Jumped by Culture-Enrichers in Rome’s Main Train Station

[This is one of those situations where I wish English designated the sex of a news reporter, the way German and other European languages do. In the privacy of my own home, where only Dymphna could hear me, I’d refer to her as a “news babe”. But that’s not appropriate for polite journalism, so I’ll have to use a more unwieldy and less euphonious phrase.]

A female news reporter for Italian TV went to the main train station in Rome late one evening to report on the poor, poor African “refugees” who had been sleeping rough there for a while. The unfortunate young lady and her even more unfortunate cameraman were jumped from behind and assaulted by some of those same culture-enrichers. The unexpected fracas ended up being broadcast on live television.

Luckily for her, a (presumably unenriched) taxi driver happened to be at hand to offer her shelter; otherwise the reporter might have ended up providing therapy for some of the migrants to help them cope with their “sexual emergencies”.

The following video shows how events in the station unfolded. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below from Il Giornale, also translated by FouseSquawk, concerns the same incident:

Matrix correspondent assaulted on the air at Station Terminal

Moments of tension live on the air at the opening of Matrix show dedicated to security in large cities

As soon as Nicola Porro connected with his correspondent around 11:30pm at the Station Terminal of Rome to document the situation of the campers who congregate there at night, Francesca Parisella had just enough time to begin the connection before announcing, “They have assaulted us”. With the camera weaving, it was understood that the journalist and her cameraman were fleeing and the voice of the reporter changed in tone into an actual cry of fear. A few minutes later, Porro, from the studio, explained that, “Francesca is upset but well. They have destroyed the camera and beaten the cameraman. A situation such as this evening’s should not be a report from a war zone. Thanks to a taxi driver, a much worse outcome was avoided.” The version was confirmed by Parisella herself, by telephone shortly thereafter. “We were at a distance to report on the type of welcome we can give; they were disturbed and they assaulted us. They chased me and grabbed me by the jacket,” explains the journalist.

Video transcript:

00:00   What’s happening in a central station in Italy at night? — Francesca.
00:07   Yes, Nicola. I am at the central terminal of Rome, at the side access on Via Marsala.
00:12   As you can see there are already many people gathered here
00:15   to spend the night. They have prepared some chance items,
00:19   made from cardboard with covers to protect them from the cold of the street,
00:23   and a little while ago some volunteers passed by to deliver some hot dishes to them.
00:27   Many of them are from Central Africa, some from the Maghreb zone,
00:32   but I have to tell you, Nicola, they’re not speaking much. Almost
00:35   all are staying here at the central terminal.
00:38   Tomorrow morning they will collect their covers, recover their cardboard,
00:42   and return again here to sleep another night,
00:46   and because their hope is especially to reach Milan
00:50   and other cities in the north and then move to northern Europe.
00:53   We don’t want to disturb then further because, but it’s important to know that this reception…
01:00   We’ve been assaulted.
01:03   What’s happening, Francesca?
01:06   Francesca! —They assaulted us, Nicola.
01:11   Get out of there. Don’t worry! — [Unintelligible] They assaulted us.
01:16   Francesca! —What do you want? Want do you want? [Screams] —You’re crazy!
01:27   Oh God. Francesca. Get out of there.
01:36   I’ll immediately tell the station to call the police instead of
01:40   standing here —Call the police immediately! — Producer!
01:44   Done. —Done
01:52   Andrea [Bugnatori?], Salvatore [Camantata?] … Good evening.
01:55   Good evening. Tell me… Let me talk on the phone with Francesca, please.
02:01   Let me talk… Good, good. Get her on the phone.
02:08   [Unintelligible] like this, but… Andrea.
02:12   Yes. Look, in the meantime.
02:16   Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. Francesca… What’s happening?
02:20   Excuse me. Just a moment interested… [Unintelligible]
02:24   [Unintelligible] to [stop] and check us. Who are you checking?
02:29   [Unintelligible]
02:33   … is in a car… inside a car, therefore, good
02:38   Francesca is inside a car. This is the only thing that… We saw that the Carabinieri are there…
02:42   —Good, good, good. Good.

3 thoughts on “Jumped by Culture-Enrichers in Rome’s Main Train Station

  1. It is really horrifying. Just imagine how dangerous Italy has become for women and girls.

  2. “We were at a distance to report on the type of welcome we can give; they were disturbed and they assaulted us.”

    The way she speaks about them, as if they are animals. “They were disturbed” translate: we tried to pet the cat while she was eating, so she scratched us. Normal animal reaction. Because… Africans are not fully human, right? They need to be stuffed with money, first, before they can become decent and civilised.

    • You are right. There is more than a little hypocrisy in left (liberal, progressive, whatever you call them) Europeans’ “welcome” to third world refugees (migrants, asylum-seekers, whatever you call them).

      All this welcome, all this assistance, all this humane treatment is prompted not by kindness of the heart or any spontaneous feeling of the sort, but by ideological reasons. Of course, there is sympathy here, but it is distributed strictly on the basis of political correctness. A white male Russian-speaking Christian refugee from Donetsk would not get any of it, even if his situation is as desperate as that of any Muslim girl from Somalia.

      And no matter how much left activists help their black and brown protégés, they always feel the difference between the protégés and themselves. In fact, all these poor Arabs, Afghans and Africans are for them what furry seal cubs are for environmentalists. One has no end of sympathy for the sweet little creatures but one is absolutely incapable of seeing them as members of one’s own species.

      Besides, this warmhearted activism is often rather selfish. Activists get a nice warm feeling from helping the supposedly helpless victims of racism and other -isms and -phobias. Often they find in it a meaning for their otherwise meaningless lives and a reason to feel superior.

      They also get a license to hate. They can hate certain categories of people – racists, bigots, Islamophobes, etc., and feel all the more virtuous for that. Many people, unfortunately, do need to hate somebody, they cannot be happy without it.

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