Another Subway Station, Another Stairway: Elderly Woman Pushed Down the Stairs in Hamburg

Last month we reported on the widespread outrage that spread across Germany after news emerged that a culture-enricher had kicked a young woman down the stairs of a Berlin subway station.

A similar incident occurred in Hamburg on Monday, but this time the victim was an elderly woman. The victim lost her purse during the attack, but fortunately was not badly hurt when she fell.

The Hamburg subway attackers are described as “youths”. Oh, those rowdy young’uns, full of boisterous energy, always up to their mischievous hijinks!

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this brief article from the Hamburg public broadcaster NDR:

Youths push 75-year-old woman down the stairs

The Hamburg police are looking for two men who reportedly pushed an elderly woman down the stairs at the subway station Hamburg-Ohlsdorf. The incident happened Monday morning during rush hour when the train station is extremely busy. Afterwards the young men took the senior woman’s purse without any intervention by anyone.

Police spokesperson: “A devious assault”

The woman had just exited the subway and was starting to walk down the stairs when she suddenly was pushed from behind. She lost her balance and fell. She suffered light injuries. A second attacker grabbed her purse when she fell. “This was a most devious attack,” the police spokesman Ulf Wundrack said. If the 75-year-old had not hung onto the stair railing, she might have been injured a lot worse.

Nobody placed an emergency call

The two attackers were around 17 to 18 years old. The search for the offenders includes pictures taken from the subway CCTV. The police are stunned that not a single passerby placed an emergency call, especially since the train station was packed with people.

19 thoughts on “Another Subway Station, Another Stairway: Elderly Woman Pushed Down the Stairs in Hamburg

    • Don’t forget the last one was done by a Roma. There’s no reason to assume these “youths” were Muslims. It could well be gypsies again.

      • It could be someone from Kentucky, but if I was a betting man I’d put my money on a ‘ culture enricher ‘ who belongs to a certain death cult.

      • I think I speak for all nations who has a Roma population:
        When the muslims will leave Europe, they should take 2 gypsies each!

      • “The two attackers were around 17 to 18 years old. ”

        By the time they are arraigned their ages would have become 13 and 14 years of age.

        Even if they were gypsies, they are imitating the sons of allah, who have normalized all types of atrocities and our Traitors are Pavlovianizing us to them.

  1. That a supposedly civilised society is tolerating Muslim crimes and atrocities can hardly be called civilised. Unleashing millions of the people hating paederasts into any society has got to be one of the crimes of all time. Rogue governments conspiring with a mortal enemy. Surely not for strength and enrichment?

    • Europe has descended from First World to Third World. How the *mighty* have sunk so low.

      • Our governments are unwilling to protect us, so …. what are we going to do about it. Our governments will NEVER protect us again. We have a problem. If we try to deal with it ourselves, our wonderful authorities will lock us up and throw the key into the nearest river. Check mate.

  2. In a repressed society, people do not call the police, in Germany, the police have become the enemy, they are the ones enforcing PC and Islamic superiority; in 18 months they have gone from friend to enemy. One does not have contact with the unpredictable enforcers if one can help it.

  3. The Utes have been taking a lot of heat lately, and the American Indian Movement [AIM] has shown themselves uninterested in defending the Utes from any accusations of delinquency occurring east of Nebraska.

  4. There is going to come a time when the Islamists are going to ask the useful idiots–the elitists–to join up. “We have helped you progressives for years; now it is time to become Muslim! “…or die …or pay the tax.”

    How far down will the elitists go?

    I believe they will join up and, accordingly, throw all their so-called principles overboard. LGBT and womens’s rights, racial and social justice, economic justice…all overboard.

    Staying alive is more important than any progressive belief.

    Thus, a fair guess as to ex ante beliefs now: progressives have no beliefs that will conflict with Sharia at this time.

    So Sharia beliefs + progressive beliefs (which are essentially pseudo anti-sharia beliefs) = zero.

    • Ordinary progressives must join up. They can’t opt to ‘pay the tax’ – that’s available only to practicing Christians with the means of producing the tax such as a job of work or the ability to make something to sell that others want. They have none of the qualifications.

  5. sarc on: this must be a big misunderstanding! Those two youngsters were boy scouts of the Al Aksa tribe, romanian branch, on the way to their good action of the day.They tried to help the old lady carrying her bag downstairs, which she misused to grope these fancy young boys and they had to defend themselves against the harrassement.

  6. This is horrific because 75 year-old women are at very high risk of breaking a hip when they fall, and at that age a broken hip is a life-threatening injury.

    A sane, functional culture and society would round this filth up and charge them all with attempted murder.

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