Tommy Robinson Interviews a Twitter User who Called for his Murder

None of the people who issue death threats on social media against Tommy Robinson are ever arrested by the police or prosecuted. However, Tommy recently managed to locate and interview one young fellow who had tweeted a call for his murder.

Tommy’s new position with has its advantages:

Hat tip: Dora.

62 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Interviews a Twitter User who Called for his Murder

  1. Exactly how does one pose questions to an intellect fuelled by white noise? I think if the kid had seen something shiny, the “conversation” would have ended right there.

  2. The kid looks like a giant white rat..Just sayin’..Good to see Tommy working for The Rebel..

  3. “White noise”??? Ah, yer a racist, what? Oh, wait, that’s TWO racists what with the white rat, innit? Lord love a duck, what’s the world coming to?

    Our American university young people are every bit as inarticulate, ignorant, and blowhardy as that fellow. But they’re a lot louder about their cluelessness. And none of them would have the courage to show up alone (or perhaps with one other person) to answer for their verbal attacks.

    At GoV we screen comments calling for any kind of incitement, but particularly do we watch for the “kill ’em” points of view. Those get neither seat nor voice here. Twitter disappears a lot of stuff. They should have done with this call for assassination, for that’s exactly what it was.

    Part of our donations are used to subscribe to The Rebel. There is NO other conservative voice in Canada that has the megaphone, a megaphone granted automatically to the questionable tactics of the Canadian-government MSM which subsidizes the socialist air Canadians breathe.

    I would urge our readers to subscribe to the Rebel. It’ll cost you about two lattes a month and you won’t need a bathroom break later.

    Ezra Levant, the guiding hand of The Rebel, has paid dearly for his principled stand on the issues of the day. His work deserves the support of everyone/anyone who believes in our Western freedoms.

    (I think the URL leads to their subscribe page)

    If you can’t afford to subscribe (and I’m well aware that many of our readers are in the same category as we are – i.e., the formerly-middle-class now known as the nouveau poor), then join their You Tube subscription. That *is* free:

    Lots of information.

    • Yes, I am aware “blowhardy” is a neologism of mine own devising. But since it’s meaning is plain and it’s succinct, and I’m too old to go out to play anymore, I like to make up words…

        • It got to the point, dinnit?

          [I’m preparing for The Singularity, see, in case I’m still here. Don’t plan to be but it’s me Girl Scout training.]

          • D,

            First, our college liberals are definitely in worse shape than this bloke. At he least he could articulate a point of view (however wrongheaded) and I think Tommy reached him. I’ve seen some interviews with US college kids that were both entertaining and depressing. Jesse Watters comes to mind. He asked some college kids if they supported Hillary or Trump and they were all supportive of Hillary, and when he asked why what had she accomplished they all stared at their shoes and mumbled.

            Second, The Rebel is great but I have been reading some actual honest journalism from Canada Free Press also. Please don’t discount them by saying there is no other conservative voice in Canada.

            Third, Girl Scout, hey could you set me up with a box of Thin Mints? Samoas? Oh heck, they’re all good.

    • Thanks, Dymphna, for plugging Ezra’s “The Rebel.” He’s one of the very, _very_ few in Canadian media with the guts to be non-P.C. The way his former SunNews was frozen out by the ‘establishment’ media, with government collusion, was positively shameful, and a blot on Canada.

      And I like your lapse into Brit-speak (“innit,” etc.)

      • I like Southern-speak, too. Virginia’s is less colorful now with the YUGE influx of permanent government bureaucrats.

  4. There are so so many of these english [dweebs]! They know [zero] about islam, they are just victims of msm tv, and [other] rags, like The Guardian, BBC, sky news, and CNN, al Jazeera. A brainwashing similar to the jihadis who are brainwashed to wear [suicide] vests, they probably don’t even know their own history, English history!

    I’m English, and I mostly avoid British people at all costs. Wherever I am, which is mostly abroad, they just watch football, binge drink, and talk [nonsense].

