Viktor Orbán: “We Want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe”

In these two videos from Hungary’s English-language news service, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about Hungary’s strict border controls, which have cut the country’s illegal immigration to a trickle. He says that Hungary’s success shows that stopping the migration flood into Europe is possible, and that the EU lacks only the political will to accomplish it:

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13 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “We Want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe”

  1. Muslim Americans? Europeans Muslims? Hungarian Muslims?

    Like unicorns, they don’t exist. Neither do Muslim British, or Muslim Canadians, or Muslim French, and so forth. So maybe they have in hand all the paperwork of superficial citizenship, but all of that would have been falsely, fraudulently, obtained through lying.?

    Orban is right, 100%.

    Muslims prove this point over and over again. And they state it over and over as well. Namely, that they are loyal only to Islam, and to nothing else. Affirmed by the Orlando shooter, by the Fort Hood murderer, by the Boston Bombers, by the Paris Bombers, by the 911 hijackers, the UK stabbers, and on and on. Explaining why Muslims can never be trusted and never be considered loyal Americans, British, Canadians, French, Italian, Australian, and so forth. They represent an enemy living among us.

    Here in America, as elsewhere, Muslims are out for colonization and conquest. They cannot be considered Americans because of their adoption of Islam, and their wish to impose it on us. By force, since they will follow their 1400-year practice, should we decline their we-won’t-be-taking-no-for-an-answer “offer” to adopt Islam. Shariah (total government) and American constitutional principles (government contained/controlled by the people) couldn’t be farther apart. To the Muslim no man-made law could ever be superior to the Shariah considered by them to come directly from their Allah.

    Is it possible to conceive of a Muslim American? No way. At best and at most they can only be described as “Muslims who live in North America,” but they are not Americans in the heart, where it counts. I’m gladdened to see more and more real Americans are seeing Muslims for the danger that they are.

    • Is it possible to conceive of a Muslim American? No way.

      End of story. No devout Muslim can (on pain of death) swear even the slightest shred of allegiance to America’s Constitution. NOT EVER!

      When this becomes common knowledge, the West may have some slight hope of survival. Without it, Western Civilization is doomed.

    • Exactly right.

      The whole point of Islam is that the pan-Islamic identity trumps all others.

      It is like the world’s largest clan. Or street gang, if one prefers.

  2. Emilie,

    Me, too. It’s about time people realize what is happening. But where is the government? Do they not SEE this for what it is? Are they so politically correct that they cannot see truth?

    Orban of Hungary is absolutely right, he is the only one in Europe who gets it.

    People who don’t learn from history (this has happened before) are condemned to learn again, repeat it and learn it first hand again. Sad, but true.

    Muslims are muslims and they belong in muslim land, not in America or Europe. Nothing against them but they are not compatible (sp) with the West. Simple truth. They just can’t merge with the west. Here in Kansas, they mount a ruckus every week due to their stupid religion. Mostly in western Kansas (for now). I don’t want them, I don’t know anyone who wants them.

    I’ll tell you something — my parents left Europe for America after WW II — they immediately learned the language and the ways of Americans. IE, they blended in which is as it should be.

    It seems like today, people come here and expect US to adjust to them. Ain’t going to happen so get used to it. And welcome to America, home of the brave and land of the free — get used to that, too! God bless America (and He does).

    But you muslims will have to adjust to American ways.

    • “But you moslems will have to adjust to American ways.”

      They won’t have to–if you get rid of them, and you should. It’s not as though they assimilate like Europeans or Asians.

  3. Our big plants were disassembled, folded up, and sent overseas a long time ago so the people running our few remaining factories could hire low-cost, desperate people.

    This shock to our mighty, industrial core was soon followed by their getting rid of our furniture makers, clothing manufacturers, construction workers, dry wallers, then medical transcriptionists, architects, radiology and computer experts etc. and so on, and if that wasn’t enough, bringing in low-cost H1B visas.

  4. Along with the Poles he is absolutely correct. I see many ignorant bleeding heart liberals like a liberal Mormon friend who I use to hike and backpack with feel so compelled to allow this mass Muslim migration into America. I’ve tried to explain it to him but he doesn’t get it. I wish America was also United against this invasion but many have no clue about what a threat this invasion is to our cultures and freedoms. Of course to these Leftist believe the biggest threat is the evangelical Christians. Liberalism is a mental disorder

  5. Viktor Orbán: “We Want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe”


  6. Mr. Bodissey:

    I am trying to convey to you that I appreciate your alert, but here, in my area, we were forsaken a long time ago. The “Rust Belt” we are called, but I beg to differ: We live in Blue Water.

  7. Orban is way too kind to those in that Ivory Tower of Brussels. They do not lack in political will as is suggested, for if that was the case they would all abdicate tomorrow on the overwhelming evidence that their policies have failed, and miserably so.

    No, their will is their agenda, and that agenda is the flooding of Europe with third world civilization failures who have a history of death and destruction going back 1400 years. Those in Brussels all know their history and that is why they are deliberately refusing to close the borders – it is their treacherous agenda to replace the entire European peoples, and as such, there can be no niceties or mercy, shown to them when the time comes.

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