More Cultural Enrichment for Italy: AIDS from Nigeria?

According to a politician from an Italian nationalist party, the flood of migrants into Italy brings with it a significant risk of AIDS and other serious contagion.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Migrants, the complaint to the government: “There is a risk AIDS among Nigerians”

Of the more than 80 thousand Nigerians who have arrived, more than 15 thousand could be HIV-positive. The complaint by FDI: “The government says it was for prophylaxis to protect Italians.”

Sergio Copper
July 17, 2017

“The government does not underestimate another serious problem regarding the immigration emergency in Italy.”

While the ports of southern Italy are filled with thousands of newly arrived immigrants, the deputy for the Brothers of Italy [Fratelli d’Italia, FDI], Edmondo Cirielli, launches a new, ominous warning that, at least until now, has not been taken into account. “Those who land on Italian shores,” he points out, “come primarily from Nigeria, country with the second-largest number, after South Africa, of people living with AIDS.” He now wants to know whether the government is doing something to prevent, or at least monitor this risk.

Supposedly, according to estimates, at least 20% of the Nigerian population is HIV positive. “And,” calculates Cirielli, “because in the last three and a half years more than 80 thousand Nigerians have arrived, it is to be assumed that more than 15 thousand of them are HIV positive”. Nigeria is, moreover, the fourth country in the world for tuberculosis, and 22% of people with this disease live with HIV. “This is a very serious situation when you consider that too many people are not in treatment,” says the representative of the Brothers of Italy who, at this very hour, has submitted a parliamentary question demanding to know “what initiatives the government intends to take to ensure the safety and health of members of law enforcement, volunteers and all those involved in the landing and rescue operations on our shores and in the immediate following phases.”

Cirielli wants to hear from the government “whether unions of all workers and cooks in the military who intervened at the time of landing and throughout the national territory” have been informed of the risk of contracting HIV “since you are multiplying acts of delinquency of immigrants.” “The government of Renzi’s Democratic Party,” concludes the supporter of the Brothers of Italy, “says it is for prophylaxis, to protect all Italian citizens.”

18 thoughts on “More Cultural Enrichment for Italy: AIDS from Nigeria?

  1. “Those who land on Italian shores,” he points out, “come primarily from Nigeria …..”

    Is this article for real? I stand up and wish to be counted. I do not want these people, with their diseases and social habits, in my beautiful continent, and I believe I speak for hundreds of millions more of our citizens. Stop the madness! Stop it now!

    • See the post for its Italian origins.

      What is your plan for stopping the madness? I mean whatever you can tell us of your plan without breaking operational security.

      • As I recall, there are a limited number of forms of government. Clearly, democracy isn’t cutting it. Perhaps autocracy can do better. At least the trains would be on time.

        • What you are experiencing is totalitarian international socialism. The personal democratic interests and freedoms of Western European citizens is of no concern to the supposed social democracies. Misery and tyranny is the way of the socialist.

          • Go further, there is no rational explanation for the rush to get more and more “migrants”, in particular Muslim migrants, onto the shores of Europe and the US, and onto those welfare rolls, except that the Communist globalists want to bring about these benefits (to themselves)…destroy Christianity once and for all, fill the nation with people on welfare who will then vote the way you want them to, and in all ways take over the populace, who will be huddling in their homes needing you for their very survival.
            And yes, this is what the pope and his pals want too, absolutely.

      • Well, evidently a peaceful and non-violent solution of this “crisis” is not possible any longer. The window of post-WWII “belle epoque” is closing.

        I am fortunate to have lived my best years in that exciting interlude … and I am cognizant of the fact that I may die defending the West – or rather being killed in the pandemonium to come. Be it so – millions sacrificed their lives before me.

        Navigare necesse est …

      • Dymphna,

        At this point there is no peaceful solution available to this madness, primarily because those at the top who are running the EU and the political and cultural elites who back them have decided that importing hordes of muslim barbarians is necessary to achieve their ends, whatever they may be. Therefore, any political solution to stopping the importation of barbarians is DOA since it runs against the goals of those in power. Just look at what happens to anyone who dares buck the trend.