    And if you are not like that, then [you are a] target for these brain-dead hordes from the UK.

    The average British person is also the enemy, I hate to say, and
    The news media has almost total mind control over most of the masses.

    They just don’t get it, if [you] show them the numbers and facts in their faces, they will just shout [you] down, maybe attack [you]. They have been brainwashed with white guilt, and Frankfurt pc indoctrination, [and have] been programmed very similarly to the ISIS suckers who have bought into this madness.

    The enemy is within the gates, and large numbers have white skin and British accents, and we have got to deal with these morons as well as islam.

    • Please use normal average spelling AND grammar. You may despise these people but they obviously have your full attention. Don’t let them live rent-free in your head. I mean, if you live away from the UK in order to avoid your compatriots, then don’t carry them on your back as you go.

      Your spelling and grammar show only too well how the British educational system miserably failed you. The texting shortcuts you take aren’t even the half of it. You might consider finding a lawyer who is willing to bring suit against all those “educators” who were PAID to teach you and so obviously failed at their jobs.

      • I didnt know I was sitting a english exam?

        I cant see anything wrong with my grammar, maybe you need to consult your teachers to explain why they didnt teach you how to read properly and appreciate good off the cuff native English.
        I was born in London, and grew up in australia, and sydney uni was a fun place to be in 80s.

        Anyone whos the enemy of freedom, and free speech are not my compatriots, and i thought this site was about giving ones full attention to the scourge of islam and any of its enabelers.

        Britain is a country that has been conquered from within, by socialism, and its going to be a cake walk into sharia and islam, all nicely helped along by those hordes of swp beer slurping toffs and geezers who have lot of empty space between their ears.

        • Ah, Prince, your language has certainly improved since your first comment effort. That one broke several of our guidelines, including the one regarding civil language.

          However, I did read you correctly, and made an editorial decision to fix your infelicities. This time, I’m leaving them in since you cut out the texting language and haven’t erupted with any four-letter Anglo-Saxon rudeness. On Gates of Vienna, You may not use the soubriquets you employed to emphasize your anger with British people. I appreciate your restraint this time around.

          You’re partly right about our mission. GoV is indeed mainly

          “about giving ones [sic] full attention to the scourge of Islam and any of its enabelers [sic]”

          But that is not our only task. We also focus on other subjects from time to time. And when we have the energy, we edit comments for clarity and syntax, etc. If they’re too much work and come in when we’re tired, then into the circular file they go. In your first comment’s virginal state, had I been fatigued I’d have just deleted it for being too much work.

          Thus,I did indeed read you carefully, fixing the insalubrious locutions you chose to employ, especially those which violate our commenting rules. This time I’m not going to do so; your lack of apostrophes can stand as they are, a testament to either ignorance or sloth. The lack of texting language shortcuts this time is a welcome relief; thank you for refraining.

          But when you write, “Anyone whos [sic] the enemy of freedom”, I will reiterate my own suggestion: find a lawyer who is willing to bring a civil suit against your English language teachers. Someone who went to “Sydney uni” and came out writing as you do should demand his money back.

          I’m glad it was “fun”, even if your grammar education was obviously less than sterling.

          From a philosophical point of view, I concur with your diagnosis of Britain’s ills. When they kicked out Churchill, it was the beginning of the end. If you’ve not read Nevil Shute’s ideas about the beginning of Britain’s demise, I think you’d like him. He was an ex-pat who left England in disgust after the war when it began flirting with Communism and Socialism. He devoted some of his novels to describing the sad future in store for England. His concerns were right on the mark:

          I first ran into his work when I was a kid and thus learned very early on what mortally ailed Britain – that is, what ailed it beyond that ruinous class divide. Shute was an excellent story-tellers. Maybe he had a copy-editor, too.

          • I remember having to read a Nevil Shute novel at school, about a submarine & the end of the world. It might be a good idea, all these years later, to check out his other work (wasn’t he an engineer?)

