CDU, SPD — Same Thing!

The following clip is a little political spoof from German television. To a German audience it may well be hilarious, but to most of the rest of us it will just be mildly amusing.

The point of it is that the SPD (Socialists) and the CDU (Christian Democrats) of the governing coalition have effectively merged their policies. The leaders of the two parties — Sigmar Gabriel of the SPD and Angela Merkel of the CDU — have been digitally inserted into the sketch.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:07   Here’s your party book.
0:12   By the way, that’s not a CDU party book.
0:15   It’s from the SPD.
0:18   Full of flavor, zero content. No calories.
0:21   You see… if you want, you can have everything.
0:25   If you want, then I am not your girlfriend,
0:28   but Sigmar Gabriel, and we’re not in your living room,
0:31   but in the Willi Brandt house, and we
0:34   celebrate our election win, not here, but here,
0:37   and when you get back home, I am not Sigmar Gabriel anymore.
0:40   Try it and you’ll experience the possibilities!
0:43   SPD, real flavor, zero spine, zero calories.

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