Ramadan am Ring!

What happened at the Rock am Ring festival was breaking news earlier today. Egri Nök sends the following brief report and translation, and a video from FOCUS.de will be processed separately:

“Rock am Ring”, Germany’s largest rock music festival with tens of thousands of visitors, is being evacuated right now. A terror warning came in 30 minutes ago.

The name means “Rock at the Ring” — “The Ring” is the famous Formula1 racing course Nürburgring in the Rhineland.

Rammstein were supposed to be headlining the event.

Here’s her translation of a report from FOCUS.de:

Friday June 2 9:44 PM

The music festival Rock am Ring, attended by tens of thousands of music fans, has been stopped by a terror warning, according to the organizers.

  • Nürburgring is being evacuated
  • Police speak of “concrete hints at a terrorist threat”
  • More than 87,000 rock fans expected at the three-day festival

9:44pm   The government of Rhineland Pfalz has confirmed the terror threat.
9:36pm   The evacuation is underway in a disciplined manner, according to reports. The festival visitors are leaving the area chanting “You’ll never walk alone” and “Terror sucks” (Terror ist Scheisse).
9:28pm   On the festival grounds, the loudspeaker announcement is made that “The festival is cancelled for today because of a terror threat. Please go to the exits.”
9:27pm   Police in Koblenz announce: “The background is concrete hints according to which we cannot rule out a possible terrorist threat. Investigations are going on under intense pressure.”
9:24pm   The organizers ask visitors via Facebook to leave the grounds in a controlled and calm manner towards the exits and camping sites. The organizers hope to be able to continue the festival tomorrow.

The organizers of the three-day festival announce that police instructed them to ask visitors to leave the grounds “because of a terror threat situation”.

Egri adds:

This is the late-night press conference from a while ago by the organizer Marek Lieberberg. I haven’t watched it yet, but I heard it was good and he was angry. Lieberberg is well-respected in the German music industry; he has been organizing concerts for some twenty years now.

12 thoughts on “Ramadan am Ring!

  1. One thing that was particularly striking after the latest terrorist attacks, especially in France, is how people insisted that those attacks wouldn’t stop them from “living”, which today means “partying” and “having fun.”
    That society has become so shallow that “partying” and “having fun” seem to be the definitive goal in one’s life.
    As sick as that sounds, seeing people blown up to pieces might not be enough to wake them up apparently, but if you start infringing on their right to “party” and “have fun”, you might finally see a reaction at some point. They might have to seriously start thinking about the whole situation.

    • Don’t forget “shopping” and “consuming” – those are SUPER important as well!

      This can all be blamed on the mass media, which market the Kardashian lifestyle as the ultimate achievement for women, and sports stars/rappers as the ultimate achievement for men.

      • “Shopping” and “consuming” are part and parcel of “having fun”, just like like terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city”, according to the mayor of London.

        And the masses, dumbed down by the wonderful examples you cited, follow.

        • I forgot “watching sports” which is the single largest time-waster for men in the West.

          I stopped watching once I realized that 99% of athletes are on performance-enhancing drugs and the matches are mostly fixed to conform to the “narrative” the league desires that season or to cover the betting spreads in Vegas.

          • Right, fake sports and fake entertainment. And if the two can merge that’s even better for the dumbing down of the masses.

  2. Let’s do the math. Some 92,500 ultra-pissed-off concert attendees.

    While others might label it a large-scale evacuation, I’d call this terrorist threat event a mass conversion for the counterjihad.

    • Nope, the normies are thoroughly programmed to believe the TME/a few bad apples trope.

  3. Large scale public events in Eurarabia will become so costly and inconvenient (6 hours to get in thru security and than another 12 after the threat to decamp and get home), not to mention hunting grounds, I predict the days of outdoor festivals are coming to an end.

    • That is what a friend of mine who grew up in the DDR (Socialist East Gemany) predicts, too. She says the only events left will be football matches. And a few carefully orchestrated “public” state celebrations. That was what it was like in the DDR, she says. I can see her point. So many of the local “Volksfeste” are cancelled due to security restrictions.

      • As fate (wait fate is wrong term used inflicted) would have it as I write this there is a major attack in London on their Saturday night tourist party area.

        Fight or submit. And choose soon why you still have a choice.

        ( Watch them choose Cyrbn – good bye UK – sigh ….)

  4. I’m not such a fan of motor racing as some I know, but I believe the “Ring” was the scene of triumphs for the silver* Mercedes and Auto Unions in the 1930s, heavily subsidised by the Nazis.

    *Who now recalls that until (roughly) the 1970s, cars competing in the Grand Prix and other international races had to be painted in national colours? Germany was silver grey, France blue, the US yellow, Italy red (still often seen on street-legal Ferraris), the UK “British Racing Green” (ditto Jaguars).

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