Culture-Enriching Lunacy With a Hammer

More madness yesterday in Hamburg. Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this report from Die Welt:

Hamburg hammer attack: smashes cyclist on the head

March 24, 2017

Shock for a cyclist in the Bergedorf district of Hamburg: Friday morning, the 59-year-old was attacked by a man who may have been mentally ill.

Friday morning, 7 o’clock: A 59 year old is cycling down the Curslacker Neuer Deich street towards Bergedorf, when suddenly a man approaches him. According to Hamburg Police, this man, a 31-year-old Afghan, briefly addressed the man — and then unexpectedly smashed a hammer against his head.

But the cyclist was able to flee and notify police. The investigators found the alleged attacker in his apartment. The trail of blood led the officers there. The man was arrested, and the suspected weapon was discovered under a kitchen cabinet in the apartment and secured. Additionally, the clothes of the 31-year-old were blood-stained, and moreover the cyclist’s description of the attacker fit him.

“The suspect is possibly suffering from a mental illness,” a police spokeswoman says. The injured cyclist was taken to the hospital, but since then was able to be discharged. The Afghan will be arraigned to the committing magistrate. Investigations are ongoing.

18 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Lunacy With a Hammer

  1. I suppose being muslim qualifies as a mental illness; now they all just need to be rounded up and locked away in the looney bin before they act out their insanity further.

  2. So, I wonder what would happen in the Afghan culture if someone hauled off and smashed a passer-by in the head with a hammer?

    I guess the result would depend on the family connections of the victim. Since most people in Afghanistan are members of a tribe, my guess is that the sun wouldn’t set before there was a reaction to the aggression, probably not to the liking of the perp. In fact, the perp would probably be dead post haste, with very little ado.

    These societies are ordered on strong lines of tribal authority. Acts are determined not by what we think of as conscience, but by the very real likelihood of immediate and total retribution. So, we import masses of people who act according to the concrete possibility of immediate physical punishment, and expect them to switch to a conscience-based morality.

    So, from the Afghan’s perspective, why not act out? He gets a bit frustrated or angry, or just sore in the morning, so he grabs a hammer and smashes the nearest infidel. What’s the downside? He may have to appear in front of a guy in robes speaking incomprehensible glop, but ultimately, he gets put back on the street. Or, he may be housed for awhile in a facility with beds, food, and fellow Muslims and imams telling him how superior he is. But, again, in not too long a time, he’ll be out on the street.

    • Honestly, I think you nailed it. I read about these attacks and wonder how could a human commit these crimes, trying to make some sense out of the senseless. It really is forcing two civilizations with opposing philosophies together… and at lightening speed. How could that be successful?

  3. Well, we knew he would be mentally ill, surely one of the qualifications needed to join the religion of peace.

  4. Why do “authorities” immediately propose that a perpetrator is “probably mentally
    ill” in these crimes? I suppose that someone screaming, “Allahu Akbar” is a sign of
    mental illness.

    Merkel and U.S. Dhimmicrats very transparently want VOTES first, last & always as
    they cower behind high walls in gated compounds guarded by armed bodyguards.
    Such hypocrites. Delusional hypocrites at that. Walls can be scaled and armed guards
    can skip out in order to guard their own families.

  5. I know mentally ill people sometimes wander off and get lost, but… getting from Afghanistan all the way to Germany, that must’ve been one hell of a psychotic episode. Let’s hope German authorities will do their best to return him home safely.

  6. Muslims are quietly killing Europeans, while being treated as “mentally ill” by the authorities. It has never been so easy to annihilate people. If it were not for the help of the authorities, what would be Islamic Jihad?

  7. Cycling is innately dangerous and the responsibility for averting the risk of head injuries falls upon the peddling Kraut, not the conscientious workman testing his tools.

    The humble Afghani is another victim of the Islam-o-phobia that typifies Europe today and demonstrates the need to replace that pagan Golden Rule nonsense with the order and simplicity of the Reliance of the Traveler in divine repudiation.