          • A factor in Churchill’s defeat in 1945 was the experience of many service people of snobbery among the officer class. This didn’t mean they didn’t appreciate his role as a great wartime leader, but they wanted social change.

          • I really like your site, but i have always wondered what your policy is on handing your followers ip addresses over to the thought police?

            Strange your based in virgina, maybe langley? Or Just a coincidence?
            Or just my imagination is getting to broad….

            Be a great way to purge society of all of its patriots, one big intellectual honey trap, lure them all in, then off to the gulag, beria style esque.

          • LOL!

            So many foreigners (and even some Americans) think that because we and the CIA are both in Virginia, then perforce there must be some connection. What a hoot!

            That’s like seeing an address in, say, Devon, and another in Lanarkshire, and saying, “Well, they’re both in the UK, therefore they must be almost the same place.”

            So, just for the fun of it, I’ll give you a crash course in Virginia’s history, geography, and culture.

            The Commonwealth of Virginia was settled from the southeast coast, starting with Jamestown in 1607. Once the colony was fully viable (which took a while; it was shaky at first), the English settlers pushed westwards up the major rivers — the James, the York (branching into the Pamunkey and the Mattaponi [the latter being pronounced Matta-Poe-Nigh, accent on the final syllable, in case you’re interested]), the Rappahannock, and the Potomac. The arable land in the coastal plain (generically called Tidewater here) and the foothills above the fall line (called the Piedmont) was settled fairly rapidly during the mid and late 17th century. These areas, with their large plantations and slaves, became the source of what was later seen as Virginia’s aristocracy, mostly of English origin.

            Meanwhile, by the early 18th century the Germans and Scots-Irish had arrived in Pennsylvania. They pushed west towards the mountains, because the more attractive land further east was already taken. Those who didn’t continue west into the Ohio valley migrated south and southwest down the valleys and plateaus of Virginia (part of which eventually became West Virginia). Some of them crossed from the Valley of Virginia through the gaps in the Blue Ridge to the western Piedmont, where they mixed and matched with the earlier English settlers. There are lots of German and Celtic names on both sides of the Blue Ridge.

            There was an influx of French Huguenots (Protestants who were persecuted in France) into the Commonwealth in the 18th century. Many of them settled in the Richmond area on both sides of the James, where they were welcomed and assimilated, although they maintained a somewhat distinct identity until early modern times. For instance, there’s an Anglican church south of the James upstream from Richmond where for many years the vestry was required to be made up of Huguenots.

            Not far away from us Welsh settlers were brought in to mine the slate, and some of the old graveyards have headstones with inscriptions in Welsh. Welsh names are rife throughout the central Piedmont.

            The upshot of all this is that there are at least eleven distinct areas with nebulous borders that form the divers cultures and dialects of Virginia. And that’s just the white people; my ear is not good enough to map the black dialects, but there are a number of them.


            Southwest: the coal-mining, whiskey-distilling area. Based mostly on a meld of German and Scots-Irish cultures.

            Virginia Highlands: the mountainous zone beginning with the first ridge of the Alleghenies. I don’t know that part of the state very well.

            The Great Valley: East of the Alleghenies and west of the Blue Ridge, northeast of the Southwest Blue Ridge Plateau. Includes the Valley of Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) and the valley drained by the James, the Maury, and the New Rivers.

            Southside: The area south of the James and bordering on North Carolina that runs from the Great Dismal Swamp into the Piedmont. This has its own peculiar archaic accent, where “house” and “out” are pronounced almost as they are in Canada. It was a major slave-owning area and still grows a lot of tobacco, and even a little cotton.

            Northern Virginia: This is not the Northern Virginia that most people are familiar with today — a sprawling metropolitan adjunct to Washington D.C. with the greatest “diversity” in the country, what I call the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — but a wealthy, fertile area on the plains adjoining the Potomac and the Rappahannock. This is the area that General Lee’s army was drawn from at the beginning of the Recent Unpleasantness. The original accent and culture have been all but destroyed, first by Yankee migrants, and then more recently by cultural enrichment. You can still hear the original accent a little bit on the outskirts of the Wretched Hive.

