I Hide My Blonde Hair

The following report describes the plight of women in Modern Multicultural Germany since the Great Migration began in 2015.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from FOCUS Online:

I hide my blonde hair

It is a shocking survey: More than half of women believe that Germany has become unsafe for them. 58% of women said in a survey for Bild am Sonntag that public spaces today are not as safe for them anymore as they used to be.

48% of women already avoid certain areas near where they live, 16% carry pepper spray after sundown, and many more are considering acquiring pepper spray.

FOCUS Online has conducted a major survey of its female users online in order to find out: How safe do you feel in Germany? Here are some of the answers from female readers:

Sabine: I am 23 years old and I live in Berlin. There are by now entire city neighborhoods that I cannot pass through anymore at certain times of the day. My friend always comes and picks me up with his car, I always carry pepper spray, and he always carries a knife, and in his car he also carries an alarm shot pistol. Furthermore, I do not dress nicely anymore in the evenings if I have to walk home alone.

I do not feel safe anymore, and it’s not just me, but it’s all the women in my circle of friends who feel that way. The politicians are silent about this. It has nothing to do with refugees. I believe this is the kind of development we see in the USA. There are more and more lower class areas. poor people areas, entire blocks of Hartz IV recipients with people with little to no perspective. Out of that frustration and criminality grows.

Isabella D.: The situation as a woman has changed in my life very clearly! No man can understand how we women feel. The fear of sexual harassment is always there! In the past there too were also migrants, and at the train stations a woman couldn’t feel safe even back in the ‘80s, especially if you were blond. But it always stopped with catcalls or gawking. Today they transgress all boundaries!

The worst is the thought that the state lets these people walk around freely! My state would not have my back at all in case of a molestation. I own multiple pepper sprays for all my coats. My hand in my pocket, my finger on the trigger. All I can do is defend myself! Unfortunately.

I hide my blonde hair

Anne K.: During daylight I feel relatively safe, especially for instance at the main train station. But after dark my feeling of safety sinks to the bottom, since [New Year’s Eve 2015 in] Cologne I totally avoid large plazas, I always carry my cell phone ready to call, but I still walk alone. I don’t always have someone to walk with me. I’m sometimes afraid, and always exercise a certain amount of caution. I don’t own pepper spray. I’m only 17 and I can’t drive a car yet; that’s why I have to use my bicycle at night often.

I always hide my blonde hair under a hat; it makes me feel a little safer. So far the only bad experiences I’ve had were with German men during the day. But I am not willing even during daylight to have to put limits on my lifestyle. I think there will never be a 100% safety, either for women or for men.

Melanie D.: My feeling of safety has changed dramatically in a year and a half, especially since Cologne. I am 44 years old, and since I was young I was always careful, as a girl as well as an adult woman, if I was out at night. I lived in Berlin until my late 20s, and I used to ride the subway at night. But I never felt threatened. However, today I would never do that again.

Now I live in NRW. The street scene has completely changed. More and more “southern-looking” types are on the streets even in our little town. I always change the side of the street if more than one come towards me. Even though that really angers me. I mean, I’ve lived in Germany since my birth, this is my home and not theirs, and I want to feel safe.

In the early morning at 5:30 and after 20:00 in the evening I have to walk my dogs. I always carry a strong halogen flashlight, pepper spray and a whistle, for safety reasons.

Martina K.: I’ve been angry and horrified for a very long time that we women are left alone as victims. I won’t ride my bicycle alone anymore without my husband, and I avoid all public transportation after dark. Furthermore, I doubt that I will be able to work by myself in our garden at our local history museum.

I actually thought that my age would sort of protect me. But if one puts in a little effort into reading national newspapers and police reports, one can find for the year of 2016 at least six rapes of retired women and three attempted rapes, of which one ended fatally. The victims were all between 60 and 90 years old. In previous years one only read of rare cases, maybe one or two per year, of such horrendous crimes.

It is time that they do something for the women and that victim protection is put before offender protection. I wish that we women could finally feel comfortable in our own country again. At the moment this is not my Germany anymore, and I am shocked about that feeling.

