Christian Zeitz: “A Rampant Deepening of Islamization in Austria”

Christian Zeitz is the Director of the Institute of Applied Political Economy in Austria. He recently appeared on a TV news show to discuss the Turkish regime’s use of mosques to spy on Turkish-Austrian citizens. Dr. Zeitz also elaborated on the ways in which the revised Islam Law has intensified the Islamization of Austria.

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00:00   We lead you fully-informed through this Monday evening.
00:04   Welcome back to the Top News Show at
00:07   The Green uncoverer Peter Pilz struck again. For weeks now he has been keeping the country
00:11   in suspense with his investigations into the activities of the Turkish secret service,
00:15   and societies closely associated with Turkish President Erdogan.
00:21   And now Pilz reveals to the daily newspaper Österreich:
00:25   Via 65 mosques, Erdogan spies on his political opponents in Austria.
00:30   Hundreds of Turks and Austro-Turks were allegedly doing systematic surveillance
00:34   for months in Austria. In doing so, they were reporting regime critics to Ankara.
00:38   Now it has become apparent that the pivotal points of
00:41   the Ankara-operated spying, of all places, are mosques.
00:44   65 places of worship of the Austrian Turkish-Islamic Union [ATIB] are central in this.
00:49   This largest Islamic organization in Austria operates 13 Mosques in Vorarlberg, 12 in Tyrol,
00:54   11 in Lower Austria, 10 in Upper Austria. Only in Burgenland is there now not a single one.
00:59   The Greens’ security spokesman Peter Pilz repeatedly demanded that this organization be dismantled.
01:04   His reasoning: the purpose of the organization can hardly be to spy on compatriots.
01:09   Back in February he warned of Erdogan’s new European strategy.
01:12   It is the bridgeheads strategy. Bridgeheads strategy means:
01:18   We view the ethnic Turkish citizens of European Union states as tools for our policies,
01:28   and try to instrumentalize them, through party-affiliated organizations.
01:34   The same allegedly applies to the organization Union of European-Turkish Democrats [UETD].
01:38   In 2014 they brought Recep Tayyip Erdogan and others to Vienna for an election rally.
01:42   Unperturbed, the Erdogan referendum runs at full blast in Austria.
01:47   For a week now a total of 108,500 Turkish citizens
01:51   have been able to cast their votes in the consulates of Vienna, Bregenz and Salzburg.
01:54   Erdogan vehemently campaigns for a “Yes”, by which he hopes to expand his power.
01:59   They can cast their votes for one more week. Until then, everything is open.
02:04   And on this topic, I welcome the economist Dr. Christian Zeitz. Welcome. —Good evening.
02:11   What we have just heard is incredible. 65 mosques in Austria are affected.
02:16   How far does the surveillance go?
02:19   This is nothing new. It has been going on for years.
02:22   These are mosques that belong to the association, or umbrella organization, ATIB.
02:27   ATIB is directly subordinate to the Turkish office for religion Diyanet.
02:31   Diyanet, and this is somewhat contradictory, was founded back under Kemalism [i.e. secular nationalism]
02:35   as an institution to control the rank growth of Islam in Turkey.
02:39   For example, Friday prayers were harmonized and dictated by the authorities.
02:46   Currently it has become its opposite, and Diyanet is an instrument of increased Islamization,
02:51   and of the implanting of fundamentalist Islam, and is being operated by Erdogan in such a manner.
02:56   These 65 mosque societies that are organized under Diyanet
03:00   are also connected with a large three-digit number of other organizations,
03:04   culture societies, social clubs, sports clubs.
03:07   They are under this umbrella organization, and they are
03:11   connected to the Islamic Faith Community in Austria in several regards.
03:15   Firstly, personnel-wise: the relatively new president of the Islamic Faith Community in Austria,
03:22   Ibrahim Olgun, is an ATIB man and a former Diyanet staffer in Turkey.
03:29   And the Diyanet organization, which is very very strong in Turkey,
03:33   has 120,000 employees all across Europe.
03:37   Their budget is approximately €6 million.
03:41   It has, in each European country where there are Turkish migrants,