        Any solution therefore will have to be violent, and organic from the grassroots, at least until those European leaders who are against colonization by muslim barbarians can wrest control of leadership from the current governing elites. This also involves wresting control from the deep state; from the likes of Soros and his fellow scum who are actually calling the shots. Violent, because nothing gets attention like the threat of violence against ones person, or family if one is too heavily defended to be targeted. And organic and grassroots, because a group with leaders is easily dispersed and targeted, while a group that hides among and draws support from the populace like the Taliban or the Vietcong is much harder to detect and target.

        I would start with a campaign of night letters against those who advocate in favor of importing muslim barbarians, local mayors who offer their cities for rapefugee centers, judges who give lenient sentences to muslim criminals, and lawyers who defend them. Police chiefs who look the other way concerning muslim crimes would also be targeted, along with police chiefs who are overly zealous in pursuing patriots who burn down the rapefugee centers or leave night letters would also deserve attention.

        Such a campaign would be followed by more concrete actions such as property destruction, torching homes and vehicles if the individual was not dissuaded from their traitorous activities against their fellow europeans. Further activities can be left to the imaginations of the reader.

        The point of such targeted intimidation and property destruction is to make the costs personal to those who would betray their fellow europeans and civilization. None of this would be necessary if it were possible to achieve the changing of policy by peaceful means. As JFK once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

        • You are envisioning chaotic times with street violence when the rule of law will cease to exist, at least partially and locally. Local people will be engulfed in that fire and hard to predict their reactions. Here in the US, given our firearm ownership, this could be tantamount to a civil war of sorts.

          But the battleground will be Europe as you say. It’s been twice in the last 100 years. Twice with one country igniting it.

          Heart wrenchingly sad.

          • I suspect the rule of law doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Looking at what is happening in the USA on campuses and in the streets: rioting by antifa, BLM, destruction of property, personal injury, shutting down of free speech, intimidation of anyone espousing a differing point of view, closing roads and highways with their crowds. And my personal favorite: civil asset forfeiture which in my view is one step removed from satanic evil. And the police stand by and watch. So where is the rule of law?
            Riots in France, Sweden, cars burned, citizens assaulted and the perpetrators handled with tender loving care, elderly citizens’ homes raided and facing jail time for some innocuous yet ‘legally defined as hate speech’ comment or joke regarding migrants made on the internet.
            And what continues to amaze me is how the average citizen just sits by and lets it all happen. No outrage, no resistance save for a few organizations with less than overwhelming numbers. I guess the ‘average citizen’ is too comfortable in his world to worry about losing it .

      • Hi, you don’t need to try to be smart. Or have I misunderstood something?

        • No…not being “smart”.

          See Moon’s response as to what he would do to stop the madness. He envisions the steps that would need to happen.

          And then look Lu’s reply to his ideas.

          Germany – with help from outside agitators like Soros – has once again brought ruin to Europe.

  2. Why does Italy allow these boats to land? If they must save people at sea, tow them to where they came from. If NGOs save them, they should be responsible for taking care of their cargo. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO LAND IN EUROPE.

    • They need to learn from Australia. Watch the ‘No Way’ Australian video if you haven’t seen it. Brilliant.

  3. ** or at least monitor this risk **

    That would be satisfactory. Active monitoring of this risk. Statistics could be compiled. Rape victims could contribute their experience.

    Problem solved.

    • AIDS isn’t so good either. They carry all sorts of other diseases & parasites too.

  4. I don’t know much about Europe, but what a lackluster response to tyranny and the destruction of one’s nation thus far. Across the board there has not been enough. It will now take a massive reaction for certain, no half-hearted effort is going to do it, but one has to wonder if there is any nation in Europe where the people have the energy to do it, or as President Trump asked, the will to survive? It does not appear so.
    In the states, yes, a different situation. We are armed to the teeth in fact, and the uprisings are thus far fairly contained. These people know if they stray too far, they’re gonna get a round to the head. Now when Obama was in, truly the inmates ran the asylum, but Trump is not Obama, and shenanigans will be tolerated only so far, I’m betting. We have what’s called a National Guard, each state has it, and they can get called out. Back in the day, when we had riots, they didn’t last too long usually, because you have to be serious about a response, arrests, dogs, tear gas, fines, jail, rubber bullets, real bullets. If you let people act up, just like children, they will act up, but in these situations, innocent people can get hurt or killed. That’s not right.
    One thing is generally universal, it holds across the world no matter the culture. Strength is respected, weakness is not, and weakness means, my will can be done regardless of your tiny complaints.

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