Laurent Obertone: “France has once again chosen the party of the Titanic”

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this op-ed from the Breton-French patriotic website Breizh-info:

Laurent Obertone: “France has once again chosen the party of the Titanic”

May 9, 2017

The successful writer Laurent Obertone — whose next book, which promises to be shocking, comes out on September 21, still published by Ring — reacted to the election of Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, May 7, 2017, on his Facebook page.

Here is what he said:

Dear readers,

The fall of Big Brother is therefore postponed. France has once again chosen the party of the Titanic. Do not draw exaggerated conclusions: a vote is not an intellectual exercise.

If identity philosophy and anti-system thinking predominates, basically the voter is first and foremost a reptile consumer, who largely follows his instinct replaced by the advertising hype: Macron-economy-good-me-have-to-eat-still / Le Pen-economy-bad-me-fear-difficult.

This election is the defeat of a majority that was mostly deceived.

Do not waste your time insulting your compatriots: not long ago, this conditioning had hold of most of us. This is now evolving.

The battle of ideas is won, but not the battle of conditioning, means and power.

The disappointment that will follow the election of Macron will be considerable. The “COEXIST”, here and elsewhere, will shatter itself on the wall of reality. Immigration, replacement and insecurity will become central and unavoidable issues. The gulf between identities and morals will continue to widen. It is inevitable, and this election is only one step in the process.

Always more intelligence and means will join “the sect of open eyes”. This movement is not reversible. In recent years, it has enjoyed considerable growth in England, the United States, Russia, Eastern Europe, and at home. In coming months it will continue to gain followers and gain influence. Victories and solutions are coming. Never believe that the situation is lost. Do not give them this gift, as long as we are still there — and we are millions.

It would be salutary to stop putting all hopes on the political thing. It’s important, but it’s not everything. The best way not to despair is not to put your hope in someone other than yourself. Don’t wait for a party or a messiah to come and save our country. To hope, to wait, is to already forget about thinking and acting.

It’s up to us to act, here and now. A battle of influence, of every moment. Creating media, sites, groups, thinking strategies, organizing networks, occupying the field, investing, editing, broadcasting, etc.; the possibilities are endless, within reach of all. As long as you breathe, you must act.

If you lack inspiration, I advise you not to miss my next essay on France, which will appear in 2018, and in which I will give a complete and very concrete reflection on these fundamental subjects.

More than ever, by all means, fight for your intellectual and moral sovereignty, for that of your loved ones, for that of all of us.

The regime can despise us, insult us, hunt us down, censure us, but it will not reduce us, and we will be the ones to reduce it. In recent weeks, it has learned to be afraid: it’ll have to get used to it. As long as it doesn’t yield to our will, as long as it wants the death of our people, as long as it threatens the heritage of our ancestors and the future of our children, this regime will experience neither rest nor indulgence.

In summary: avoid hope that condemns us to wait, and avoid despair that leads to abdication.

Everything is possible on the condition of willing and acting. Be alive, independent, irrecoverable and irreducible. We will win.

— Laurent Obertone

28 thoughts on “Laurent Obertone: “France has once again chosen the party of the Titanic”

  1. Seems like the will – to – live has come into its own in France. Never mind that the election seemed a reversal; by its very nature the will is reactionary and must take a wound to wake up. The posturers who pretend to be globalists soon must act to prevent chaos from destroying the country they think they lead. Contemplation, not action, is their modus operandi and therefore they will fail at containing anything but the propaganda organs.

  2. there is always hope, stay strong, they will miss calculate and then it will be time to strike at them and bring them down history is on your side.

    good luck.


    • gleno-

      Hoping the enemy will make a fatal miscalculation is a poor strategy.

      • Their whole raison d’être is a mistake. You don’t have to hope for poor strategy, they deliberately choose it.

        • You don’t have to hope for poor strategy, they deliberately choose it.

          Tell that to the 250+ million victims of jihad!

  3. I think “unreconstructed” is the one word that you are looking for. Even though I am used to it in the context of many Southrons after the “Late Unpleasantness”, I think it perfectly describes the sentiments of many in the West today.