    Really, this should be obvious to everyone.

  8. I think it’s time the real mentally ill people rose up in protest at this slander.

    • It is. I don’t buy any of this. Until as recently as only one year ago, I used to think that “mental illness” that would cause someone to attack others was extremely rare.

  9. I can’t recall where I saw the news clip of Syrians who stayed, contemptuously bidding the ones who left, “Good Riddance!” The ones who turned their backs on their people expended all that energy to reach Europe yet they wouldn’t fight for their own country, either because they are cowards or traitors.

    However, I do think that many of the people who answered Chancellor’s Merkel sick siren call are mentally ill or criminals in whatever country they come from. Why not start anew if you’re on a police watch?

    But the Germans have a lot to answer for, too. They should’ve put a stop to their ill chancellor’s decision a minute after she issued it, and certainly not allowed their country to descend into rape fests and Christmas market massacres.

    Please, anyone, take the chancellor to a neurologist who specializes in young-onset dementia.

    • If you explain to me: How should we do it?

      And if you are from the US:
      Have you forgotten JCS 1067: The militarism (willingness to use violence) has to be removed from the Germans.
      We were subjected to the Frankfurt School and the 68 Generation.

      You US People are not better than we Germans in this regard.
      The traitor Lady (Jane Fonda) is collecting praises, the cops who like to throw flash-bang grenades into baby cribs are running around, civil forfeiture is a big income for US LEOs (and you can have back only a small amount if you beg and grovel at the LEOs feet), – just to name a few things. (Yes, I read US News and remember these things).

      You do not act either.

      But I can understand you.

      In Nuremberg, we were told: “I am just following orders” is no excuse. And Count Stauffenberg, the greatest German hero, not only broke his oath but also acted against orders and tried to blow up Hitler (Yes, I know, what was the name of the law? Invoke Hitler’s name and you lost the argument – Godwin or so).
      But if you look at the Germans today, they are more 3rd Reich (in regard to obeying orders) than their counterparts.

      During the 3rd Reich, Hitler said that his famous SS Divisions had failed him. They reacted by sending all their honors in a chamberpot to the Wolfsschanze. Nothing happened.

      A few years back the secretary of Inner affairs for Bavaria, Mr Beckstein, admitted that he did things against the right wing that were not allowed by the Constitution. The judges said: “You evil Boy. Do not do it again.” and that was it.

      No member of the Police, no judges, no lawyers, no-one disobeyed him. They all banged their heels, screamed: “We follow you.” and disregarded the Constitution. Not one had the guts of a Stauffenberg.

      • Mr. Lund:

        Thank you for your response, Sir.

        No, we haven’t forgotten your references. And yes, we have committed untold atrocities. I weep when I think about what our government has done in our name.

        Most recently, “We came. We saw. He died, ” from a cackling sociopath Clinton, relishing the gruesome murder of Prime Minister Gaddafi, whose death plunged a country into chaos.

        Sir, I don’t know if there is some mechanism that can be employed should Germans declare the chancellor is unwell. People here on this site would know, as well as your countrymen. However, if there is no panic button – impeachment – then you must bide your time until the next election then work to make sure you never have to deal again with chaos, only bird calls, double rainbows, and the simple, beautiful life of contentment. Isn’t that all we ask for?

  10. “[A] 31-year-old Afghan, briefly addressed the man — and then unexpectedly smashed a hammer against his [the bicyclist’s] head. But the cyclist was able to flee and notify police. The investigators found the alleged attacker in his apartment. The trail of blood led the officers there.”

    How far was it from the bloody head-smashing to the Afghan’s apartment? How much bicyclist blood was needed to leave a followable trail of blood over that distance? Why was the Afghan carrying a hammer around? He is probably a social justice warrior, striving to hammer out love between his brothers and his sisters.

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