A New Police Fortress for Rinkeby

As we reported earlier this month, for a while it seemed that there would be no new police station built in Rinkeby, a notorious culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. The neighborhood was just too dangerous — no contractor was willing to submit a bid. The risk of vandalism and assault would, at the very least, have required armed guards on the site 24/7.

However, in the past two weeks these difficulties have apparently been overcome. A new heavily armored police station will be built, but for their own protection the police officers who work in it may have to be driven to and from the building, rather than take public transportation.

Many thanks to Linda Andersson for translating this article from Fria Tider:

The new police building in Rinkeby

Police officers may get a lift to the new police station in Rinkeby

Published March 21, 2017 at 20:30

DOMESTIC. The new police station in Rinkeby is going to be built after all. But police officers are worried about how the working environment should be in the violent immigrant area. Therefore, they may be offered a lift to the station.

The planned police building in Rinkeby sounds more like a military installation. Bulletproof windows, walls reinforced with sheet metal and fencing around it. This is what it will look like, the newspaper In the Middle of Stockholm reported.

In addition, the building is classified as protected, which means that you can get a year in prison if you so much as photograph it.

According to In the Middle of Stockholm, however, there are problems. Police officers are worried about what the working environment will be like.

Those who will be working in Rinkeby do not want to use public transport and take the subway. It’s too dangerous. One suggestion is secured parking for the private cars of police personnel. Another is that the police will be driven back and forth from work. Local Police Area Manager Niclas Andersson hopes, however, that it will not be needed.

Christoffer Ersenius, the local union president for the police district of Rinkeby, explains that police officers working in the area are easily recognized, and understands their concerns.

Houses on the Rinkeby avenue are planned to be rebuilt as a police station, which is expected to be 6750 square meters (70,000 square feet). The cost of the reconstruction, which the property owner Familjebostäder will cover, is expected to come to SEK 380 million (US $43 million). The police will then pay a rental cost of at least SEK 14 million (US $1.6 million) per year to Familjebostäder. The building, which hopefully will be ready in 2019, will accommodate approximately 250 employees.

“The police are welcome. But we can not wait any longer, not until 2019. Then it’s too late. Check out how it looks here today,” says Rinkeby villager Sudi Khalid to In the Middle of Stockholm.

The operational decision states that threats and vandalism are dangers during construction. It is noted that “security will be needed around the clock during the work.”

18 thoughts on “A New Police Fortress for Rinkeby

  1. Well the police has to do their job and be tough not complain permanently
    They have to build in this areas and they have to become angry white man and women,they have to be cruel and unforgiving.Not girlish.
    I am pretty sure in some years Swedish people will be very adapt in eliminating muslims and controlling the population growth
    I have the feeling that police would learn by fire


    Sweden of course, whose whole government consists of goofy islamophile feminists. At least so they brag.

    In Canada only the President is an islamophile & goofy feminist, or…?

    See the video and deside!

    “Canada Made Absolutely HALAL” by BLACK PIDGEON.


    • Canada’s Liberal governments, from the time of Justin (Shiny Pony) Trudeau’s daddy Pierre, have been throwing Sweden in the faces of Canadians as a role model to emulate: “the Swedes are so FIT (they exercise _outdoors!_, don’tcha know),” and so on and so forth.

      Mainly of course, because it was a socialist welfare state that Canadian Liberals wanted to install in Canada.

      Well, the Canadian Liberals aren’t doing that so much anymore; they’ve achieved the socialist welfare state they wanted, but they don’t mention Sweden anymore … they don’t want Canadians looking too closely at the state of affairs there, esp. on the Muslim immigration front.

  3. I would have thought that the police will stock this station with locals which will also help integrate the local population; they could even combine the station with a camel park and have police mounted on camels.
    I just wonder when Sweden will start importing sand to make the new Swedes feel more at home.

    • ‘Feminist inspection’ is part of the Swedish undercover citizen journalist network, ‘Granskning Sverige’. Here a concerned tax-payer is calling the city council to confirm that the information in the Gothenburg Post about the council importing camels to put Somalis to work, is surely no fake news

      This is one of their news which should go viral in the world to show how insane Swedish political leadership has gone.

      Political correctness in Sweden is almost literally running the country full speed off a cliff. There is daily proof of this such as rampant gender confusion where acknowledging someone according to their gender is considered a sexist insult. Sweden is sliding into a politically correct insane chaos, and it is happening at such a speed that something that would have generally been considered crazy a week ago is today a matter of fact.


  4. A year just for photographing the building?
    That sounds… Saudi-style.

    Wow, that’s like a weird dictatorship.
    People take photos of Israeli defence HQ, and nobody seems to care…

    Sweden is going downhill in every possible way.

