A Sunday Brawl in the Park

Gotha is a modest-sized town in the German state of Thuringia. Earlier today Last Sunday a batch of youthful culture-enrichers set upon one another in a park in Gotha and commenced to whalin’ and whangin’ with implements of destruction, inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The following video was taken with a cell phone by a family who happened to be in the park when the “youths” started their hijinks. The mother is recording, and wondering if she should call the police, but the father would prefer to depart and leave the frolicking youngsters to whatever their fate might be.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a brief article about the incident from Thüringen24, also translated by Egri Nök:

#Refugees. Mass fight in Gotha castle park. Police looking for witnesses.

[Photo caption: A group of young men are in a fight in the castle park in Gotha. Photo: Screenshot Facebook]

31.01.2017, 12:56 PM

On Sunday afternoon, there was a mass brawl among refugees in the castle park in Gotha. Several men lit into each other. According to police, there were bodily injuries. As can be seen in a video circulating on the Internet, more than twenty persons beat each other, some of them armed with sticks or similar longer implements. Police currently do not know what sparked the violence.

Police are now looking for witnesses who know more about the incident. The Gotha police can be reached at the phone number (03621) 78 11 24.

Video transcript:

00:12   What are they doing there?
00:15   You think I should call the police? —They can smash their skulls for all I care — idiots!
00:19   Bad enough that we have to leave here. —Wait, I’m taking a video.
00:24   They’re crazy. Dad, wait!
00:33   That’s good. They probably won’t like that you are filming.

14 thoughts on “A Sunday Brawl in the Park

  1. Probably a good idea to leave that park. When the ‘pious’ Muslim gets worked up into a lather of aggression and is denied an immediate target he will choose the closest infidel on which to inflict his rage, and that includes women and children.

    • Just like the chimpanzees at the ape house in the zoo; only the zookeepers have no illusions about keeping the chimps behind bars or what would transpire if they were to be released amongst the human population.

    • Do not underestimate them. It is more likely a blood feud from 30 years ago or some tribal feud between their clans.
      Their are more brainwashed than stupid I’d say.

  2. The BIA and AIM have issued a joint press release absolving the Utes from implication in any capacity of culpability in this off-reservation debacle.

  3. So what we are now seeing is the inevitable morphing of the pan-muslim invasion into national and ethnic muslim gangs. Something to look forward to Germany, neighbourhoods controlled by certain muslim crime gangs, other neighbourhoods controlled by Shariah Islamist gangs. That’s diversity I can believe in.

  4. in 1959 , in Readers Digest a ‘prophet-without-a-name’ WROTE

    now, wouldn’t it be more PRACTICAL , and a helluva-lot CHEAPER
    to create a Lalaland , errr Allahland called Allamania , in the
    Middle-East , with a BIG WALL around it , than WAR (and/or )
    TERRORISM , AND THE COST of trying to prevent such mayhem …

  5. It is deplorable that innocent Germans, for their own safety, are forced to leave the park they pay for and that their children are exposed to such acts. However, it was a good idea to just let the scum smash their own skulls in rather than call the police who probably would have arrested the family for hate crimes for making a report about Muslims, if they showed up at all.

  6. I hope the family that filmed the frolicking in the park were not fined for documenting the event.

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