Carolin’s case has affected me very much

Kerstin T.: I’ve not felt safe as a woman for a long time. Everywhere there is harassment; there are rapes and robberies. Especially the case of the murdered jogger Carolin has affected me very much. I also jog, and I think it’s especially terrible that it happened at broad daylight.

I feel very uncomfortable when I’m alone and I avoid going out alone in the evenings or at night. And I always carry pepper spray with me.

Ute S.: No, I haven’t changed anything. Not my behavior, nor how I dress. I am also not afraid to be out alone in the dark. I use public transportation day and night. I am also not armed.

I’ve never changed the side of the street when men came my direction, and I will not start now. In my life I’ve been sexually harassed and molested about twenty times. The first time when I was 16, the last time a year ago when I was 52. It never led me to change my behavior.

I don’t dare to do things alone anymore

Natalie B.: Off and on there are catcalls on the street which I find extremely unpleasant when I’m alone. I almost drove to Cologne Silvester 2015. But then luckily I decided against it, and I have since avoided large groups of people.

Generally I don’t go anywhere anymore after dark. When I arrive at my local station on the train, my dad is always there to pick me up, and he walks with me through the underpass. I don’t dare do that alone anymore!

A couple of months ago I ordered two cans of pepper spray. Two, to make sure that each of my winter coats have one in the pocket. That helps a little, because the build of my body is completely inferior against an attacker. Why all this? It is very disconcerting to me that not even the German government knows what kinds of people are here.

Anne R.: During the day when I am traveling I feel totally safe. But at night when I walk home alone I always keep my key between my fingers, ready to punch someone. On my cell with my boyfriend, with the hope that if he hears something happening, he can immediately call the police.

But I’ve been doing this for a while. It’s nothing new for us women. That has nothing to do with Silvester in Cologne. Nothing with refugees. Here in Dortmund attacks on women are perpetrated by men of all skin colors, all ages, and from all countries of origin.

I suffer from permanent unease, and I am angry

Uschi J.: In the morning I leave my house when it’s still kind of dark, and in the evening I come home when it’s dark — it’s the first time in my life that I have felt queasy early in the morning or at 5pm in the late afternoon on my way home.

Handbag theft, sexual attacks — of course there are several different kinds of groups of offenders — but by and large I have to constantly be aware and alert. Since the events in Cologne and in other cities I have this permanent unease, and I am angry that men suddenly look at me and handle me like I’m a piece of raw meat.

In the ‘70s during the women’s rights movement I lived in a border city with a lot of crime. Back then we yelled, “We own the night”, and we marched through the streets in groups during the night. In Munich I always felt somewhat safe and I was — due to my job — out a lot at night, and often used public transportation or walked. That’s not possible anymore today. Today we barely even own the day!

Safety simply decreased

Kati L.: I live in a small city in Hessen and I too don’t feel as safe nowadays as I used to years ago. Until six months ago I used to walk home all the time without hesitation. Depending on when my shift at work ends, either towards 9pm, 11pm, or sometimes towards 2am. I used to gladly leave my car at home, and the walk home — 45 minutes — used to be a welcome diversion, and it relaxed me.

I felt never uneasy until in the past year some very bad things happened here (fights and sexual molestations of women). Not only did I put new locks on my house, but I also don’t walk home anymore. Now I only work the shift that lets me go at 9PM. It limits me, and often I make less money, which means I miss money at the end of the month, but safety comes first!

I do have to say, however, a year ago I would have never thought about such things! Safety just decreased! That’s why there is an increase in home and apartment safety [measures]. It’s something that just a few short years ago nobody would have thought about when they built houses and apartments.

I carry pepper spray and a flashlight with me all the time

Anonymous: I haven’t felt safe since in Germany my childhood. I’ve experienced too much violence. From Germans. In my parent’s home, and in the open street. I was beaten up by some punk who didn’t have a migration background. None of the passersby helped me, by the way.

Those were probably all Germans, because back then in that town, there were hardly any foreigners. Still I’m not so naïve that I believe only Germans would be violent or commit sexual offenses. In my city, since the refugee crisis, multiple rapes and attempted rapes have been committed by “southerners”.

