Paul Weston on the Westminster jihad attack: “Our politicians are on their knees before Islam”

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

21 thoughts on “Paul Weston on the Westminster jihad attack: “Our politicians are on their knees before Islam”

  1. Good to see a video from you Paul, and the point that this attack is by no means even the biggest issue is correct. We, the orientated in Britain know this, we, in the main, have researched and gone to great lengths to inform our compatriots in constructive and articulate ways. The problem is, and it hurts to admit it, is that at least half of our compatriots are in the way of solving the problem. We know the elite, media etc are so bad as to pretty much be on Allah’s side. Added to this is the fact that a whopping 48% in the EU referendum voted to remain. And out of this 48% I would guess at least 85-90% are inveterate liberal/left who see Islamisation as a positive. I reason, and regrettably, not much over half of our people are probably worth saving. We really need to destroy the hard-left. We need to get back on the street and employ street protest in not too regular but not too infrequent instances. (One demo a month) We need to make our capital city the site of monthly rallies against what is happening. We need to make a movement that the elites will be scared of. The blue touch paper needs to be lit, with energies harnessed sensibly and constructively we can make London a hub for counter-jihad activity, but we must be steadfast, time is running out…

    • The majority of Remain voters are likely of the “Don’t rock the boat/Better the Devil you know” type.

      There are likely no more than 2 mil well-off, middle-class, cultural Marxist, mostly London Bubble-scum in the UK. The readership of the Guardian, for example, is south of 200,000.

      And young morons being indoctrinated by the schools/Unis/BBC are a problem that can be solved by closing such institutions where necs and/or purging out all leftists via the sack.

    • Hi,

      I’m one of the 48% & clearly, in your view, not worth saving. Now, while I have no issue with those who having considered the pros & cons of continued EU membership & voted to leave in the referendum, I am more than ever convinced that, having listened to the views of those interviewed following the vote, who clearly bothered for once in their lives to get off their [backsides] & go out & vote, have very little of substance between the ears. As a result I am thinking of starting a campaign to demand a law that requires everyone to pass an intelligence test before being entitled to vote.

  2. We must experience a significant lose that will shake our family out of its dream so that the need to become viral with unstated justification of action will automatically free the member to radically move against the enemy. A great sense of freedom without verbal defense will catapult one into a long awaited action. It will be! And that may not be far away! God help us all.

    • The latest jihadi will burn in hell for eternity, and no non-Muslim will shed a tear over that. But if he had been successful, and had perhaps done to the traitoress May what had been done to the unarmed off-duty British soldier Lee Rigby, then perhaps some of our politicians might have had a ‘light bulb’ moment.

      The sight of the PM having their head sawed off with a bread knife while the ‘lone wolf international terrorist’ sang out the takbir might, just might, have given one or two of them pause.

      However, that did not happen, so as usual, the political elites are all singing the same tune. It’s got NTDWI, if only we are all ‘tolerant’ those nasty people will start to like us, and not, you know, behead us or stab us to death whenever they blow a fuse.

      I do wish they’d change the record …

  3. Thank you Paul Weston.

    I refuse to believe this is all due to political correctness and multicultural insanity. It boggles the mind to think that rational and intellectual men and women in governmental could be so out of touch with reality that they think their actions would be perceived by the public as serving the commonwealth and be seen as good and virtuous. Their words and actions make it appear that their real motivations are being intentionally covered up.

    Consider these other theories: A) The leaders of the UK and other european global elite are allowing this invasion to occur in the west to reach a boiling point in culture. When this point is reached (and its going to get worse), the global war against Islam will occur. This will be a global civil war as in WWWIII. It will not be limited against “terrorism” but against Islam as a fundamentalist religion. It will be like a light switch was turned on or the global elite leaders have turned 180 degrees instantly. This war will become the centerpiece of the globalists and will empower the nations armies and police to come to action. But this war will eventually be turned against Christians, for fundamentalism is what the global elite hate and they want to eradicate all forms of fundamentalism in the world that would interfere with their global new age plans.

    B) The leaders of Britian and other european elite have been blackmailed with muslim threats against them and their families. They are being forced to appease and use the power of government against patriots. They control the levers and they know that conservatives do not have the armed capacity for real resistance…they are taking a big gamble. They know that ultimately their Europe will fall, but this will be in another generation or two and they will survive it by behaving as “useful dhimmis” and live with armed protection and will leave when the time comes.

    • Theory A, my friend. You can see the groundwork for that being laid even now.

      We should all remember that these elitists are not stupid people, not by a long shot. They can read as well as anyone, and the koran says what it says, history books say what they say, and Islam is what it is – what it has always been. They know all that.

      If they believed in the truth claims made by the Islam religion, they would all convert. But they don’t convert – because Islam means nothing to them at the end of the day. They’re using what Islam is for their own ends.

      Of course the fact that Christianity is in the firing line now, at the hands of the jihadis, as they intend it to be later, at their own hands, is an added bonus to these elitists.

    • I say Theory A but without any superfluous intermediate step of a diversionary war with Islam. Nor is there a narrow dislike of religious fundamentalists of one kind or another.

      No. It’s pure disdain for anything with roots in the past and that does not spring from the fevered brain of posh people. Hatred for anything that derives from custom, tradition, nationalism, or religion. Pure reckless hatred with absolutely zero lessons learned from the last century and the slaughter and pain caused by out-of-control wise people who picked moronic utopian nostrums out of the air and fielded armies of secret police, prison guards, and executioners.

