim quarter. It was a shock to see women parading about in full burkas back then.

    I dread to think what it must look like now.

    • Worse of course. 🙁
      Though I never actually saw a Burkha, mostly its Hijab and Nijab (full cover with face veil and sometimes even gloves).

      What really has changed are the masses of muslim male youths and men you will encounter almost everywhere.

    • You want to see masses of covered Muslim women, walk along Damon street in Chicago. I’ve seen a full niquab woman in a Middle Eastern market in Carrollton Texas. The males, of course, are dressed in the white pajamas of Muslim men.

      It goes beyond saying that these people have no loyalty to the US as it is, but one cannot help but wonder if these enclosed and hermetically-sealed women even know if they’re in the US rather than Morocco or wherever they came from.

  5. As their numbers swell, the men will become more brazen in chastising native born individuals to conform to their sense of decency. Muslim males typically dress in Western attire & wear swim suits. Muslim females must be covered when in public. It seems puberty is the crossing line for them in Western countries. I’ve seen Muslim moms allow their little girls the freedom to wear sparkly clothes and no head coverings under the age of 12. But the dress freedom becomes short-lived when they reach puberty.

    Now imagine the ensuing conflicts of being outnumbered. Little native, non-Muslim girls having acid thrown in the faces for wearing bikinis & shorts. Same goes for their Western moms for not wearing the dreadful burkinis. Rapes will increasingly happen near the bicycle trails, river banks, train stations and inside restrooms. Numerous drownings may occur because lots of migrants do not know how to swim in pools let alone in rivers with currents. I can foresee a day where paddle boarding and swimming in the rivers will be outlawed because too many people are being injured. Asians lumped in with Muslim migrants & blacks.

    Anger will increase over seeing Europeans openly drinking wine & beer while lounging & smoking on their blankets along the rivers & parks. Also notice how Muslims hate dogs & puppies. They consider them unclean! How can two opposing cultures co-exist when one is totalitarian, misogynistic and unwilling to assimilate after gaining the upper hand in population size? Give us *one*modern day example where equal amounts of Muslims and non-Muslims peacefully co-exist? Your example must support equal amounts of Muslims & Kafirs!

    As soon as Muslims become the majority in population, they become increasingly more vocal & demanding! That’s what the local idiots fail to see when speaking in favor of military age migrants pouring into their countries, cities, neighborhoods and public places. Can does Austrians in the video posted here be that gullible & stupid? In Italy, male Muslims now use parking garages as prayer locations, demanding mosques be built in the nearby towns, at the taxpayers expense. Italy is still in a financial crisi, economic slump almost as bad as Greece!

    Ask the Australians about the use of their public beaches. Young male Muslims were acting as sharia police taking over sections for their exclusive use. And becoming violent when locals resisted their presence.

    • Yeah. For sure, Muslims will do what they are allowed to do.

      If the electorate and the government was unable to directly oppose their migration into the country, when they were not present, what hope is there that the Muslims will be resisted when they’re actually here?

      If the Visograd countries have the sense to continue cutting their political ties with Western Europe and the EU, East Europe might paradoxically be the last bastion of European and Western values.

      And I think it would be a disastrous idea for any of them to join NATO. Russia is probably, when all is said and done, not a very good neighbor, but they’re far better off bending over backwards to get along with Russia than putting themselves under the heel of NATO.

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