            Central Piedmont: The hilly area between Northern Virginia and Southside, east of the Blue Ridge and west of the fall line.

            Northern Neck: The peninsula that lies between the Potomac and the Rappahannock, jutting into the Chesapeake Bay.

            Middle Peninsula: The peninsula that lies between the Rappahannock and the York Rivers, also jutting into the Chesapeake Bay.

            Virginia Peninsula: The peninsula that lies between the York and James Rivers, ending at Hampton Roads.

            Tidewater: The area south of the James River, east of the Great Dismal Swamp and extending all the way to the beach. Includes the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. However, in common parlance “Tidewater” also includes Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg on the Virginia Peninsula.

            Eastern Shore: The southernmost part of the Delmarva Peninsula; that is, the portion south of the Virginia state line. Culturally distinct from the rest of Virginia. The Eastern Shore partakes of the archaic barrier-island culture that runs from Assateague in Maryland to Ocracoke in North Carolina. The old-timers have a very interesting and peculiar dialect.


            The CIA and Langley are located in Northern Virginia, but not in what I consider the Commonwealth of Virginia — they are in the heart of the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, and have nothing in common with the Sovereign Commonwealth. A pox on them!

            I was born in the Central Piedmont and now live in a region where the Central Piedmont and Southside run together. A totally different place — different language, different customs, different culture — from the Wretched Hive.

            If you wish to lump Langley together with my part of Virginia, that’s your privilege. But in doing so you will only reveal your unfortunate and extensive ignorance.

          • Nick (below, or should that be “Old Nick” below?), you’re thinking of Shute’s “On the Beach”; there was a 1959 film with Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire (as a non-dancing racing driver).

          • I have several friends from California. Naturally, since Hollywood is in California, they’re all movie stars and directors.

            Total employees of the CIA: 21,575
            Total population of Virginia: 8,326,000
            Rough statistical chance that the Baron is employed the CIA: 0.26%

          • @Mark H,

            Fred Astaire as a racing driver? I’ve got to see that movie now …

            I think we had that as one of our set books for O level English. I recall spending most of my time in English classes sleeping, only to astonish my teachers by getting A grades in both O level and Higher English.

            Little did they know that I’d been reading books since before I went to school, and by the time I was in Primary 3 (when you went to the “big” school) I was already reading everything I could get my hands on by Jack London and Mark Twain.

            I was one of those guys who would pick up the marmalade jar and read the ingredients, where it was made, etc. just to I didn’t have to stop reading while waiting for the toast to pop out of the machine …

          • Off topic. If you like Neville Shute try Nigel Balchin, another writer of that era with a technical background (applied psychology in his case). The Small Back Room is a good one to start with.

          • Not really OT. I brought up Nevil Shute in the context of the evils of Brtish socialism…

            Shute was a transplanted Ozzie. Is this fellow from that same general point of view? Oh wait…I’ll check him out myself.

    • Laurence Fishburne summed it up quite well in the Matrix:

      Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

      • Thank you! That pretty much sums up where the majority within the West are today and what the rest of us – those who can look outside that box we were once taught to live in – are having to consider.

  5. Tommy is right, this guy like many of the left who live in the leafy suburbs and rarely meet muslims, have no idea what they are talking about. For a university student he seemed surprisingly short of an argument. His views on Tommy formed by the professors of his liberal arts course.

    • I would like to think that his university library would carry a copy of John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty”.

      Should this unfortunate fellow chance upon these comments, I hope he will get hold of a copy of that book. And obviously, don’t just carry it around trying to look clever, son. Because you’re clearly not. Actually read the thing.

      Intellectual effort is not painful.

      • Intellectual effort can be quite difficult if you never see it being done anywhere but school.

        I’ll bet the boy has every gadget going but doesn’t own, say, an etymology dictionary (which every college student should own). I doubt he’ll ever take even a survey course on British intellectual thought in say, the 19th century.

