The Rockets’ Red Glare in Malmö

New Year’s Eve in Sweden seems to have been even more culturally enriched than in Germany, with the celebrations approaching open warfare in some locations. In Malmö, the southern Swedish city now dominated by Muslims, the preferred weapons were commercial fireworks, fired horizontally into crowds of revelers.

Many thanks to Tania G. for translating this article from the Swedish public broadcaster SVT (Sveriges Television):

A video from the New Year’s Eve celebrations of Möllevångstorget in Malmö causes a big reaction

January 2, 2017

Rockets fired at people, houses and cars. But the situation in Malmö is far from unique — alarms have been raised around the country about fireworks attacks.

That rockets are aimed and shot at people, houses and cars here at Möllevångstorget in Malmö has become a tradition in recent years, says Mathias Nilsson, Police Director of Operations for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Malmö.

The fireworks are shot more horizontally, rather than up in the air.

How are the police tackling this?

“It is difficult for us to act precisely at midnight. It is extremely crowded and the noise is deafening. We ourselves, with our uniforms and cars, are targets,” says Mathias Nilsson.

Police had plenty of resources during New Year’s Eve, but no one was arrested for the reckless endangerment of another. Mathias Nilsson has a hard time seeing that an even larger police operation would help the situation, but he notes that he heard many Malmö residents say that the firing of fireworks should be banned altogether.

A Notorious Celebration

Jash Doweyko-Jurkowski, who made the recording from the square that is now spreading in social media (video), describes the event and the traditional New Year celebrations that take place on Möllevångstorget every year:

“This New Year’s eve celebration has become notorious for the very chaotic mood with people shooting fireworks haphazardly. People are prepared more or less for what will happen. It was sometimes panicky but overall there was a good atmosphere, he says.”

Most shoot up into the sky, but there are some individuals who shoot into the crowd. The film shows a woman who gets fireworks inside her shoes. She burns her foot and falls over.

A Matter of Upbringing

Altogether Jash Doweyko-Jurkowski filmed around an hour and a half of the New Year’s celebrations and then edited together the most dramatic images. He is also disappointed with the way the clips are being used to spread hatred.

“They claim that it has to do with ethnicity, but this is about personal responsibility.”

Jash Doweyko-Jurkowski thinks it is a matter of upbringing.

“I was raised to respect my fellow human beings and everything that has a fuse. We learned very early that you do not behave however you want. Eyes, face, hands are very vulnerable.”

“A self-destructive behavior”

According to Emma Cronberg, the national police chief, the events in Möllevångstorget are far from unique. She describes it as an unfortunate development — a few years ago there was nothing like this at all.

“It’s terrible. It is about much more than shooting at a police officer. It is symbolic, and I’m concerned about why they do things like this to the community. When they use violence against the police and the rescue services, the citizens are usually doing violence against themselves. I see it as a self-destructive behavior that is now underway.”

The Root of the Problem

Above all it is about certain areas in big cities and, according to the police; this is the same type of behavior as stone-throwing and setting cars on fire. Several places are now demanding more stringent legislation. The Police Union welcomes the review of current legislation, but Emma Cronberg does not think restrictions or prohibition of the sale of fireworks will be enough.

“It is a symptom of a society that is not well. It must be approached in several different ways, and you have to get to the root of why it occurs. During certain periods, we have stone-throwing; during others cars are set on fire. There is a restlessness in our society.”

Not Unique

Shooting rockets in Malmö is not unique. In West Region alone about fifty reports came in from the police about incidents in which young people had shot rockets at police and rescue services while they were tending to emergencies at housing estates and public transport.

Amongst other things, a youth gang lit fireworks on a bus in Gothenburg, and in Borås a four-year-old was shot with fireworks.

In Gavle, the police received several alarms about serious fireworks incidents during the weekend of New Year’s Eve. Amongst other things, a rocket was lit inside a store.

