Showdown at the Brenner Pass?

(Photo: Hubert Rauth, APA/Bundesheer/Wolfgang Grebien)

We’ve featured several articles in the news feed about the Italian threat to give visas to hundreds of thousands of “refugees” and send them to its northern borders. The following report from an Austrian perspective indicates that an Italian migrant-aid NGO — the Italian Refugee Council — is behind the threats, rather than the Italian government.

If you look at the chart of George Soros’ migrant-aid organizations that was recently featured in Zero Hedge, you’ll notice the same organization appears on the lower right side (Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati):

In other words, George Soros is threatening the European Union with an uncontrolled flood of migrants if it doesn’t get its act together and distribute the “refugees” promptly in an organized fashion, as required by the plan.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

Refugee Council threatens: “Will take tens of thousands in trains to the Brenner”

[Photo caption (not shown): The Director of the Italian Refugee Council, Christopher Hein]

Until now, Austria was not put under pressure with such clarity: “We will open the harbors, and send the largest part of our refugees in trains and busses to the Brenner,” threatens the director of the Italian Refugee Council, Christopher Hein. He wants to ensure that “Europe reacts, at last.” It seems that Hein is willing to risk incalculable tensions at the border.

In this light, it appears justified that Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) is preparing the army for a crisis situation at the border in the Brenner pass: nerves are raw in the leadership of the Refugee Council, which was founded with help of the UNO in Rome (Consiglio Italiano per i Refugiati, CIR).

“If we take the refugees to the border, Europe will react”

In the ARD “Tagesthemen” (news format), CIR director Christopher Hein literally threatened: “Let the ships arrive; let’s open our harbors for the refugees. But let’s provide buses and trains and take the large part of the people to the Brenner and to Ventimiglia on the French border, to Como on the Swiss border — then Europe will react.”

So the Italian Refugee Council intends to “deliver” tens of thousands of migrants directly to the Austrian border and risk another dramatic asylum crisis like autumn 2015.

[Photo caption (not shown): Police at the Brenner at a protest May 2016]

“In Germany everything is empty; in Italy everything is overcrowded”

Italy feels abandoned to face the mass stampede across the Mediterranean, and not wrongly: 89,000 migrants crossed the sea in the first quarter of 2017 alone; the accommodations in Italy are overcrowded. Refugee Council director Hein: “In Germany, in Belgium, the Netherlands, hundreds of accommodations are empty. And in Italy, they all are overcrowded — that is paradoxical.”

“70 to 90 percent do not even have a chance of asylum”

The defense ministry in Vienna is observing the situation closely; preparations are under way for the army to secure the border in Tyrol with 750 officers. Unofficially, Rome’s threats are sharply criticized: “70 to 90 percent of these migrants from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal or Guinea do not even have a chance for asylum. The distribution rules decided by the EU do not apply to them either.”

Sobotka: “Threats won’t change things quickly”

Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka announced: “I am instructing the director for public safety to contact his Italian counterpart, to receive a clarification of this matter. I will also seek contact with Interior Minister Minniti to discuss the topic. Cooperation with the Italian authorities is working very well, and threats by an Italian aid organization won’t change this quickly.”

He relies on close observation of the situation: “We must obviously keep a close eye on the situation, and in case of an onrush, we must be able to boot up the border management at the Brenner within 12 to 24 hours. But it is also obvious that the closing of the Mediterranean route, in light of the development at Italy’s coasts, is not an option but a necessity. The demand by Foreign Minister Kurz to stop the ferry transfer of illegal migrants to the European mainland is essential in this regard, in my opinion.”

Krone chief editor Richard Schmitt

41 thoughts on “Showdown at the Brenner Pass?

  1. In ancient times our boundaries were defended at swordpoint, later gun point.
    Good for the Austrian Army!

    • I just heard a supposedly university educated Irish tourist guide describe the ancient Celtic heroes as, “small and dark skinned. Nothing like the popular fair heroes”. The African settlers love it.

      • Oh dear!
        Here in Portugal, we have a DNA very close to Irish and stupidity is the same. Universities try to find ancestry out of Europe -they value 1-2% as if it was 70%, or more.

        A few years ago Middle East DNA was found. Arabs, Arabs, we are Arabs! our professors went wild. That DNA was in the Nord of the country, so allmost impossible. Following a little more investigation it was found it belonged to bnei anussim -hidden Jews

  2. Just marching into Europe after handouts. Gimme! Gimme! Out of context and absurd- criminally so and Nigerians and Somalis are the last we should help. This is a full on invasion. London is now becoming a giant “No Go” Zone due to acid and machete attacks and HM Government do nothing. Our ports are wide open-No checks no papers and then given houses while we have homeless on the streets. They are already seizing private homes too across Italy. Why are the Italians and us Brits so passive in this crisis? I went to Calais and the situation there is far too dangerous to remain. What do the Police do? Arrest the drivers and people that complain. The world is nuts. Whole businesses ruined and these Gimmegrants want cars and jobs. Everytime I see these hooded low-lives my blood boils. These are no “asylum seekers” but crooks and thieves- the trash of Europe and the Med nobody wants. People are now dying and suffering from these invaders and Governments do nothing! Oh for a modern Pierpoint.

