29 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: What is at Stake in This Election

  1. See JC Junkers meltdown (drunk before noon again…) at the EU Citidel of Corruption today if you French need reminding why you vote Natiinal Front.

  2. That is a good poster but it has the wrong combatants pictured. It won’t be the English the French will be taking on.

    • It may be other European countries, though. They’re so eager to rush headlong into suicide and want to drag other countries down with them!

  3. I like it. Before Trump was elected I told a friend that the election was not republican versus Democrat, but global socialists versus national populists. Now it is all too obvious that the global socialists hate Western nations and their citizenry. This is a war for liberty and all patriots are called to enlist.

    • it is a bit more complicated

      the divide is between

      1) freedom and state-installed tyranny
      2) archaics and progress
      3) low and high IQ


      the EU was an attempt to establish high-IQ oriented, progressive tyranny

      North Korea is high-IQ archaic tyranny

      Islamic State is low-IQ archaic tyranny

      Japan is high-IQ mostly progressive/free country

      Ivory Cost, Sierra Leone and Liberia are low-IQ archaic free-for-all

      Putin’s Russia is mixed high-low IQ archaic tyranny

      China is high-IQ oriented society evolving (mid-way) from archaic tyranny to being free progressive

      Britain (Sweden, Germany) are evolving from high-IQ free progressive to low-IQ archaic something

      • As a survival tool, IQ is highly over-rated. For some careers it is necessary but not sufficient. High intelligence without concomitant curiosity, industry, and a willingness to work hard is useless.

        • well, the whole issue isn’t survival per se but the mode of survival.

          what you listed is actually leaning more to being “progressive” (Kantian, – self-improving, trustful, empathic) as opposite to being “archaic” (lazy, self-centered, nihilistic, cruel).

          barbaric, low-IQ tribes may survive and even prevail because of numbers, cruelty, and weakness of opposing side.

          but, somewhre, it was a hypothesis that in order to have functioning state institutions of the modern type, society should be over some IQ threshold, and if below, it is dysfunctional.
          that sounds realistic.

          so, IQ is rather a structure/hierarchy-shaping agent among vehicles of survival, and a pre-requisite in some cases. I believe it is very important.

        • In the West, there is a lot to be said for emotional intelligence and street smarts. There are plenty of folks out there making six or seven figures with average IQs and no credentials beyond a high school diploma.

          • yes – one of things to be fixed in the West.

            however, this is exactly a place where a bit of tolerance and understanding won’t be excessive.

            sometimes human beings have symbolic significance irrespective IQ, just by the mere fact of existense.
            I don’t know how intelligent Kristen Stewart really is but it’s my strong opinion, that she’s absolute treasure. 🙂

        • I agree Dymphna comment with regard the often over-rated IQ. I noted China may have some high IQ people, but their people tend to be extremely exploitative, abusive and lazy in so-called menial jobs. I think it is bad for Western societies to import so many of those nonwhite Asiatics, regardless whether they are Islamics or not to Western societies.

          Western societies is still the best with various types of high IQ people working in all sorts of jobs and industry providing more high quality results.

    • Nationalist and populist are both semi-pejoratives placed upon patriots by globalists and socialists.

      Stick with patriots, use national patriot if you must.

  4. There’s a fantastic monument in Chinon, France of Joan of Arc riding a charger. Awe inspiring.

    • I believe we should embrace Patriotic art. It resonates with people. It must be effective, as it has been so popular with so many regimes through history. Popular with the Nazis, Soviets and Western democracies, it has no political boundaries. It can mobilize people. “Rosie the Riveter” comes to mind as well as Norman Rockwell paintings. I’m sure GOV readers can think of many other examples.
      It fits well with ” Make America Great Again”.

  5. Like Jeanne d’Arc, Marine Le Pen is a true heroine of France. Vivre Marine Le Pen! Vivre la France!

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