Geert Wilders on Sky News: “Regaining Our National Sovereignty”

The following clip features an interview with Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), that aired recently on Sky News. Mr. Wilders talks about Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and next month’s elections in the Netherlands:

9 thoughts on “Geert Wilders on Sky News: “Regaining Our National Sovereignty”

  1. DiMu: Not only intelligent, but even more more importantly, Mr. Wilders seems to be genuine, a man of integrity and conviction. I think the interviewer may have been directed to be somewhat confrontational, but the future Prime Minister of the Netherlands answered questions immediately and without guile. Now that is refreshing!

  2. People are becoming tired of being told how to think.
    Introducing Wilders as “controversial far Right” is becoming stale.
    It is also not true. Wilders upholds the law.

  3. mr. wilders is not only genuine he has offered his private life which is filled with death threats on a large scale…. for years he has been trying to convince people to vote for him so he could end the mascarade dedicted by brussels… old values which were lost during the last twenty years must be restored…and now still can.., it is time to move on to another era and get rid of all scam producing a load of waffle. no ducking and diving or running in circles… fed up with brussels…fed up with illegals…fed up paying for it…need to change and asap.

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