      A liberal friend observed that the position of women was horrible in 1950s America. Why? Because they couldn’t apply for credit without the cooperation of their husbands. Women in the Islam world were having their private parts sliced off with rusty, unclean razor blades and kitchen knives then too but, by golly, limited access to credit was what made womens’ lives in 1950s America a living hell.

      That there’s the difference between having a T-bone steak for dinner and skunk fricassee retrieved from four days in the trash barrel. There’s a very real difference but there are millions of people who can’t make a similar distinction in the political, social, and cultural realms.

  4. It is truly demoralizing to see witless, spineless appeasement politics so brazenly practiced. For decades we were taught to believe evil Germany was destroying Europe piecemeal by claiming return of Czech territories that had been inhabited by Sudetenland Germans for centuries. Now we see official approval of the none-dare-call-it-evil Islam destruction of Britain piecemeal, a land which had been inhabited by Britons for thousands of years.
    What, no media coverage of appeasement – no pictures of Theresa May holding a fluttering piece of paper and promising peace in our time?

    I frankly am stunned by the strategic stupidity displayed. The muslims have taken the British capital city without a shot being fired, except for perhaps by the overwhelmed London police on occasion. This capture of London can mean only one thing in classic strategy: the war has been won by the invaders.
    This is all tragi-comedy, of course. It is too unfunny to be comedy and too low to be tragedy, and too huge to be farce. This kind of national behavior is the new norm for the 21st century Western powers, I fear. The rest of the world and most specifically the Islamic world are safely lodged in the Middle Ages.


  5. To those who claim that a terror attack is not Islamic; ask them the hypothetical question of what would make a terror attack Islamic. To claim that an attack is not Islamic, one must know what would have made it Islamic.

    The answer is none.

    They have no methodology to determine whether an attack is religiously motivated or not. They are simply committed to their position a priori that Islam is peaceful and innocent. Note that they have no such problem with Christianity (a “White” religion).

  6. ” as long as we ignore the horrible things everything will be all right..”

    That pretty much sums up the message politicians of Western nations (except maybe Trump) are telling their people. It’s all they have got.

  7. Nice to see Mr Weston make another video. Not as passionate as some I’ve seen,
    which of course describe the exact same thing over & over. Muslims.
    Glad he described the cowardice of T May & the idiotic statements of the
    Police Chief about backlash. He didn’t forget London’s mayor ..
    I cannot conceive of how long this is all going to go on ..

  8. It’s a good think I’m just a lowly citizen without any power.
    Because if I were:
    I’d start the round-up of all Islam’s followers back to their native lands, even if it meant going back several generations to find where parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were born.
    All mosques would be burned to the ground.
    And if these followers balked, I’d bomb the c**p out of both Medina and Mecca.
    And if they still didn’t get the message I’d start on major cities of the OIC friends.

    My patience with the left which allows this lunacy is at an end.
    Next — I’d come for them too.
    And begin the firing of all leftist/seditionist professors.
    And that’s just a beginning.

    Like I say: it’s a good thing I have no power.

    And I wouldn’t stop until not one follower remained in the West.

    • Well Harriet, I acknowledge your frustration. But I don’t think that it’s necessary to do all that. All we need is to have leaders who stand up for freedom of speech and encourage its practice so that Islamic doctrines and teachings are criticized round the clock, 24/7, not by politicians but by everyone else in the land. All day, every day of the week. Real, actual freedom of speech – Islam will soon be exposed for what it is if that one step would be taken. Here in our countries, anyway.

      And if the poor Mohammedans can’t stand to hear their benighted beliefs criticized, and don’t get permission to have any indoctrination centres built, and have those same indoctrination centres raided every day of every week to prevent actual hate speech – they’d soon get fed up of that [and go] back to the desert.

      And I basically couldn’t care less what Islamic wingnuts do in their own countries; if they want to walk in circles around a creosoted shed in the middle of the desert with a stone in it, good luck to them. That’s idol worship of the worst sort, but it’s the people who engage in that practice who’ll burn in hell for that, so let them get on with it, I say.

      • Any exposition which begins by asserting All we need is to have [insert impossible dream here] and ends with That’s idol worship of the worst sort [as if there were “idol worship” of the “best sort”] must surely be written by one of Don Quixote’s descendants.

    • I am sure you will enjoy Nelson Demille’ s novel ” operation wildfire”. A good read full of suspense and a politically totally incorrect investigator, John Corey, who ten years ago talked back to his superior who claimed international religious terrorism and Corey asked: who, buddhists, jehovas witnesses gone mad,tibetan monks?Enjoy.

  9. HarrietHT,
    I am TOTALLY with you on everything — if we only had the power.

    What particularly disgusts me is the western “leaders” who have not an ounce of brain or will to protect THEIR people.

    Baron, thank you for keeping us informed.

  10. Moslem terrorism? [cough]
    When the Aztec or Canaanite or whomever were murdering their [cough] willing followers, nobody thought to call it terrorism. It is and was [choke] religious practice.

    The state, by refusing to take sides in religious matters, had asserted the position of Pontius Pilate. Power becomes the sole indispensable thing. Religion is interchangeable if it’s necessary at all.

    “…this is the liberal death wish, holding out the fallacious and ultimately destructive hope that we can construct a happy, fulfilled life in terms of our physical and material needs, and in the moral and intellectual dimensions of our mortality.” Malcom Muggeridge Imprimis, the monthly journal of Hillsdale College. May 1979, Vol 8, No. 5.

    “Beyond all things, the works of the German moralists gave me great delight; not from any ill -advised admiration of their eloquent madness, but from the ease with which my rigid thought enabled me to detect their falsities”. from MS. Found in a Bottle, E. A. Poe.

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