Is the British Government Complicit in the Murder of Kevin Crehan?

Last year a Briton named Kevin Crehan was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted for the crime of leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque. He was sentenced to a year in prison, but never served the entire sentence — he died while he was still inside.

The government maintains that there was nothing suspicious about Mr. Crehan’s death, yet they steadfastly refuse to release the official cause of death. Even a minimally paranoid person has to wonder whether he was murdered by Muslim inmates — and whether that was the state’s intention all along.

In the following video, Paul Weston of Liberty GB discusses the death of Kevin Crehan, and its significance in the nightmare that Modern Multicultural Britain has become:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

24 thoughts on “Is the British Government Complicit in the Murder of Kevin Crehan?

  1. I’m of the persuasion that peaceful and democratic means are the avenues by which oppressed peoples — in the West — may hope to effectuate the overthrow of tyranny, the tyranny that with each and every day becomes more flagrant.

    But that’s laughable, isn’t it? My persuasion is in the minority — (a most decided yet valid minority).

    However, the root and branch of discontent and dissidence — far surpassing by orders of magnitude the minor contingent my persuasion represents — grows daily with few if any scruples about how to proceed in its war against the totalitarian state. Pity the totalitarian state. And pity its red-green axis which has opened the pandora’s box of popular rage which has — like the Jacobins — risen to extinguish the fires of totalitarian repression.

    • “with few if any scruples about how to proceed in its war against the totalitarian state. Pity the totalitarian state. And pity its red-green axis which has opened the pandora’s box of popular rage”

      Superbly said.

      As I’ve said many times, there are going to be show trials which will take years to conclude.

      One does get a sense of how Churchill must have felt in the 30’s.

  2. Crehan looked very overweight but was young: 35? Such a death is very unusual. It reeks!

  3. It will only take one person of conscience who has taken part in or has first hand knowledge of what happened to the person, Kevin Crehan, to come forward and tell his/her story to a suitable website or publication that would expose such a cover-up and the reason it has occurred.

    The question is: Is there anyone with such knowledge brave enough to do that without remaining anonymous?

  4. He was killed by the English establishment regardless of who actually caused his death. Mrs May upwards are complicit in the destruction of our country and if she’s a Christian, which I doubt, she should spend the rest of her life begging forgiveness for her sins. She now has the power to do good, let’s pray she uses it for good because her past isn’t hopeful; for example the persecution of Tommy Robinson and Tim Burton.

    • State sanctioned murder is not overstating it.

      I am still years later utterly dumbfounded by epic crimes in Rotherham that went for years with local Labor government complicity.

      So you lock a guy up among the muzzie for what he was accused of and that is – de facto – a one way ticket.

  5. Where once the duty of European leaders was the welfare of their subjects, they now conspire with alien hordes to murder their disarmed citizens. The contract has been broken, there is no longer any obligation to honor any social contract. There should be no expectation of obedience to a master who sells you to a butcher.

  6. It’s now over four months since Kevin Crehan died in custody and still the authorities provide no cause of death. If they are maintaining that there was nothing suspicious about his death then obviously they know the specific cause, or have identified a few possible causes, and are still awaiting the final test results.

    If they know the specific cause then why not release it? After all a “non-suspicious” cause, such as heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm, for example, might—under different circumstances—put an end to speculation. But it’s certain that the government has thought this one through: the public’s distaste for Mr. Crehan’s outrageous sentence would only be heightened by such a disclosure. It’s common enough knowledge that one’s stress level has a direct effect on one’s health. If his cause of death could be seen that way, then the government would be implicated.

    But if authorities truly are still awaiting results, then they are working with a clumsy and inefficient system. No one could truly believe that cause of death has not yet been determined.

    Government stonewalling here is to allow for the passage of time, so that Mr. Crehan’s death fades away into history (or so it hopes) where identifying the specific cause loses its urgency. This would apply also if the cause turns out to be murder or suicide: protests and public outrage usually fade with time, as other events dominate the news cycle.

    But thanks to Paul Weston and other vigilant people Kevin Crehan’s death will not be forgotten and its cause swept under the rug of government culpability—no matter how long it takes to find out what killed him.

    • The state has done a pretty good job of hiding the horror of Kriss Donald.

      • Thanks for reminding me of the horrible murder of Kriss Donald. I looked up the details again and although I had read about it earlier why had I forgotten him? Yes, the state made sure his story was suppressed. As a victim of anti-white racism his fate was not politically correct.

        • I was about to include Kris Donald in my expose of Tony Blair as an opportunist.(The Red Evolution 5. The BBC admitted that they deliberately suppresed reporting his death south of the border. Who told them to?

          • One suspects that D-Notices are widely used today. They were overused in the past to conceal the misdeeds of serving ministers in the Goverment.
            Files were sealed in some instance for eternity, e.g. Dunblane for 100 years, to protect certain persons.
            One had hoped that we were in an era of greater transparency, but it seems not.

  7. If every Briton who despised what is being done to their country and heritage through the importation of two-legged rats from the third world were to place bacon sandwiches outside their local invader programming center, the authorities would not have the resources to prosecute or incarcerate every patriot. But what a waste of good bacon…

    • Good point. But have you noticed that previously, contradicting Leftism was called fascism, racism, sexism, blah, blah de blah….it is now called “hate?”

      So, speaking out against the left is now Hate Speech.

  8. My ever-recurring question is: Why does the West let these creatures in? They do not assimilate, their belief system is anti-thetical to western beliefs, and they are rampageous criminals and rapists — I realize not all of them, but many of them.

    Big fat mistake, Europa and formerly-Great Britain. You will regret it. People who don’t learn from history seem condemned to repeat it. This all happened in the distant past and it took quite a war to drive the muslims back to their territories. (See Gates of Vienna from history).

    Better start arming up!

  9. Yes, thanks Mr Weston for reminding me about this. I can remember at the time pondering the fact that Kevin Crehan had died in prison and wondering at the cause.

  10. Paul, be careful. It might be you next time. We must carefully monitor what becomes of Tim Burton.

  11. Are delaying tactics to the fore here ? Reminds me of the case of Ian Tomlinson killed by P.C. Simon Harwood on the fringes of a London demo. All CCTV’s were mysteriously found to be ‘out of action’ until a tourist gave footage to a newspaper.
    Keir Starmer, at that time head of the CPS, let this become “time-barred” , even although a coroners jury had found that Tomlinson was “unlawfully killed”.
    The ‘met’ settled by paying his family (our money) out of court !

    Stinking cover-ups have been going on for long enough. Don’t think this will be anything different.

  12. You never hear this on the BBC They just don’t want to upset the Muslims. And I don’t care who goes to prison he should be a safe place for all

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