        College in the U.S. and the U.K. is dismal fare except for a few shining examples within private schools – and I don’t mean the prestigious “Ivy” colleges. They may be the worst of the lot. At 60,000.00 per year for tuition, books, and board, an Ivy diploma will land you in Washington or in some way employed by banks, government, health administration, etc. It will also be a life-long membership in the elites.

        Everything else has been supersized into “universities” until the designation is meaningless. They’re nothing but diploma mills where the real teaching is done by “teaching assistants” – i.e., grad students whose tuition is mostly waived while they slave away for zero money, hoping to make the PhD cut.

        The only advantage the UK has is that British kids don’t have to assume life-altering, debilitating debt for the dubious experience of an education in inebriation that doesn’t qualify him/her for a real job – unless he’s (a) got family connections and (b) will be going into government employment in the permanent bureaucracy in Washington and outlying satellite groups. Or perhaps with enough clout, they can get into the soul-killing banking “industry”, or a position in the quasi- governmental jobs to be had in the administration side of healthcare. The latter is a growing like a cancer on our commonweal.

        Never has college been less necessary or more ubiquitous. A degree is meaningless…and when the whole rotten corpse collapses, its dead tentacles will retract, destroying many in the process. “College” will return to its old boundaries that existed prior to the GI Bill – i.e., a place to stick wealthy kids until it’s time to join the ranks in their ‘real’ world while the non-college-educated young adults try to find work in a rapidly changing labor market.

        I would be even more dysphoric about the situation, but I have seen time and again the way in which young people create niche markets for their talents.

        I do hope parents will delay college entrance for their children so they can enter school with some life experience behind them. Especially should the parents of boys (unless those boys are STEM geniuses) protect them from the late-adolescent binge drinking, the high risk of being accused of rape the morning after, and the mean-spirited environment that a place with a disproportionate number of female students creates.

        A social anthropologist I read many years ago pointed out that when women begin to dominate a field, the prestige of that field drops and men leave. This isn’t a conscious decision; men just lose interest. He had several examples, but the one I remember well is his statistics on the obvious domination of women in the USSR in the medical field. It sure wasn’t a matter of political correctness or to meet some gender-equalized goal the Soviets set. I’ll bet the men left in Russian medicine tend to be the surgeons and whatever else is considered prestige medical practice.

        That will probably happen to higher education; in fact, it may already have begun. There are “feminist” ghettoes in college where normal men never go. As women spread out further, men are starting to talk about the un-necessity of college. With the exception of prestige positions, colleges will become female-dominated.

        I’m most interested to see how men flee and where they go. I have little doubt that their exit will escalate the collapse of the whole hollowed-out system.

        • Hi Dyphna,
          English young people do have to saddle themselves with debt. It costs £9,000 per year, (I think that equates to about $11K) so for a 3 year degree course that’s a hefty £27K. Then there is accommodation, food etc. The majority of ordinary parents simply can’t afford to pay this for one or two children without themselves incurring debt. The students take out loans, and start life with a millstone of debt around their necks. It gets them and keeps them in the system before the ink is dry on their degree. It is worth it if your degree equips you for s decent career. But, my daughter has a friend who read Italian, who now works in a bookshop. Another read business studies and works as what used to be called a clerical assistant. Jobs which, when I was young (cue crinolines), could be done by a 16 year old school leaver.

          • ” Jobs which, when I was young (cue crinolines), could be done by a 16 year old school leaver.”

            A very good point. Across the Western world since the 1990’s Governments have pushed for higher school leaver enrollments into universities to soak up unemployment in the young caused by their globalisation policies and export of manufacturing jobs. In the 1990’s the politicians talked up the “knowledge economy” while defunding useful apprenticeship and trades programs considered “old economy”. Others governments saw foreign exchange earning potential in opening their universities to foreign students. Quality suffered in the unseemly race to churn out degrees of minimal value. Those unfortunate students ended up saddled with debt and a job a school leaver without degree use to do.