03:47   established subsidiaries with several secondary societies,
03:50   that cooperate with the Turkish intelligence service MIT,
03:55   so that people are traced and monitored in their activities.
03:59   So the financial question was already answered when you asked which budget is available.
04:05   How large a threat is this? Where do you see specific dangers in this?
04:11   I would say that it is a relatively normal procedure, of course, if you want to put it like that,
04:16   that large states maintain well-functioning intelligence services.
04:20   So Turkey does that too, of course, and uses this network
04:23   of the ATIB in Austria, and the DITIB, the sister organization in Germany.
04:29   What is truly fatal is the fact that by this,
04:33   a rampant deepening of the Islamization in Austria is occurring.
04:36   There is the issue of monitoring, in the sense of simply spying,
04:42   on members, and reporting dissent directly to Ankara,
04:47   so that they have got the information about unreasonable citizens.
04:51   The other approach is to try increasingly —
04:55   by the building of mosques and different prayer institutions —
04:59   to lead people in their daily lives into a deeper form of Islam.
05:05   Do Christian values get lost over this? Too lost? —Of course they get lost.
05:09   Islamization is a process where the world of symbols is changed to be Islamic,
05:13   the appearance of people, and also halal-ification is continuously taking place.
05:18   The unpleasant thing is — the fact that Erdogan is pursuing this is not a surprise;
05:23   we know that it is his plan, and he has admitted openly what his plans are.
05:27   What is unpleasant is that the Austrian Federal government has known —
05:30   or should have known — this for years.
05:33   The political elite, the Federal government, the responsible ministers are to be blamed
05:39   that the Islam Law — they were warned to construct it in a good way, and it was constructed badly —
05:45   did not help slowing down the proliferation, and the proliferation of mosques —
05:49   How should the government intervene? —The government must do the opposite of its current practice.
05:54   Currently, the way it works is that they say, based on the “Islam Law”,
05:57   particularly paragraph 6 which talks about the societies,
06:02   there are not only Turkish societies operating Mosques,
06:05   but also for example 23 Bosnian societies,
06:08   and smaller societies operating Chechen mosques, Pakistani mosques, Afghan mosques, all sorts.
06:13   In total, we have about 480 mosques in Austria,
06:16   and it is basically illegal that they are being run as societies,
06:20   the government was using auxiliary crutches there, and calls
06:23   ATIB or the Bosnian Mosque Complex religious enterprises.
06:29   This is in fact legally a very complex religious-legal subject matter.
06:33   It is a fact that the government knows what is going on there,
06:36   and that the proliferation of mosques, and the influence of foreign institutions
06:40   on Islamic affairs in Austria was not scotched.
06:44   The Islam Law even intensified it. It was issued in 2015;
06:49   there were a number of people sounding the alarm; I too warned that the
06:52   legal implementation was very bad, and now we have the consequences.
06:55   We are at the end of our time. To summarize, one may say
06:58   that you favor the termination of these societies?
07:01   It is not that easy. One would have to
07:04   inscribe into law that within the framework of associations, firstly,
07:08   one may not hold religious services, and not an Islamic religious service either.
07:11   This is a question of changing the law for associations. And
07:14   one would have to see to it that ultimately there will be a change
07:19   and an innovation regarding the Islam law, amounting to
07:22   stopping foreign influence, and the proliferation of mosques.
07:25   Dr. Zeitz, thank you for visiting us in the studio. —A pleasure.
07:29   We change to domestic policies, and have prepared a poll for you.

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  1. Christian Zeitz has been an incisive and indefatigable critic of subversive Muslims and their leftist advance guard for a long time, knows them intimately, and knows whereof he speaks.

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