Marine Le Pen on Muslim Street Prayers

Below is a message from Marine Le Pen to French voters about the growing numbers (multitudes) of culture-enrichers in the streets with their, er, derrières elevated towards the sky.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Voilà France of Monsieur Macron and Monsieur Fillon!
00:08   Voilà the result of ten years of laxity when nothing was done to fight
00:12   communitarianism. Worse: communitarianism was maintained, almost encouraged,
00:16   by national politicians, while declined at the local level: totally insane.
00:20   The street prayers that now take place every week in Clichy,
00:24   the Paris quarter, are of course shocking to the inhabitants. I already denounced
00:28   years ago the generalized indifference, and I repeat it strongly today:
00:33   Streets are public spaces, where religion shouldn’t be expressed.
00:37   I respect all religions and all beliefs. I think that faith, no matter
00:41   which one, eminently deserves respect, but that it is a personal measure
00:45   that one has in one’s heart and that one expresses, that one shares in a temple when
00:49   practising [his religion]. But there’s no justification for tolerating those proselytizing displays
00:53   in the public space. We know very well that those inacceptable drifts
00:57   are the hotbeds of the radicalization. [We know]
01:01   that when authorizing this type of manifestation, the public authority is initiating a move that is
01:05   no longer strictly religious, but that is ideological, political and that
01:09   clearly goes against national unity. Even worse: this communitarian reflex
01:14   has terrible consequences for the radicalization and the indoctrination of “youths”,
01:18   who are encouraged to cultivate an unacceptable form of rejection of secularism
01:22   that is the essential principle of our Republic, and who are even encouraged to
01:26   nurture a true hatred for France. So we could deliberate ad infinitum on the responsibility
01:30   of this or that municipality for the conditions and results of this situation,
01:34   but it’s not the point: it’s appropriate now to send an extremely strong answer
01:38   and apply some basic principles that I remind you of in my presidential promises.
01:42   In any case society doesn’t have to finance the construction
01:46   of temples [mosques]. It’s the responsibility of the faithful and
01:50   and, of course of those for whom it is their religion. The funding
01:54   cannot of course be coming from foreign powers either, since we know fairly well
01:58   that they might be trying — through such means — to propagate an ideology in France contrary to
02:03   our Republic. I don’t want clientelist practices
02:07   to develop in France from which some municipalities would try to buy votes
02:11   by — unacceptably — bypassing the 1905 law
02:15   that defined secularity in France and clearly organized
02:19   the relationship between public power and religion. Finally, I would like to directly
02:23   address my Muslim compatriots: to tell them that I am on the side of the huge majority
02:27   of them, who live their faith and their religion in a totally peaceful way
02:31   with respect to republican rules, and who are the first to be shocked by the
02:35   tendencies I am denouncing. Because it is they who are the first victims
02:39   of the deplorable image that is driven by this hijacking of religion
02:43   that my Muslim compatriots, and the rest of the nation — believers or not —
02:47   need to know that I am going to lead, as the head of state, a strict policy
02:52   concerning that subject, deeply anchored in a respect for the rules of secularism
02:56   in order for us all, together, united as French people, to be able simultaneously to
03:00   protect religious freedom and the non-impingement of religions on the public space.

19 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen on Muslim Street Prayers

    • As an Orthodox Christian, I find French laicité unacceptable and as repressive as sharia regarding public religious procession. The official stance on religion has paved the way for moslem takeover of public space because the tacit majoritarian Catholicism of Frenchmen does not motivate strong religious faith in the younger generation. Removal of public demonstration of Christian faith has effectively curtailed the Church’s outreach and eliminated public participation.
      Meanwhile moslems who do not enjoy majority status use their public acts of devotion as ‘protests’ against the secularism to which all the Christians accede.
      I fear that M. Houellebeque’s novel ‘Soumission’ may prove prophetic as Catholic France rolls over to a small and weak minority whose demands for special, supremacist status will win them a dominant position eventually.
      France doesn’t need a Marine Le Pen. France needs Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.

      • The miracle you are calling for ain’t gonna happen. Marine is your only and last chance. And by all indications a chance coming too late. Let’s face the reality.