          • I’ve spoken to a few people working in shops with “degrees” – a couple in PC world – like you need a BSc in Computing to sell laptops, LOL. Another guy (another computing shop) I remember claimed to have a degree in Geography. Maybe he felt qualified to find his way back to the store to pick up customers’ orders? A shocking waste all round – a waste of time on their part, a waste of money on whoever paid for their “education” and a waste for the country, because surely they should have been able to do a bit more than work in a shop. (A job that anyone could do, really.)

            Mind you, Maggie %$&*ing Thatcher started that ball rolling with her YTS schemes – the rot set in big time there. That woman has a lot to answer for – on well she’ll be spending eternity shovelling coal & wiping the sweat off Hitler’s brow, so I really do have to let that one go …

          • Silly me. I thought the welfare nanny soviet that is Britain made sure its children were educated without incurring a millstone of debt. Well, scratch out another myth.

            We may well be far into the interregnum period – that span of time between a functioning culture and a world of chaos, if not downright anarchy. The latter will be propelled mostly by young single men who have nothing left to lose as things collapse. All those young single Middle Eastern males who have plans for Germany are a good example, but they’ve been aided by Soros’ money or they’d never have got so far.

            I can’t guess how it will go for Europe, with its last few generations of a nanny-state soviet rule (no wonder alcoholism in Britain is reaching Russian levels. That’s what cultural oppression does). But in America, the unrest will differ from area to area. At the moment, the outflow of New Yorkers moving to a less corrupt place is picking up speed. Unfortunately, they’ve lived a New York kinda life so they’ll want that wherever they land. The locals will resist their attempts at transformation…

            …you can see it now as pieces of Texas (e.g., the Republic of Austin) fill up with socialists who want Texas to be more like California. Of course, they fled California in the first place because large parts of it are unliveable. But this isn’t about logic.

            Those of us fortunate enough to live in dull, poor places with no amenities will get to continue on as we are…and then the whole world bumps into the demographic implosion due to hit like a comet somewhere around mid-century. Over-population will cease to exist, and jobs will go unfilled until they figure out how to operate in a much smaller world. No one is willing or able to say if this mathematical certainty will be a good thing or a disaster – they have no past reference point by which to gauge the effects.

        • You could always do what I did. Get a job, think about what you would like to do or what interests you and go to college part time. Most universities run evening or part time degree courses. If you are in London you have the advantage of a college of international renown which specifically caters for evening students – Birkbeck.

          Part time courses are usually cheaper as well.

          • I did that too. You’re right, Birbeck does that, I believe they are one of the institutions one can sign up with through the University of London’s external programme. And there’s always the OU …

  6. I see it here in America too. People call for the death of Trump supporters, and anyone they deem racist, but then scream bloody murder (no pun intended) when a state is ready to execute an actual murderer. Anyway, I’m glad Tommy had that conversation with that misguided kid.

  7. So, the young man (YM) says he thinks free speech stops at hate speech. Isn’t it hate speech to call for someone’s murder? How did he miss that obvious equivalence?

    I wish Tommy Robinson had thought to ask him that question. The mindless self-contradiction would immediately have been obvious.

    It becomes clear that, for that YM and those like him, “hate speech” is merely speech with which they disagree.

    If that YM grew a beard and became an imam, his call for murder would have produced the attempt, at least. In him we see the mechanics of Islamic pathology, embraced now in principle by progressives.

    • You nailed it. The boy’s ignorance is matched only by his inability to form a whole sentence. He obviously had some courage since he did show up for this dialogue…(though I wondered how many were hiding behind that opening where the other kid was standing).

      I’ll bet he’ll be far more careful in the future about what he says on social media. Tommy certainly burst his cultural bubble.

      That boy is a good example of why we carefully monitor comments here. No one gets to come on GoV to talk about the proposed death/execution of another person or a whole group of unwelcome or despised ‘persons’. Ridicule and satire, yeah. Death threats, nope.

  8. Tommy Robinson, what a magnificent bastard. And yes the Rebel TV, now free on Utube is also magnificent. Thank you magnificent bastards at Gates of Vienna. So happy to be part of it.