  4. The French Election was rigged. The EU will collapse this Summer. France and Germany will fall apart.This mass migration idiocy is unsustainable. The real figures for mass migration are around 3,000,000 to 10,000,000 per annum. The EU never tell you this but wonder around any French city and see for yourself- at least 20% to 30% Migrant.

    Where I live in UK, I see 2:1 migrant faces in a supposedly 97% white area. On the trains to London only other languages are spoken-hardly any English at all times of the day. Who do the “elite” think they are fooling?

  5. FN got her best score ever! Our allies in France only have to win a election once. Our enemies don’t have that luxury position.

    • That’s an interesting claim. I have wondered at the effect of France rounding up all Moslem refugees/immigrants and saying the following:

      We are sorry, butmade a big mistake allowing you into the country. We thought you could adapt to the ways of the civilized world, but, sadly we were wrong: it just didn’t work out.

      Effective immediately, we are evicting you from of our county. You may go to any nation that will accept you. If you do not leave, you will be confined to one of two concentration camps: one for men, the other for women and young children.

      • Why give them notice?

        Hijrah is an act of long-term war sanctioned by the Quran.

        These people never had any intention of integrating in the first place, so why should we give them the benefit of the doubt?

        • Oh, did I say give anyone notice?

          I said round them up- that itself won’t be pretty. Then tell ’em their options. Maybe quit UN before starting the roundup.

          • My method would be to say leave within six months and take with you whatever possessions you can – after six months leave in what you wear.

          • So many good people here! Such great ideas on the subject at hand 🙂

            On day one war will be declared upon islam. Right after that we all have the ” right” to defend ourselves against this so called ” holy” war.

            Our elites are not the only ones who are allowed to kill islam and mohammedanes. Just because our rulers think the killing of a muslim in Afghanistan is justifiable only because they say that muslim- far, far away- is the bad one. There is no “moderate” islam. There is just: Islam…

            Right after we seize power it’s game over for these jihad loving sons of a child abuser. They already know they are not wanted here in the West. They don’t want us and we don’t want them.

            All our enemies better start praying we don’t lay our hands on the force the Frappe.

      • What I’ve been saying for years.
        I’m just so sick of hearing: “Oh no, they’re here now, we can’t possibly send them back”. Really?

        There were no if’s, and’s or but’s during WW2–the Japanese were rounded up. So, there are more of the islamic trash?
        Just take a little longer.

        But “if you do not leave…” Are you going to feed them forever?

        • I’m just so sick of hearing: “Oh no, they’re here now, we can’t possibly send them back”. Really?

          There were no if’s, and’s or but’s during WW2–the Japanese were rounded up.

          Back then the lines were drawn. We knew we were in a war. Those internments and confiscation of property were unfair to the Japanese but seemed at the time the lesser evil. Since then we’ve been worn down by cultural Marxists and so, yes, we will “feed them forever” even if it means we starve. We don’t get to choose anymore.

  6. BRAVO!! I have, and many others, have been thinking the exact same way. We will take these bastards and their sick Cultural Marxist engineering porgam down. Brick by brick, column by column, cracked skull by chracked skull- we will absolutey take it down.

    • Me too. Our side will grow, the other will shrink. They know it too – hence third world immigration.

  7. The globalists and the Islamists will ultimately fail, for their foundation is unsound. We should try to make our victorious day come sooner rather than later!

  8. “It’s up to us to act, here and now. A battle of influence, of every moment. Creating media, sites, groups, thinking strategies, organizing networks, occupying the field, investing, editing, broadcasting, etc.; the possibilities are endless, within reach of all. As long as you breathe, you must act.”

    When I watch the gorgeous, bright Martin Sellner of the Austrian Identity movement, I think the best thing young, dynamic people like that could be doing right now is starting families!

  9. The French election showed that an estimated one third of voters either did not vote or cast a blank ballot. So what does that tell us?

    I believe it tells us that those who chose not to vote were not satisfied with who they had to choose from due to their own perceptions of what both candidates were not representing whatever the non-voters personal preferences were.