That’s why I armed myself. I always carry dyed pepper spray as well as a flashlight. Will that be enough in case of a serious attack? I don’t know. But I feel safer with it.

I don’t wear short skirts at night

Eduvigis D.: My behavior in the public space has changed drastically: I will not go to any swimming pool, I do not go on any more walks in the forest, I avoid certain public transportation stops completely, avoid the main train station in the evenings, and I don’t wear short skirts anymore.

I have two children; one is a daughter, and I am really scared for her. I want her to take self-defense classes, and she will have to carry pepper spray when she gets older and goes out in the evenings.

90 thoughts on “I Hide My Blonde Hair

    • They need to become politically active and join AfD. The public space has been occupied by Islam. Germany is no longer German. It can be taken back, now is the time. The elections are near. people must speak out. They cannot be silent. Demonstrate. Frauke Petry is worth supporting. Laws can be changed. Incompetent politicians and police must be replaced by ones who represent the Germans and them alone.

      • Too late for peaceful measures to succeed. If all you suggest should come to pass, do you think the Nafris will go back to the rocks they crawled out from under willingly? And what of the ones already with German citizenship, along with their multiple wives and hordes of spawn, all marching to the tune of mohammed? Not that one shouldn’t try to roll back the tide just on principle, but the time when peaceful measures would have been successful was several decades in the past.

        Better to accept that violence and bloodshed is unavoidable, and prepare accordingly. Learn to fight, lose the excess weight and gain muscle, aquire weapons and armor along with the skills to use them, and cultivate the mental toughness needed to purposely harm another human. Hunt, kill and butcher animals to desensitize yourself to the act of killing and blood. Quietly seek out those with like minds, and make arrangements for mutual defense. And if one has the nerve for it, make note of who the traitors are, and their crimes, so justice might be administered when the time is right.

        Optimism says to try and change the system peacefully, but reality and human history says to prepare for bloodshed.

        • It might late for peace and war is unavoidable but still better to fight when you are not stuck between muslim hordes and state police/army helping those hordes. At least with this election maybe they can kick the Merkel gang out of power.

        • “Optimism says to try and change the system peacefully, but reality and human history says to prepare for bloodshed.”

          Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

        • Thank you. ‘If you want peace prepare for war’. So many millions will perish – again. The BO left is overwhelming.

    • Cross, we are both from East. We both know what makes a woman calm and secure. It is the man of the house. As long there are no man capable to be man, women will go like crazy welcoming refugees.

      • As being a woman myself, can’t say I 100% agree with your blanket statement, but unfortunately there is some truth to it. Most woman follows their evolutionary instinct to find the strongest male.

    • Except maybe for one of the ladies, the older one, none of them really get it. They all say, “it’s always been this way”. Not realizing that it’s “always” been this way ONLY because Germany has had always a problem with muslim migrants, it’s only become bigger now.

      • Nash, it hasn’t always been that way–as you know.
        In 1960 my wife and I toured Germany (and Europe) on a vespa scooter, Germany was our favourite country; safe, friendly and clean.

        Now, even if we were 50 years younger, we wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, and the reason why is obvious–moslems. Up to 15 years ago my wife used to cycle around alone in her country, (Norway) now, those days are long gone, because of–moslems. To be sure, the Roma (gypsies) are a problem in some areas, but they have been in Europe from long before the moslem invasion, and were never the problem moslem trash are.

        No, it most certainly has NOT always been that way in Germany–or anywhere else in Europe!

      • „I haven’t felt safe since in Germany my childhood. I’ve experienced too much violence. From Germans.“

        Yes, sure. Taharrusch dschamā’i was invented in Germany. Sure…

        „The situation as a woman has changed in my life very clearly! No man can understand how we women feel.“

        Yes, sure. Its all about women. Its all about how they feel. Sure….
        Most of you vote for it (“good feelings”) , deal with it.

  1. “More than half of women believe that Germany has become unsafe for them. 58% of women said in a survey . . .”

    And yet, the source of their troubles, Angela Merkel and her party, lead in polling for the 2017 chancellor’s race.