      • allah made infidels and kuffars and the People of the Book donkeys to be ridden by muslims to prosperity and their women.

        • be careful Murad you may be ridden by a wild boar if you are not careful-they outsmart anyone of you !

  3. Hopefully, the Austrians will show more backbone now than they did in March of 1938 when destruction crossed their border

  4. One of the principal means of spreading government, or increasing taxes, is to dilute the effects so that it will cost more to individual victims to take action, while the benefits are concentrated and the beneficiaries sponsor lobby groups.

    This is one of the reasons big spenders prefer an income tax to a property tax. Property owners as a class are more distinct than income-earners.

    If Austria seals its borders, and it will have to use not only the army but live ammunition and mines to do so successfully, Italy will face the concentrated disaster of the invaders. This, in turn, might motivate the Italians to defy the international courts and the UN and the EU and use the Italian navy to forcibly turn back the rafts and ferries. Someone in the Italian hierarchy will have to take the responsibility of being labeled a human rights criminal, and order the navy to use real force to intercept and return the invaders on the point of contact.

    But, if Italy is not able to distribute the disaster, the Italians are a distinct enough victim class that it pays for them to act.

    In my wildest dreams, I see the Italian security services rounding up all EU officials in Italian territory and telling them, anything threatened to Italian officials through international courts or the EU bureaucracy will happen to the hostages.

    The best possible outcome is, Europe devolves into a set of mutually suspicious states a few steps away from low-level armed conflict with each other.

    • Italy should be talking to Hungary and Poland right now for advice and moral support.

        • Great letter. It’s guaranteed to drive the Italian government and the EUcrats nuts because it makes so much sense.

          I would only add a proposal to urge the US and allied governments to stop supporting the rebels creating the civil war against the Syrian government. This would, in itself, remove the main rationale for bringing in masses of refugees.

  5. Italy, France, Sweden and Germany are getting exactly what they deserve. From their ashes will arise a revolution to fight back or St Paul’s (like San Sofia) will just become another mosque.

    Soros is one of the most evil men ever to infect this planet.

  6. Well, let’s see now. We have Mutti Merkel once again stirring things up with refusing to set any upper limits on how many ‘refugees’ Germany will/can take. “As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it,” she said…

    Comments like this from Frau Merkel are honey to the migrant flies. Germany is ‘her ‘ country and if she wants to send it to ruin that is her business. If the voters re elect her then they are just as complicit in the downfall of their country. Fine with me but Germany should neither ask nor expect other countries to come to their assistance in dealing with the mess they have willingly created. Nor should any country be penalized for remaining apart from this nightmare unless they have contributed to it.
    Hence my suggestion for Italy’s problem: A new Berlin Airlift. Load’em up and head’em north to Berlin on Merkel’s doorstep.

    Also Italy needs to turn those boats back at all costs. Work on setting up ‘refugee’ centers in Libya or somewhere in N. Africa. Close the ports to them and let’s see what happens. Until Italy puts down her foot there is no reason to suppose the influx will ever stop.

    The Camp of the Saints, indeed.

    • “Until Italy puts down her foot there is no reason to suppose the influx will ever stop.”

      Agreed. The only trouble is—she already threatened to do precisely such a thing in the case of foreign NGO boats, and was effectively blocked even in this very limited action by the United Nations, who called port closure an “act of aggression” against these boats’ countries of origin. (They are all of them European in origin.) That amounts to a veiled threat of force. Italy can do nothing without the will to break altogether from the Union, and it is impossible to imagine such will coming from the wretched lot of politicians now in power. We need either a miracle in the coming vote (and not the gods can say even when that will be, much less what will come of it) or else the collapse of the European Union.

      • The UN sees it an act of aggression, Italy probably sees it as an act of self preservation.
        I wonder just what would the UN actually do? Invade Italy? Send in troops to keep the ports open to these NGO ships? And if they did, wouldn’t that be an act of a aggression and what would that mean for NATO?
        It requires leaders of resolve and backbone and a desire for national preservation. Until a country decides enough is enough and is willing to take actions to preserve itself regardless of political/media fallout it remains merely a vassal state to a feudal overlord whether it is the UN or the EU.

      • The UN and EU are unlikely to use military force against a large country like Italy. Fortunately for them, Italy is deep in hock to the EU financially, and can be controlled.

        No country engaging in routine deficit spending can claim to be independent. It’s a contradiction in terms. The spendthrift country can be controlled by threatening to withdraw their fiscal lifeline. The Saudis own hundreds of billions of dollars of US treasury notes. Why do you think the US and the hard-line Islamist, 9/11-sponsoring Saudi royal family are such close allies?