  9. If things continue on the path that they’re on, one day, he will remember this interview and think himself mighty stupid for not having seriously listened to what Tommy had to say.

    • From your keyboard to God’s eyes, Mike, but I think he’s terminally stupid. It’s bred in the bone in his “leafy suburb”.

  10. Not only did Tommy expose the ‘educated’ young person of today, he also exposed the cultural and class divide that still ails much of Britain.

    No wonder he took to calling himself Tommy Robinson!

    • Do you think the cultural and class divide that ails much of Britain (surely ALL of England) needs any more exposure? I like to read and re-read Anthony Trollope novels because they’re like portraits of that sad condition. It’s a good thing there were so many places for the elites to send the unwanted – i.e., the various Commonwealth colonies – or they’d have imploded into a long and bloodier civil war.

      America was fortunate in having so many English second sons and indentured debtors, etc., arriving in the commercial colony – Virginia – set on either becoming free or seeking their fortune. The so-called “criminals” sent here provided the country with its unique improvisational DNA. The inherently obedient folk made their way to Canada during the Revolution, thus aiding the new country here in forming a quite novel experiment. Who knew accepting all those Swedes and Norwegians into the upper midwest would mean we’d have a whole section of near-traitors to deal with later.There is the real cradle of socialism in America.

      • This perfectly jives with my little theory that some parts of Canada (New Brunswick and rural Ontario in particular) have a deep-seated reluctance to change that is a byproduct of widespread United Empire Loyalist settlement!

        We feel it to this day. Large-scale population movements leave VERY long-term effects.

  11. Many are in denial about the English social divide, particularly the ‘educated’ as that young man would represent, even though in his own entreaty for someone to murder a person he obviously felt superior to, he reflects that ‘superior’ way of thinking.

    In such a small country as England one must wonder why there is such an abundance of ‘accents’ that not just reflect on the counties that have borne such diversity in the English language, but on the general parochial attitude that retaining such diverse accents represent.

    One knows exactly where they are in England by the accent that the locals are using.

    As for Traitors, we all have them.

    • Personally, I think it makes it much more interesting, that Britain has such a wide array of accents. But I’m curious why you think English snowflake SJWs are any more prone to feeling superior than, say, German or American ones?!

      • Green Infidel, my comment that you are responding to is in answer to Dymphna’s query concerning cultural and class divisions within England.

        And in answer to your own query, I have no doubt, and speaking from experience in my land of Oz, that we will always be saddled with those who believe that they are superior to their own peers in whatever land or country one may hail from, and that is just one important reason for why we are now in a fight to retain our own independent cultural identities.

    • “… one must wonder why there is such an abundance of ‘accents’ that not just reflect on the counties that have borne such diversity in the English language, but on the general parochial attitude that retaining such diverse accents represent.”

      It’s not clear to me what a “parochial attitude” has to do with it. Geography in the first instance, where the Vikings landed (and did not), where the Anglo-Saxons landed (and did not), where the Latin-speakers landed (and did not), etc etc … the way the so-called “English language” has evolved over the years is a fascinating subject in and of itself, no question about it.

      Did you know, for example, that a certain bovine farm animal was once upon a time called a “coo”? Then came the “great vowel shift” which drifted north on a linguistic wave, changing that verbal utterance to a “cow” – but the “great vowel shift” never reached Scotland (too cold for travellers speaking in this new way, perhaps?), where said bovine beastie is still called a “coo”.


      So in this instance, one could argue that the Scots speak better English than the English themselves!

      May I suggest you check out “One Day Removals” on youtube – if you’re interested in the different accents used in the UK etc. (Warning: it has so me rather salty language in it, btw.)

      • Yes, and as I understand it, the snobby upper-class accent in England had its origins in the local dialect in Oxford and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire. The young men who attended university in Oxford spent enough time in the town to pick up the weird haw-haw the locals spoke, and it probably became quite the fashion amongst them to retain their new vowels when they returned whence they came. Then they went on to rule the country from their estates and in Parliament, and the rest is history.