    Apparently Germany’s public school system is as bad as ours.

    • WORSE. It’s Socialism 110%. Kids are coddled. Educators are all former bona fide socialists, many of them from the DDR.

      It’s interesting how Americans complain about how education goes down the tube. That may be to some degree thanks especially to Common Core. But it’s nowhere near as bad, even in public schools, as Germany. The USA does not have former STASI and DDR functionaries in the education system.

      The circumstance that Germany produced all these great rocket scientists and surgeons and Mercedes and anyway, is due to an older generation of Germans. Younger Germans under 40 or so have not produced anything except the Gutmenschen Willkommenskultur, egged on by their ex-DDR teachers and educators and other former STASI scum.

      • “Gutmenschen-Willkommenskultur” ….. Get that on a triple word score at Scrabble in Germany and your opponent will kick the table over …

        Oh, and thanks Nash for explaining the Nafri thing to me.

  2. I hope all those ladies remember the most effective use of Oleoresin (pepper spray) is to shake it vigorously before use.

    Has anyone asked Ute S. why she does not seem to be bothered being molested/assaulted? Would she rather walk out alone knowing that kind of thing would never happen or has she just accepted the ‘state of play’?

    • I think Ute S. is just being defiant. Whether she considers there is a new threat or not, it is hard to tell from what she is quoted as saying.

      • Could her age have something to do with it? Her youthful years were a lot different from what younger women face today. The world is changing rapidly. There is an agenda behind the pace.

      • Defiant or stupid? Yes, and her thinking probably reflects an aspect of how the system has been used to cower people like her to the point that she no longer cares, and whatever happens to her will happen.

    • Ute is brain dead. I want to punch her. I’m sorry. I could not believe what I was reading. Who gets molested this many times and doesn’t bother developing a little more introspective? Worse, she is responsible for other girls going through the same because she herself is so dead in the head that she doesn’t even care.

  3. Sharia is winning: cover your hair, don’t go out at night, don’t go anywhere without the man in charge, don’t dress nicely.

    OT, all my comments (perfectly reasonable ones) are being ‘moderated’ at jihadwatch. Is this a new policy? They didn’t have any links in them (I read elsewhere that more than two links got an automatic stop, to avoid spam).

    At least here I can still see my comment while it’s being moderated, but at jihadwatch it just vanishes now :(.

    • I don’t know about a change in policy at jihadwatch, or what may have triggered a change in practice.

      I will say that Robert Spencer, who has made a notable contribution to the anti-jihad movement, is a thin skinned prima donna with a rather inflated view of himself. Do not expect freedom of expression, even within, I would say, Baron’s guidelines, at jihadwatch.org.

      • I’ve found him very permissive in the past (rude comments from others, not from me, that would not be permitted here) and doesn’t seem a primadonna. That’s why I’m so surprised.

    • Quite frankly, I find most anti Islam sources or activists to be prima donnas, with the prime objective being getting the most amount of likes or comments. It will be the death of the movement. It is not about you, people, it is about what we battle.

      • I didn’t realize we were “prima donnas” here at GoV. We don’t have a “like” feature, nor a Facebook adjunct. The only way we have of measuring how much we are “liked” is our quarterly fundraiser.

        As for comments — since we moderate comments, fewer would be nice! On a busy day, moderating comments can be a full-time job.

        • I am not talking about this page specifically, I am talking in general. I was replying to ‘guest’ s comment about prima donnas. Perhaps I should have said many, not most. It is unfortunate, because it takes away from what we fight against.

        • On those comments Baron. A shared load is a light load as the old saying goes….don’t you have someone you trust who could assist both of you in moderating some of those comments?

  4. Remarkable that a couple of them insist that the rise in crime has nothing to do with their precious refugees and one even offers the standard sociological explanation of poverty. I guess it makes them feel non-racist.
    – The women will once again vote overwhelmingly for the same idiots who are the singular cause of these problems.
    – Nothing will change until the welfare state collapses.

    • Answer them with crime statistics. If the statistics are unavailable, use those of comparable countries. Confront garbage with facts.