        Orban has already made a point of putting Hungary on a fiscally-sound basis. That alone shows he is serious about his course. I don’t know about the other V4 countries.

    • The only problem, that Mutti is offering this “unlimited bliss” in the name of everybody. They want to distribute them everywhere and force the member states to house them and pay for them…

    • The “no upper limit” theme is a longstanding strategy of the cultural Marxists. In 2004 David Blunkett, UK Home Secretary, declared that there was “no obvious upper limit to legal immigration”. He at least had the excuse of being blind so could not see the flood of black faces rolling across Britain like a human tsunami.

    • We have Mutti Merkel once again stirring things up with refusing to set any upper limits on how many ‘refugees’ Germany will/can take. “As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it,” she said…

      Let’s please hope that when all those beloved “rapefugees” catch up with her personally, there is no “upper limit” upon what they collectively inflict.

  7. I know a Middle-Eastern refugee. A *real* one.

    He came to this country and it took him TEN YEARS to get recognised as a refugee. He managed to run a business during that time, and was never on welfare. And the absolute proof that he’s a refugee? Even when it would no longer affect his status (he’s actually a citizen, now), he NEVER went back to visit “home”. Oh, and amusingly, he’s on great terms with the local police officers, whom I’m sure would turn to him quite readily if they needed translation help or something of that nature with an, er, problem “refugee”.

    He’s a great guy, who has been put through hell by the system.

    The guys in this story are adventure/benefit seekers in the vast majority. No more. It’s 100% clear. The solution would be to mass-deport them and be done with it.

    • I knew a few Persians in Germany who had escaped ‘Iran’. They did not describe themselves as muslims, were highly educated and proficient in German, and did not breed like crazy.

      And, of course, they desperately needed to get out of ‘Iran’ and could never go back.

      Real refugees.

      • Yes, those who got out of Iran after the Khomeini’s theocracy installed itself were true refugees, for the most part. The ones I’ve known were, even the (nominally) Muslim ones, have integrated well into Western society – they were part of the Westernising trend when in Iran.

        • The dude I was describing above isn’t Muslim.

          I’ve also met “Muslim” Iranians like the ones you’re describing. One in particular is a hardcore atheist, having no use for ANY religion. These types are NOT the problem. I’d be happy to have more of them here. They even fit in to right-wing circles quite well :-).

          But they’re not what’s coming.

    • I have a few comments.

      I don’t doubt your friend is an upstanding, productive citizen who, himself, is an unambiguous enhancement to our country.

      It is now, however, the duty of a country to offer shelter to someone simply because they need shelter. There are, or will be, millions of sub-Saharan Africans facing death by starvation or disease because their populations are exploding and they don’t have the infrastructure to support massive Western assistance. Saying that, it’s not the job of the US to give them living space and/or meal tickets.

      I think a small number of Iranian non-Muslim, with emphasis on “small” would be beneficial. Plus, Iranian women tend to be very beautiful. But, we don’t need to be importing loads of culturally distinct people here, regardless of how civilized they are.

      Iranians, in fact, are not breeding like flies. Iran is hovering at or below replacement. Iranians, like almost every other people, are moving to urban centers. The Iranian government is a tyranny, meaning it actively discourages Iranians from forming voluntary community, interest and religious groups (other than government-sponsored Muslim groups equivalent to the Red Guards) which would support families and child rearing.

      The US, by the way, is approaching the characteristics of a tyranny by actively preventing, through legally-mandated affirmative action, the free association of people with common interests and backgrounds.

  8. I grew up in the part of minneapolis where a Somali ( freak show accident ) cop killed an Australian woman, while he was in his squad car and she was standing outside of it talking to his partner.
    Somali males hate white women. They – the dim witted bastard sons of a thousand years of inbreeding – hate the beauty and freedom of white women, The “affirmative action ” program of liberal democrats in this country is directly responsible for putting this psychopath in a squad car with the power of life and death over the citizenry.

    • With all due respect, I think the timeline of the encounter indicates the root cause was the sudden appearance of the woman in a dark alley, and the inability of the affirmative-action hire to exert enough self-control to wait until he assessed the situation before acting. I don’t think he made any judgments concerning appropriate or inappropriate dress.

  9. Let’s hope Austria and Italy stick to their guns, because that would be a huge step in bringing down the whole rotten EUSSR!

  10. Shortly after September 4-5, 2015, when the dam first broke at the Hungarian border after Merkel issued her invitation, a Welt journalist asked a smuggler what would stop the influx of migrants. He answered: “If you shoot 300 of them at the border, that would do it.”

    …from the horse’s mouth…

    • Until ALL aid, welfare, reception is stopped, and the boatloads are sunk, the migration will continue.

      It appears Europe (and soon America) have lost their instinct for self-preservation.

      We cannot escape our history, but we can control our present and future.
      -West out

    • No welfare, detention for a two-year “processing time” on the application would probably do it too. Especially if 98% are deported straight from detention.

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