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  1. Some on TR’s feed are saying it’s a pic from 2016. Makes no difference – cause and effect.

  2. Will read or won’t – it will make no difference. His mindset is “Islam is the Religion of Peace”.

    His orders come down from the top and he has half his mind on future promotion (which he won’t get if he says a word out of place), his pension (which he will lose if he says a word out of place) and possible lucrative post job prospects (ditto).

    Britain is, despite what the politicians tell us, divided into two parts. On one side are the non muslims and people vaguely “on the right”. On the other side there are the muslims, the left, the government, police and the media.

    When a country where the police investigate an incident when a record making fun of bin Laden is played at a private party (involving 10 officers and a helicopter), when an idiot who put bacon on a mosque door is banged up for 12 months (and dies in prison), when it appears to be illegal to criticize Islam in any way (and any postings to the media are blocked) and when the leading pro Free Speech activists (Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen) are targeted by the police and vilified by the so called “Free Press” – then that country is doomed.

    It should be remembered that Sharia May – before she became PM – was Home Secretary under Cameron and is therefore, in part, responsible for the Manchester atrocity.

  3. The is the police chief who warned against a non-existent backlash before the bodies were cold. It’s all in his face, isn’t it? An absolute waster

    • I don’t see it in his face. He looks like an ordinary decent Northern English bloke to me – pity he doesn’t act like it.

  4. This fool would better serve the people of Manchester if he gave the muslim a copy of the Bible.

    • Yes. Can we PLEASE arrange a ceremony at which this Muslim, still beaming broadly, receives a copy of our Holy Bible.

  5. Its just so incredible,

    This pig cop for sure never read that bog roll book, if he had he not be promoting it.

    The lugenpresse, and traitor politicos have like goebells, the sheep herd under full
    Blinkered stupor.

    The majority of people are and always hav been blind unconscious and firmly trapped inside the “iron cage” (max weber) matrix.

    Its not eSy to teach blind and people to think for themselves and see whats going on.

    I.believe the majority afe born stupid, to never change from that, otgerwise these traitors who are leDing us into genocide woukd be long long long gone!

    • “The majority of people are and always hav been blind unconscious and firmly trapped inside the “iron cage”” – Most don’t want to have to think about ‘such things’ – but they wake up only when their leaders wake up.

  6. What about police officially accepting Bibles, or Tenachs, or other religious texts and officially posing with religious leaders?
    What message does the government want to send to apostates from islam, by officially accepting a Koran, and posing a picture. Should they fear for their lives?

    • A very good point Multiculti.

      People will see that islam is the “strong horse” as Osama bin Laden declared, and so they will side with that horse.

      It seems that our horse has transmogrified into trans-gendered form and is now weak.

  7. So the guy who says there will be no tolerance for hate, by which he means the hate of those who are tired of losing loved ones or who simply can’t swallow the PC garbage any more…. accepts a book full of hate.

    Thx for that photo! It will come in handy.

    • Yes. He had a duty to read that Koran, but he won’t because he’s frightened of what he might find.

  8. Look at the fruity, dhimmified position of the police chief’s hands….good grief….

  9. timing isn’t good, smiles are nasty, but by itself it doesn’t mean much.

    it is very likely that fuzzy creature had said on camera that he and his mosque condemns the terror act.

    note, some 15 accomplices are arrested, and muslim community doesn’t raise up against “Islamophobia”.
    they are afraid, too.
    not all of them are Allah’s heroic cretins, majority are simply parasitic opportunists.

    negotiating with imams may work, with one core demand – to keep their flock peaceful.
    in peaceful competition with West, muslims don’t have chance, irrespect their numbers.

    the only thing is, one needs to negotiate from the position of strength.

    – beef up spec. ops, ensure they have adequate operational planning
    – close borders, – constant focus on preventing weapons smuggling
    – incarcerate and/or deport radicals and hitmen
    – cut the remaining folks from foreign (Saudi) funding
    – cut from public funds
    – introduce extreme vetting for muslim immigrants
    – cancel privileges, stop social benefits for polygamous families, mark halal, prosecute for FGM

    then negotiate, to establish cold coexistence.

  10. So glad my ancestors left England and Western Europe centuries ago. They must have thought their fellow countrymen stupid.

    The Europeans killed their Jews and invited in 20 million Muslims. The Western Europeans are still stuck on stupid.

    By the way, read Tommy’s book ‘Enemy of the State’. It is not so much about how dangerous and evil Islam has been and is as much as it is about silencing Tommy and throwing out any semblance of law to mistreat him and shut him up forever. England today is a giant insane asylum with a few smart inmates rebelling.

    • ” England today is a giant insane asylum…”


      It’s a pretty classic totalitarian state. Police power is used to suppress free dissent. Most wealth is under the control of the government and the government is by and large under the control of the wealthy. The wealthiest of everyone: the bankers, deal brokers, loan bundlers, financiers, are focused solely on making even more money.