      • Throughout recorded history there have been and there will always be those who you will never get to accept the TRUTH.

        They are best forgotten and left to their own devices. Concentrate on those who at least pay attention.

        • The imprisonment rates for other European countries exists and is used on Prison Planet in an interview withTommy Robinson.

    • I agree those dumbos will indeed vote for the same people again, probably merkel also. Germany is indeed heading straight for sharia, and mainly because of it’s women; the very people who should be dead against the invasion and anything to do with it. The brainwashing seems to have worked a treat.

    • I wouldn’t count on it. Remember Hillary? She was supposed to win & sweep the female vote…over 50% of white females voted Trump…. ignore the polls

  5. Oh yes, of course it’s “nothing to do with refugees”… just a coincidence then, that only since Angela started welcoming them in such big numbers, it’s gotten so dangerous for women?

    Sure – it must be those middle-aged “Hartz IV recipients” with their addiction to daytime TV and life on welfare… suddenly they got bored of life, and decided to chase after women?!

    • Yes, the fools have to virtue-signal until the bitter end. Far better to be raped than be accused of supporting the AfD…

  6. This is disgusting and Merkel is to blame. Why don’t the people rise up?

    However, I would also urge the women to acquire pistols as well — far more effective than pepper spray IMO.

    These are the same people who produced Nazis in my generation, and now they are too meek and mild to defend themselves? Unbelievable in so many aspects. I’m sure they could get real guns, possibly illegal, but muich better for self-protection.

    • Unfortunately also much more noisy. (unless you have one with a silencer, the ultimate!)

    • At least they are permitted pepper spray. In some western countries, pepper spray is not allowed and self-defense is literally illegal. I personally break the law by carrying a knife every time I leave the house (have done since the Lindt Cafe siege). But at least I could offer an excuse of ‘I was using it in the garden to cut twine and forgot I had it in my pocket’. If I was caught with pepper spray, it would be a fine for an illegal ‘weapon’ with additional cancellation of my rifle permit and confiscation of my .22

      • Large bladed knives, like the Bowie knife and similar, will cause you problems, however, a pocket knife will not if you use the excuse that you whittle wood, do your nails and peel oranges with it.

  7. Oh, I forgot to add: Hooray for Hungary — seemingly the only country in Europe that is trying to protect its people from the muslim hordes. This happened before, you know and it it’s why this site is called the Gates of Vienna. The last time it ended up outside Vienna after a battle in which the hordes were turned away.

    Now, in Merkel’s Germany they are welcoming the hordes in — they will regret it if they aren’t already regretting it. Of course Merkel has her body guard so no skin off her nose. The rest of the people are not that lucky. I am waiting to see if the Germans still have it in them to oise up!

  8. One reaps what they sow. It seems all western democracies are on the same trajectory, only Germany is a little ahead of the curve. I would say that giving women the vote is the lowest common denominator in every western country headed for the dustbin of history, but that is too simple an explanation. That was just the final nail in the coffin of western constitutional republics. Giving the vote to those who have no skin in the game is a better explanation; citizens who shoulder the burden of the largesse of the welfare state are being outvoted by low information voters, voters who succumb to an excess of emotion, and those who benefit from the transfer of wealth from the producers to the parasites.

    Such transfers enable the funding of public schools to indoctrinate the next generation, as well as allowing the evil infesting the highest ranks of government to import third world trash to further replace the populace and intimidate the remainder into submission. Sad as these women’s stories are, they are not entirely blameless in the situation in which they find themselves. And at this point, I do not see any resolution other than civil war, genocide, and dictatorships across every western country for many generations before the dual scourges of islam and socialism are eradicated.

    • I believe this is the year, for Europe at least, that could be the start of a mass reversal of the problems now besetting the West at large, if the voting trend away from socialism pans out.

      But, if the change does not occur then the opportunity to change via the political process is finished and the only change that then may occur will be via mass civil unrest leading to civil war or a popular revolution – an action I just cannot see occurring.

      We can be sure of one thing though if that change doesn’t take place this year and that is Europe will descend into a darkness that even Churchill would have trouble finding words to describe.

