Dutch “Justice” Investigates Geert Wilders for a Speech Made in Vienna

Geert Wilders: ‘Unbelievable. Let them catch bandits and terrorists instead of prosecuting a politician for speaking the truth about Islam.’

As we reported at the time, back in 2015 Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, gave a speech in Vienna that caused consternation in the local Muslim community and among their Gutmenschen friends. A Muslim leader immediately filed a complaint, and the Austrian public prosecutor began a criminal investigation of Mr. Wilders for “incitement”.

Now the Austrian judicial authorities have transferred responsibility for the investigation to their Dutch counterparts. Here’s the report from Algemeen Dagblad, as translated by the Counterjihad Collective:

Public Prosecutor Investigates Speech PVV Leader Austria’s Request

Judicial Authorities Scrutinizing Speech in Vienna by Geert Wilders.

Public Prosecutor Looks into Statements Made by Geert Wilders in Austria in 2015.

Two years ago, in a speech in Vienna, Wilders said, among other things, that Islam is an “ideology of war and hatred”. The PVV leader also said: “Islam calls on people to be terrorists. The Koran leaves no doubt about it.” A Muslim organization in Vienna subsequently filed a complaint against Wilders, whereupon the Austrian Public Prosecutor began a preliminary judicial inquiry.

Earlier this year it decided to transfer the matter to the Netherlands, the spokesperson Nina Bussek told this newspaper. “We have decided not to prosecute him here, but to transfer the case to our Dutch colleagues out of practical considerations,” Bussek said. This was confirmed by the Public Prosecutor in The Hague. “We have received a legal aid request and are studying it now,” the spokesperson Vincent Veenman said.

In Austria Wilders was accused of Verhetzung, which is comparable to incitement. Several politicians have already been given conditional sentences for this in Vienna. For example, in 2015, a German Pegida leader was given a four-month conditional sentence. He had said that “every Muslim is a potential terrorist”. Austrian legislation is stricter in this regard than its Dutch counterpart.

In 2015 the PVV leader spoke at the invitation of its Austrian sister party, the FPÖ. A day later the Austrian Muslim leader Tarafa Baghajati filed a complaint. “Wilders gave the impression that all Muslims are here to wage war against Europeans,” Baghajati said. “To me, it recalled the Nazi rhetoric of the 1930s in every aspect.” Geert Wilders was not available for comment yesterday evening.

Wilders was convicted last year of group insult and incitement to discrimination. He has appealed the sentence.

10 thoughts on “Dutch “Justice” Investigates Geert Wilders for a Speech Made in Vienna

  1. Nazi rhetoric? But NONE of the Jews was in Europe with the aim of waging war on it, and nothing in the Jewish scriptures or other writings encouraged Jews to do so.

  2. But they will keep importing thousands who want to finish what Hitler started, and those immigrants are quite clear about their goal. Actually, quite proud of it. Which planet are these politicians from? It’s insane.

    • They’re from the planet of greed and corruption. In America, “pay to play” – right down to being forced to buy your way into a Committee seat – and it’s not cheap.

  3. “Incitement to discrimination” is the most accurate term for what the Quran is all about. Those wannabe judges ought to be slapped with it left right and center 24/7.

  4. “Wilders gave the impression that all Muslims are here to wage war against Europeans,” Baghajati said. “To me, it recalled the Nazi rhetoric of the 1930s in every aspect.”

    So the giving of an impression is enough now, is it? Imprisoning Wilders for the term of his natural life is plainly the deserved punishment.

    No, Mr Baghajati, all Muslims are not in Europe to wage war against Europeans. A great many are there to take advantage of the generous welfare system. A great many, overlapping with the first group, are there to exploit the lax policing of criminal laws and engage in drug-dealing in order to become wealthy. Apart from a few brave dissidents and a small minority who enjoy living under a superior culture and the rule of law, none of the Muslims in Europe [are there] to integrate and become Europeans.

    And puh-lease don’t invoke the Nazi treatment of Jews in the 1930’s to bolster your own bogus claims to hurt feelings. It’s nauseating. I’m sure you and your cohort ( and your forebears) all sit around lamenting the Holocaust. Not. I’m quite certain that if the Austrian security services bugged your home and office and released the transcripts to the public, we’d all learn your true colours on the persecution of Jews by the Nazis in the 1930’s.

    You want to shut Wilders down only because he accurately identifies the threat your religion poses to the West. Period.

  5. War and hatred?
    “As a muslim I must have hatred for everything that is non-Islam”,
    Anjem Choudary
    “Between us and you enmity and hatred forever”,
    Koran 60:4
    “Britain has always been Dar al Harb [the Realm of War]”,
    Anjem Choudary
    “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims” and is a “communal obligation”,
    Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, o9.
    “in Al Azhar University jihad is defined as “a permanent war institution against Jews, Christians and pagans”,
    Nonie Darwish

  6. Geert Wilders is not the one whose speech should be investigated. As far as I know he is not calling for the submission of women and the murder of gays or any kind of “infidel.”

  7. Have I missed something here? Wilders is telling the truth, as he does. Can we ALL find a way to tell the truth? They cannot put us all on trial. The invaders and their cohorts are very well aware that they must silence all opposition. They know this because they know that the truth about this “religion” must be kept in the dark. We must bring this truth to the light. Truth is our most powerful weapon and that is why they are so frightened of it.

  8. “For example, in 2015, a German Pegida leader was given a four-month conditional sentence. He had said that ‘every Muslim is a potential terrorist’.”

    In comparison, it is not a crime to declare that every man is a potential rapist. It’s a funny old world.

    • That’s an odd point, James K. I may have misunderstood; would you care to elaborate?

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