    But, for whatever the many reasons, one third of voters felt suitably disenfranchised by the system to choose not to vote.

    Macron did well in the big cities, no surprises there, as the big cities are heavily populated with the representatives of Islam who were told to support Macron as well as those empty heads who support open borders and non-nation states.

    Le Pen’s numbers were mainly from the rural areas of France and from people who live outside the free, but compulsory kool-aid system, and who tend to keep their eyes and ears open.

    So out of an estimated 48 million French voters, an estimated one third skipped their right to vote while the remaining two thirds of remaining voters chose to lodge a vote.

    If we deduct Macron’s votes of just over 20 million approvals and contrast that to the number of voters entitled to cast ballots, then Macron has won on less than 50% of the entire available vote, and that says to me that his future in the position as President of France must be in doubt because there are now more against him than there are for him.

    • I see it less complicated that all that.
      1) France is a satellite state of Brussels.
      2) Brussels is trending to USSR 2.0
      3) Stalin’s dictum: “it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”

      Grin and bear it.

      • Pascal, there wasn’t much that Stalin did not control within his realm, and to some extent, outside of it.

        The control of who wins in most Western countries today is how many of those the Globalists have managed to ‘place’ into the big cities from the third world. That is where the money ends up and the votes subsequently flow out of.

        I refuse to bear it.

  10. Europe is past the tipping point and need to be relieved of all nuclear weapons before the islamic politicians point them at the US.

  11. What is the endgame for France, Germany and the Benelux ? Those countries’ prospects depend on manufacturing, niche agriculture, and tourism. All of which are going to suffer from Islamic jihad.
    Is the ultimate goal a super surveillance state punctuated by rioting, street crime, and chronic anxiety? That is where these counties are headed.
    In the novel ” Darkness at Noon ” Koestler had his protagonist mutter ” Why ” before being shot to death in the Lubyanka. That is my question regarding France and most of Europe.

    • The evidence has been mounting for a very long time towards one conclusion. Death cultism masquerading as Sustainability is the new religion. The reverse of live and let live is live and let die. You can’t battle a believe system with logic, only an equally strong countering belief system will do.

      The preponderance of evidence can be gathered after investigating the truth of the following assessment. Wherever rulers foster Malthusian, Utilitarian, Green and Islamistophilic nutcases, there the ruled are at grave risk.

  12. This article from Laurent Obertone is inspiring, as Winston Churchill was.

    For a long time Winston spent on the outside of politics, during the early 1930’s read up in excerpts and finally the English translation in 1933 of ‘Mein Kampf’.
    Yet Winston worked away, spreading his knowledge, gathering and building friends and support, even though he was mocked as a war monger.

    “The Gathering Storm”, recounting the history of the period leading up to WW2 from his point of view. About Mein Kampf:

    “All was there—the programme of German resurrection, the technique of party propaganda; the plan for combating Marxism; the concept of a National-Socialist State; the rightful position of Germany at the summit of the world. Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.”

    Nazism: an Assault on Civilization, by Pierre van Paassen and James Waterman Wise, was published in New York in 1934.
    This is what would have fully activated Churchill.
    WARNING If you are sensitive;- Please do not click on “Read Preview” as no punches are pulled on what Nazism did.
    It is as harrowing then, as ISIS is today.
    Where you can read preface and introduction and then part 1. For me it is very chilling reading to see how it was written 5 years before world war 2, and just one year after Hitler gained full power.
    No wonder Churchill wanted to fight much more earlier !
    Although Winston Churchill was not perfect, he had the knowledge !, that gave him and to Britain the ultimate determination to face down the evil. Well worth the read of those 3 parts of the above link.

    It is the small things that we can do, that maintains our sense of value in this life.
    We may never know with our spread of knowledge, where the exact weakness is. Is it the “ankle tap” “leg trip” that added up from many and then the supportive roles for others to build on and take down islam.
    Just what will be the cumulative straw that breaks the camel’s back of islam in our countries, but keeping loading that straw on the camel’s back.

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