14 thoughts on “The Rockets’ Red Glare in Malmö

  1. The short term solution is to ban fireworks. The long term solution is to deport muslims in large numbers.

  2. It is not that there is going to be a civil war, the war has already started, and we have both hands tied behind our backs. Our authorities unfortunately fear the far-right more than islamists, they react without thinking. I do not think that the socialists are capable of sustaining plans (to replace populations) I think they are just incompetent and choose to see the destruction as somehow positive. Everything is falling apart and they continue to believe that they are creating a better and more tolerant society. They are programmed to tolerate brown people, no matter what they believe in or how badly they behave. They condemn any truthsaying or protest as racist and neonazi because there lies something they can identify and be extremely intolerant towards and fight against. With full moral justification. When everything has burned down and there are only ruins left over which the call to prayer drones out, they still will not get it. Sweden is Swedish, and when it no longer is it is nothing, except a dismal impoverished twilight of religious intolerance and persecution.

      • How long will it be before Cruise Ship Companies
        Mark Sweden, Denmark and Sweden off their ports of call?

        Coach loads of tourists in port for the day are surely
        Going to be drawn into this violence sooner than

        Forget the fjords cruise lines if you have any sense of responsibility towards your passengers!

  3. In their own countries the Ummah does this to celebrate the (false) prophet’s birthday.

    Gangs of young men think it is the height of comedy and entertainment to chuck firecrackers and aim fireworks at random passers-by and groups of people on the street.

    Every year the health services are overwhelmed by their victims, and those young men who were too slow to release their firework before it exploded. I feel bad for the victims, but I have no sympathy for these young men, they have reaped what they sowed.

    As an infidel, the best strategy on this evening is to remain indoors with a good book and music at high volume. Or a good movie, also played at high volume.

  4. Malmo is a disgrace even by Swedish standards. Once the town that received Jews being smuggled out of Denmark during WW 2, it is now the worst city for Jews thanks to the Muslims who make up 25% of the population. The former mayor, Ilmar Reepalu said that if the Jews were unhappy they could leave. The area of Rosengard is a no-go zone.

  5. “New Year’s Eve in Sweden seems to have been even more culturally enriched than in Germany”

    “seems” being the operative word… at this stage last year, word was only just starting to spread about the attacks in Cologne – and since then, Facebook, the medium by which word spread about those attacks (thanks to a Facebook post by a Croatian security guard on duty at a hotel near Cologne Cathedral), has opened an office in Germany dedicated to identifying and deleting “hate speech” within 24 hours… so who knows what went on in Germany this time round? Perhaps in Cologne it was calmer, thanks to the police indiscriminately penning in the “Nafris” (some would call that racial profiling), but how about other places? And who’s to say that New Years Eve in the country was not so different from last year?

    • And, I should have added, who’s to say that there wasn”t a hotel security guard posting an account of what really went on at New Year’s Eve this time – but the Facebook thought police caught up with him before it went viral?

  6. “It is difficult for us to act precisely at midnight. It is extremely crowded and the noise is deafening. We ourselves, with our uniforms and cars, are targets,” says Mathias Nilsson.

    Let me solve the problem for you. The people doing this are deliberately performing a felony act that could result in death or serious bodily arm. In short they are utilizing “Deadly Force”. Place police snipers in positions of advantage with long arms equipped with telescopic sights. Utilize special rounds which will greatly lessen any chance of over penetration or ricochet. Establish rules of engagement allowing police to fire upon anyone they see aiming, firing or having fired fireworks directly towards a person or a group of persons. My prediction is that the following New Year’s celebrations will see less of this deadly behavior. All it requires is a government willing to protect it’s citizens. Apparently Europe is having difficulty in this matter.

  7. A father in Sweden managed to get fireworks out of the stroller before it exploded on the three months old sleeping baby

    – How did the fireworks get into the stroller, you may ask.

    Youths with their faces covered, threw the fireworks into the stroller. That’s how.

    • And in a sane, healthy culture, those “youths” would have been arrested and charged with attempted infanticide, prosecuted, and punished severely.

  8. “Our authorities unfortunately fear the far-right more than islamists”

    That is the narrative – coinciding with the islamic. Anything slowing down islamization must be stopped. Unfortunately, the powers that be are on the wrong side, not with their people.

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