Culturally Enriched Dancing and Groping in Darmstadt

Four culture-enrichers have been arrested after allegedly groping women at a festival in the German city of Darmstadt.

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Sexual assaults at Schlossgraben festival in Darmstadt

May 27, 2017

GERMANY. The Darmstadt police have arrested four young men in the night between Friday to Saturday. They bothered and groped women at the Schlossgraben Festival.

In the “Disco-Area”, several women independently reported to the police that they were groped at the dance.

Two men aged 16 and 20 were arrested, thanks to the massive police action on the festival grounds.

Subsequently, the officers arrested a 35-year-old man who also groped women.

In the aftermath of the Schlossgraben festival, there was a further attack on a young woman in a nearby discotheque. In this case too, a 35-year-old man was identified and arrested.

According to police, the four suspects were “refugees”.

5 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Dancing and Groping in Darmstadt

  1. This is the very reason why Poland wants out, as GOV pointed out in a previous piece about EU blackmail.

    PM Beata Szydło will be ignored by the Brussels EU’s arrogant political elites. As long as they receive their huge salaries, their perks and privileges, they don’t care about groping cultural enrichers.

    Because they are part of a two-tiered system, meaning certain legal immunities, no squalene or mercury adjuvants inserted into their vaccines, many tricks for fabulous tax breaks, etc.

    Almost every single one of them has a country to escape to should the riots and the burning begin. And why should they care about dead children? Many of Europe’s top leaders are childless, no skin in the game for Merkel, Rutte, Macron, Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni , etc.

    And all of these countries are basket cases. Once Europe is completely under the control of the military and the police then these EUantics will be able to do anything, as they are almost at that point in Germany now.

    And then the Russians will come? No, not really, because why, apart from some of Europe’s technology, would they want to burden themselves with a mess of a continent full of psychologically disturbed people and effeminate men who apparently have no will to defend against the gropers and the rapists.

  2. Maybe the organizers should change the name to the Schlossgropen Festival?

    • Egri Nök just told me that “grabschen” means “groping”, so that “Schlossgrabschen” would fit perfectly.

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