      • Nick. It is the influence of one’s background that one then becomes rooted in, that will generally prevail in that person’s outlook for the rest of his/her life.

        And it is for that reason, that the Marxists attempt to take the very young to indoctrinate them into their evil doing while peddling their sweet lies to the very gullible.

        I am not condemning parochialism and accents, but wishing to point out that such ‘differences’ in how one county (tribe) can view another county or big city is a simple human trait that can either divide us or draw us together.

        Parochialism may also be seen as a defence mechanism that large numbers of folk can rally around when their area of existence becomes threatened by outside forces that do not share their life values.

        History is chockablock full of such instances for all to notice.

        And Tommy Robinson is a classic example of such parochialism.

  12. Police might want to speak to Tommy about his driving habits (especially in view of the recent crackdown on drivers holding mobiles at the wheel) – but apart from that… if this polite, well-off, well brought-up Snowflake SJW is at all representative of the next generation, then is there any hope?!

  13. God bless you TR. Exposed the ignorant, ethnomasachistic, illiterate, snow flake,
    Atypical left wing apologist for what he truly is! Please do not get me started on the mate he had in the background for “back up”
    ” Like Nigel Farage has nothing to do with politics” – what a cretin!
    NF Formed a political party, An MEP for years, has advised the President of the USA, and forced the historic referendum on EU membership whether you agreed with it or not.

    Contrast this young man with the WW11 generation, rear gunners in bomber command had an expected survival rate of a fortnight, youngsters in protected
    Vital industries volunteered in their tens of thousands knowing the dangers.

    We are as a nation, as a European country truly lost.

    I hope the police do prosecute him, TR exercises his right to free speech and that
    Does not entitle people like this young man to threaten him or by definition his
    Family either.

    • I know, that was quite bad. Nigel Farage has nothing to do with politics, hah!

      Mind you, neither does the young lad. So he shouldn’t have a platorm (Twitter in this case) to voice his opinion about anything either – according to the young lad himself!

      But he believes in free speech …

  14. Good work TR, you have highlighted superbly that these kids just trot out platitudes with no understanding of the subject at all. I can’t help but think this generation of imbeciles deserve their coming dhimi status.

  15. How amusing to see less-educated working class Tommy making dim-witted middle-ish class virtue-signalling student from white-flight land look bigoted. If only, however, Tommy would speak a little slower and somewhat more calmly I think his points would have better effect for he does have good points that are worth making such as the one involving hypocricy Pedric above mentions.

    • Opus – and anyone else who cares about the side-effects of big state persecution – what you’re witnessing in Tommy’s speech patterns is his PTSD. Aside from the beatings, etc., in prison, he also spent illegal, inhumane amounts of time in solitary confinement.

      Solitary is the worst thing you can do to a human being -we’re born hard-wired to be social creatures. Read Tommy’s book – you’ll see how the authorities got past those limits for solitary confinement. Hint: they moved him from prison to prison, one time even sending him, unaccompanied, in a taxi.

      Here’s our link for “Enemy of the State”:

      When I went back to that page to pull up the link, I found I’d written a comment(back in January of last year) about the deliberately poor formatting of the Kindle version of Tommy’s book. My “review” – written in the Baron’s name since we share his account – lambasted Amazon’s tactics. Go here to see the review and the comments which followed on from mine:

      or use this shorter link:

      That diatribe against Bezos turned out to be mild, considering what he is doing now – i.e., owns the Washington Post and controls its rabid editorial position against Trump while being a huge seller to the CIA for gadgets, computers and such. I mean “huge” as in bloated bureaucracy-sized amounts of moolah. We’ve had a quasi-mercantilist economy for a while. It is becoming overtly de jure.

  16. The only thing Tommy got wrong was to suggest that the troll had somehow risked his career and future prospects. We all know, sadly, that the police are never going to take threats against Tommy’s life seriously. They are too busy with young people who publish islamophobic comments in social media.

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