  11. I hope he reads it too but a glance at his smug, stupid face, doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  12. What an idiot (but hey, he does what the politicians, MSM and a part of the public expects from him).
    To bad I cant determine the publishing house and the edition of the pictured Quran.
    Would`ve been interesting to know which translation it is.

    Reading and understanding the Quran without critical notes is almost impossible (fe. concerning abrogation of suras).
    And of course one doesn`t read “the” Quran, as each sura stands isolated for itself.
    The suras are just arranged according to their length not after the content or some timeline.
    You read something “from” the Quran (a sura or ayat)
    It`s not like the books of the bible or the gospels.

  13. What kind of cruel joke is this? This Muslim fellow knows full well that the book he is so gleefully (and taqiyaa-fully) handing over to the cop is full of hatred for the cop and values of free society (and all kafirs in general). Why is there no protest against this nonsense. Similar nonsense in the US when some Muslims wanted to build a mosque at the site of 9/11. These Muslims will not stop at anything.

  14. Actually, that’s not a copy of the Qur’an, but rather an abridged English translation of Mawdudi’s exegesis of the Qur’an. So the Manchester Chief of Police is happily accepting a book prepared by one of the leading Islamist ideologues, whose interpretations have influenced innumerable jihadist terrorists.

      • “was forced to travel to England for treatment.”
        “He went to the United States for treatment and was hospitalized in Buffalo, New York”

        The fool had to rely on the Kaffir’s medicine for treatment.

        • It`s the will and wisdom of Allah that the Kuffar serve the needs of the true believers.

          At least that`s what muslims would say.
          Actually it`s exactly what many of them say when they make use of western developments and technologies.
          Uups… I mean, all wisdom and knowledge already is written in the Quran – we just stole it from them…

  15. Will England and the World ever learn and accept the following truths, put effort in to learn the fundamental facts and truths of the evil that is all of islam? Apostates have learned it.

    The real Koran, translated by the Cairo al Azhar authorized translators (like Bukhari) reveals all the pure hatred and evil of mo and al, along with the details of how to do all the maximum crimes according to the way (halal) the “perfect man” did them as the master criminal and thief, of all time, of the “best of schemers-deceivers-allah” . The best of muslims are expected, in the koran, to do all that that “perfect man” mohammad did, including as follows:

    Islam is the fundamental training of parasites, to amputate, murder, rape, torture, hate, inflict maximum pain, control women, commit sex, rape, and marriage, even with tiny children, and lie, thieve, commit crime unlimited, and never love anyone, except sex, and 72 virgins in mythical afterlife, and love death. That sums up 1400 years of history, the LONGEST WAR in world, their koran, hadiths, sura, and their sharia, succinctly!!!!! So dumb was mohammad, allah, he thought planets were beyond stars, female human gestation lasted only 6 months, ‘flat earth’, more….


    ‘People get destroyed, lacking knowledge’-Hosea4:6…. Especially the love, the wisdom, the guidance, of the Holy Bible, and God, and Christ….We are instructed to ‘love good, and hate evil’, repeatedly, and to defend our families, from road agents and organized forces, by the sword!…..It is all there, incalculable wisdoms, all that apply every day in life today and tomorrow….

    • Sorry, this dropped off my comment, was to be at the end of it, here:

      Thanks veterans and all heroes, for fighting evils, and for our Freedoms, and honoring God.
      Remember Martel, Sobieski, Leponto battle, and the other decisive heroic battles of the past 1400 years……

  16. Notice the Muslim is wearing the watch on his RIGHT wrist, a sure sign of fundamentalism/extremism. They do this so as not to copy the infidels.
    This is too sad. I see a smiling Muslim snake shaking the hand of a hapless, dimwitted English useful idiot.

  17. This great iconic picture shows the paragon of population psychosis. It should be used as a counterfactual in Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Goodby Britannia.

  18. What a fake smile on the left side of the picture. And a beaming idiot on the right.

  19. Somebody go to the police station with a friend recording a meeting on his camera phone. And offer to the Police Chief a copy of The Bible. Let’s see his reaction. I’d say odds are 99% he’d refuse to accept b/c it would be a ‘divisive act harmful to social cohesion.’ He’d spout the usual weasel words.

  20. A pity.
    Should be read chronologically,
    noting the importance of the abrogation verses that
    nullify many of the earlier verses, then the
    template of islam’s terror system makes sense.

  21. Is there any reason why an English police of chief would pose with the koran? I can see him posing with a korn dog, a Corona, a Cornish hen, and even Corrine Brown. But not one reason to explain this picture.
    I have to conclude this policeman is a big fan of korans and this particular muslim.

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