Over the Wall We Go

A few days ago we posted about a batch of African culture-enrichers who made it over the fence into Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in North Africa. Below is a Spanish TV news video about the same incident. Watch for the index-finger ISIS tawhid signs about 45 seconds in.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article from El Pais, also translated by FouseSquawk, describes the situation in Ceuta:

Some 350 immigrants arrive at Ceuta in the second massive entry in three days

Eleven persons have been transferred to hospital, eight with injuries and three with possible fractures according to Red Cross

Approximately 600 immigrants attempted to enter this Monday at Ceuta; of these 359 were finally accepted onto Spanish territory. The Red Cross has informed us that 11 persons have been attended to in the autonomous city hospital, eight with injuries and three with possible fractures. This is the second mass entry in three days after 498 entered last Friday, of the approximately 900 who attempted.

The entry occurred shortly after 4am this Monday in the area of Finca Berrocal, the same border point at which the immigrants entered Spain last Friday. The Government Delegation states that they did not jump over the fence; rather these people utilized shears and metal clubs to break it. Sources in this institution explain that it concerns a zone of “reduced visibility” that impedes sight of the arrival of the immigrants on the security cameras. The Secretary of the State for Security, Jose Antonio Nieto, last week stated that the use of drones is being evaluated in order to augment security at the border.


00:09   Like him, at least 300 sub-Saharan youths succeeded early this morning in reaching
00:13   the autonomous zone of Ceuta. It was the second
00:17   massive breach of the fence in at least 72 hours.
00:20   They can’t hide their happiness in their language as well as their gratitude.
00:25   One repeats a hundred times, “Viva España”,
00:30   and they run jubilantly through the city.
00:35   Accompanying them are private security personnel trying to lead them in an orderly manner.
00:41   Red Cross ambulances arrived at the barricaded zone,
00:44   and continued to cross in order to offer them first aid.
00:47   Some, like him, with visible wounds, with his hands bloodied with cuts from concertina wire.
00:53   The National Police were also present.
00:56   Now in Spanish territory, they will be taken to
00:59   the State Temporary Housing Center for Immigrants, a center
01:02   that is already at the limit of its official operating capacity,
01:05   with 620 occupants contrasted with its 512 spaces.

14 thoughts on “Over the Wall We Go

  1. These Spanish are such fools. Did they learn nothing from the earlier muslim invasion and many hundreds of years of Reconquista?

    • It is not up to “these Spanish” to take action to stop this one specific example of the general invasion, that is happening at Cueta. It is up to one official. One. One relatively low level local official would have to give the order to the local Spanish police to shoot the invaders. Or to use sufficient force to round up the invaders and expel them from Cueta. So why doesn’t that one official give the order? Because he doesn’t want his life to be ruined. The higher ups in Madrid and the much higher ups in Brussels would make it their highest priority to MAKE AN EXAMPLE of the official who gave the order to repel the invaders. Because, if we know anything, we know that Madrid and certainly Brussels WANTS the invasion. It always comes down to one man in one place who must act. And very few are willing to be destroyed.

      • And again, it goes to the Spanish citizens who elect those officials who make those decisions. They cannot be held blameless in this matter. That, and the fact that the Spanish citizens themselves are agitating for and protesting because they want more invaders in their country and not less! The invaders don’t stay in one country either once they are in the EU, and that is what makes it so maddening; that any country such as Spain and Italy that is allowing these invaders in is putting every EU member at risk.

  2. Just wow. I must admit to being somewhat shocked that the fence really means nothing more than make-work for a bureaucrat’s relative’s fence company. Apparently the only countries in the world allowed to defend/control their borders are oppressive like the Kim Jong regime.

    • Eh, I don’t know about that. It’s not like anyone is trying to get *in* to North Korea (except for black market traders from China who have no trouble crossing back and forth constantly). Most of their border control is geared toward keeping people from leaving and that’s made pretty easy by much of the geography of the peninsula and the severe threat to any family or close friends left behind.

  3. Well, if they are succesful it will send a positive message to others. Turn them back, force will almost probably be necessary. And keep turning them back. Eventually, they will stop. When you train a dog, any behaviour you reward is repeated.

  4. Why exactly don’t they just load them onto a bus and take them outside the fence and let them go there? That would stop it all immediately. EU laws? What laws? These people are not refugees.

  5. When crime gets rewarded, more people will do crime.
    This is an extreme example, people illegally cross the border while destroying government property, and instead of getting few years of hard labor followed by deportation, they get a “humanitarian” welcome that costs more than they have probably earned in their whole lives beforehand.

  6. The EU, undoing civilisation one block at a time.

    Who in their right mind wants to live next to someone who forced their way into your community with clubs?

    What next, they don’t get everything they want so they force their way into your house with clubs?

  7. The citizens of the national political entity called Spain appear to lack the will, or, perhaps, the cohesiveness of a unified people, to defend their nation.

  8. It looks like we have now passed the point of stopping this ongoing invasion. They, these non-refugees, want to come, so they come. And they can. Indeed they can. And are then welcomed and taken care of. Somewhere in Europe, perhaps Germany, they’ll be given lodging, food, spending money, healthcare. Can this make economic sense, even, when population replacement is a fait accompli? I do fear now that the “game” is lost and it’s just a matter of time. It is incredibly stupid and ridiculous to let this happen. A wonderful civilisation, ours, in Europe, thrown to the dogs. Oh, sorry, I forgot the cultural enrichment we’re receiving.

  9. If the Spanish state cannot defend Ceuta they ought to just abandon it. Give the keys to the gates to the Moroccan state and decamp back to Iberia.

  10. They should use high pressure hoses, if they’re afraid to use guns. The hoses will blow them off the fence.

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