      • He sent Joan de Arc and they burned her at the stake. He sent Marine Le Pen and they (God forbid) elect Macron…

        Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

        • Moon. A very observant point! But we must remember that it was those in league with the English who had Joan of Arc put to death – and for so very obvious political reasons. And as with the death of Christ the Saviour of Mankind, it was an outside agency that had the Saviour of France eliminated.

          But, I have to disagree with your ‘stupid’ because those in charge soon cover their own agenda against those who would question them.

          Perhaps that ‘outside agency’ and it has been with us for a long, long time, needs to be explored in more detail?

  1. If elected, Le Pen has a HUGE job ahead of her in clearing out the Islamic infestation that has been allowed, and in some parts encouraged, to undermine the French Republic.

    If she is not elected then France is finished as a secular republic.

  2. So … it is gonna take nothing less than Le pen to restore Laïcité – that basic French concept of separation of state and religions(s), kind of a derivative of our 1st Amendment.

    It is very, very sad that we see demise of this principle, whereby a gradual deterioration of the mechanisms of secularism is ushering a destruction of Europe of free speech, democracy and – yes, ironically and even Kafkaesquely – human rights as well.

    I still do believe in you, Marianne.

    • Without Christianity in Europe, there will soon be no such thing as Human Rights. Look at the Nazi, Bolshevik, Maoist, Shiite and Wahhabi examples of societies where Christ is banned. I do not want to live in those worlds.

  3. In UK the government are now encouraging conversions to Islam and telling women they should adopt more respectable clothing. Under full sharai kuffars are only allowed certain clothing.A pal who was in UK “Intelligence” informed me that the Lancaster Plan to islamise UK was indeed real. This was agreed through Tony Blair in return for Arab money.

  4. “I respect all religions and all beliefs. I think that faith, no matter which one, eminently deserves respect”

    I hope she’s lying to not rock the PC boat to much. Any woman who respects a misogynist ideology is either ignorant or brain-washed.

    • Yes, those words of hers shocked me.
      Re The Lancaster Plan; why do people insist on presenting any plans which glorify islam or present it to be in any way superior? I wonder what they’re smoking.

      Surely, anyone with enough sense to come in out of the rain could see islam for what it is; a degrading, backward, bullying cult set up so some dirty old men could assume some power and live out their sexual fantasies. The ultimate ‘Old Boys’ Club’.

    • The current state of anarchy within the large cities of France deserves notice from any one who values their country and wishes to be President of it.

      Talking big about how to deal with the Muslim problem will not gain her any more votes that what those who have chosen her will giver to her, in fact, it could have the reverse effect because voting in France is not compulsory.

      Le Pen is not stupid, she knows that and that is why she says what she says.

  5. Two things could happen, a restoration of the church where all humans are welcomed and encouraged to build faith in God, and to build the faith in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Forget about who was muslim in the past, who isn’t white, who isn’t rich… Or there can be world war 3. If you believe in the cyclic nature of civilization and the ruin of the church that leaves only option 2.

    • If you consider yourself a Christian and posses a Bible, then that is all you need in life – forget the Roman Church.

      Organized religion that is controlled by Man has been our downfall. Look to what Christ has taught us, and not what the Church tells you to believe.

  6. Notice the extraordinary vulnerability of the supremacists. They are packed together, cheek by jowl, and their gatherings occur periodically with clockwork predictability. It appears that they are most at risk as their foreheads approach the ground. Should be a guerrilla’s dream come true. Potential for huge combat success ratios of 20 to 1, or better. The only missing requirements are the courage, the vision, the will, and the guerrillas. Marine Le Pen, however, speaks like a collaborationist who would call in the Foreign Legion to protect the Islamic supremacists.

    • You forget the obvious problem that a 20% Islamic population within France would tend to present if what you believe should be uttered is spoken aloud by someone who wishes to be in a future position to do what you would like her to do, but shows restraint from uttering such things because she is so very aware of that problem.

      You also do not take into account, that within Islam there are many who yearn to be apart from such a repressive system and are just waiting for any government that can willingly accommodate those aspirations.

      If you are French and are willing to vote, I pray that you take the above into consideration.

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