5 thoughts on “Sean Hannity and Julian Assange Discuss the “Hacking” of the U.S. Presidential Election

  1. I see Sarah Palin has issued an apology to Assange. The man is a hero in my opinion and should be honored as such for his service to the Truth and humanity.

  2. I also see that the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is against Assange. As usual, Paul Ryan is clueless.

    What Trump, Palin, Hannity and others on the Right realize is that the only ones who need to fear Wikileaks are dishonest [epithets].

      • Personally if I was Hannity, I would have let Assange off his leash and allowed him to tell it like it is, but we must remember that we are still beholden to the controlled media, especially those who still shell out for it. Hannity, for all his faults, at least understands which way the wind is blowing.

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