    • Skyddsobjekt ‘Protected object
      is the Swedish term for some buildings, structures, fields, and other items according to the Welfare Act 2010: 305, that may need enhanced protection against: sabotage, terrorist offenses according to § 2 Terrorist Act 2003: 148, espionage and disclosure in other cases of secret information, countless defense, and aggravated robbery.The Welfare Act also contains provisions on the protection of the public against the harm that may arise as a result of military operations.

  5. The swedes need to relearn the art of Viking ship building instead of these stupid fortresses, because there ain’t enough concrete in Sweden to keep them safe.

    • Shall they live at sea or simply invade other realms?

      Russia, perhaps. Or Denmark. Since the Norsemen established Dublin in the 900s, perhaps they could set up camps there again. However, since, in some fit of egalitarianism they put women in charge, that probably won’t happen.

  6. 250 employees all being driven to work and back every day? That would be 10,000 euros a day minimum and multiples more if they need armoured cars. The economics & logistics are not sustainable.

  7. In the architect’s picture, the mini figurines on the left look like they’re wearing hijabs! Just strolling around, relaxed and integrated into modern multicultural Sweden. Not a jihad vehicle in sight!

  8. Taking a slightly peripheral point of view, it is apparent that Rinkeby is not by any stretch of the mind, part of traditional Sweden, but occupied territory by foreign invaders in every sense.

    I don’t know if the residents bother to get formal Swedish citizenship, but they probably do for the welfare benefits.

    This means in the next 10 years or so, these invaders will be able to apply legally for immigration status, as Swedish citizens, to any Western country. There will be nothing on paper distinguishing them from a native Swede. The only way to tell will be by appearance, something forbidden by the most basic of political correctness.

    Thus, even if the US managed to throw off the Kennedy immigration act of 1965 and re-institute strict European origins of immigrants, it would still endanger the US. The only real way of maintaining safety would be racial, rather than national, criteria.

  9. “A new heavily armored police station will be built, but for their own protection the police officers who work in it may have to be driven to and from the building, rather than take public transportation”

    just like in iraq…

  10. Are we supposed to believe that today’s Swedes prefer their country now, over what it was like 40-50 years ago?

    I remember the Sweden I knew in the 50’s, you could go anywhere, it was peaceful, beautiful, and safe. Now….
    But that was then, oh, and by the way, that was also England, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria…. Well, you get the picture.

    • You cannot compare England with Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria etc. 95% of England is safe and peaceful unlike Germany etc.
      Yes, there may be problems in Muslim areas which may be 5%, but even then nothing like the “no go” areas of Germany, Sweden and France. You could walk around a no go area, you would not be attacked, just disliked, funny looks etc.

      Too many pundits lump England in with the rest of Europe. Yes, we have had a terror attack last week, the first in a few years. They are not burning cars in the streets, no German style sex attacks, no mass recordable incidents as in Germany so would those here who leave it out and [refrain from speaking] about England being the same as the rest of Europe.

      • In fact, England is in denial just as badly as all the other countries I mentioned. Yes, there are countless small places in England which have as yet not been infested with African and Middle East trash–and I do mean trash, as the entire western world should know by now, but it’s not only the cities; I was very disappointed to see moslems manning one of the booths on market day in Skipton 13 years ago, and several ‘bin-bags’ wandering around.

        While the above statement will read as ‘racist’ by all the multiculti crowd, my point here is to draw attention to the guileless naivete of not only the English, but effectively all the western world. E.g. why are westerners so blind to the modus operandi of the bullying, medieval, murderous cult of islam, which has poisoned 56 countries which have all become islamic?

        Why are westerners seemingly unable to extrapolate what will inevitably happen to their own countries if the status quo continues, why? And why are responsible people who try to alert the citizens so reviled, threatened and ridiculed? (Katie Hopkins comes to mind, but there are many other patriots, while idiots who live in a dream world like a certain author who writes about a teenage wizard so lionized, why?)

        And yes, I’m talking about Merry England, a country I loved, and if the islamic (no Theresa May, NOT islamist!) tide is allowed to come in and spread, just believe me-if you can’t work it out yourself-you are headed for sharia. Your enemy is islam, NOT islamists!

        • For all our British readers, I urge you to read “Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English”. His opening is powerful. His long scene where King William, in 2055, signs over the realm to the Ummah is deeply sad. His princess, Kate, is long dead and he is a lonely widower in a country he no longer recognizes.

          sooo..from 1055 to 2055: was that a thousand-year reign??

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