    • Women vote in Hungary and other safe Eastern European countries. It would be interesting to hear from someone who lives there to discuss how women vote in Hungary and E. Europe, and how those women differ from German women.

      Also: I notice that a couple of the women refer to shift work, in other words, it’s the non-elite women who are having more trouble. Are more professional women less aware of the problem? (Probably)

      • My opinion regarding the difference in eastern europe (and the former soviet union) is that communism, and the suffering and misery that was endured under it, innoculated the generations that endured it as well as their direct descendents from repeating the same mistakes. And the communists, for all their flaws, ran schools that were pretty good at teaching the three R’s, and their institutions of higher education were (are) more focused upon science and practical knowledge than creating hordes of social justice warriors to infect the rest of society with their pestilence.

        Another factor, is the amount of wealth available to the former soviet states; this meshes in with Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Western Europe, and the West, have become very wealthy societies, and the excess wealth has allowed liberal causes to flourish. Wealth also affects interest in religion and in the loosening of morality and any possible restraint it might have placed upon behavior in the public and private spheres. Hungarian women are not any different than those in any other western countries if one is comparing them to the women of our parents and grandparents generation. I would expect them to vote just like the ones in Germany or America after another couple decades exposure to the rot and decay of western liberalism, feminism, and social justice.

        • Re. communism and the three R’s, good point. The entire islamic world is only about 56% literate; only in the “–stans” of the former Soviet Union do you find 99% literacy.

          • I have spent much time in the “stans” as a visitor; while ostensibly muslim, the culture and mindset is much closer to and influenced by the russian outlook than the cesspools of the middle east. I would like to retire there someday; one is far more free in every way that matters in much of the former USSR than one is in America.

      • I can only quote my sister who voted in the recent referendum with a resounding NO (do not let invaders in). She also said if it comes to, she will personally jumps the invaders with knife or just teeth she will fight for her baby (my niece, 5 year old little girl – almost ready to be “married” to nice 55 year old by muslim rules) or die trying!

        • You can be proud of your sister Crossware.
          She is clearly an excellent mother to her daughter.She is clearly also a woman brimming with intelligence ,good sense and courage .I hope my son finds a girl like her to marry. But we live in Australia .So it’s hard to see where he could meet a nice Hungarian girl.Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps he will need to get a contract in Hungary when he completes his studies?

    • You keep banging on about “giving” women the vote… I vote in every election and I am sure that D votes as well. How do you think we vote?
      I have two adult sons that are paying the price for this racist insanity. How do you think they vote?
      Why don’t you just cut it out?

  9. You have to wonder if these sentiments have been communicated to family and friends. The election of Trump proved the value of people talking to each other about their concerns and outright fears. I suspect some of the women friends have been molested and horribly frightened – and they have no weapons to defend themselves.

    Pepper spray, for example, might work to discourage one guy – and I use the word might because it can create great anger if it doesn’t actually work. (Imagine an angry rapist and what might happen.) It will not work with a group unless they are willing to stand together to get sprayed. The rape whistles are just plain silly as one punch will eliminate the whistle. The only way to survive is a gun and the willingness to shoot without mercy – and even that will not stop a gang intent on mayhem.

  10. I think things are changing rapidly. Nothing quite like the fear of actual real-life physical violence to concentrate the mind. That goes for both men and women. So for the time being, they are still muttering half-hearted lies about “southern looking types” not being to blame. But they know its a lie. Just words. They voted, so to speak, against immigrants on new years eve by staying at home this time. I’d say that’s a better measure of the underlying sentiment. Its good that some women, at least, are being confronted with the violent reality of Islamic immigration. If that’s what it takes to scare them out of their we-are-the-world madness, then so be it.

    • Also bear in mind that they dare not speak out against the Muslim immigrants when they are interviewed for fear of being branded deplorable xenophobes and racists. So they have to try and give the appearance of not blaming their fear on said Muslim hordes.Perhaps they are more honest with people they trust ,such as immediate family?

  11. A leader will come. A leader will save Germany. He will of course be called Hitler. Doesn’t matter. Why? Because these women are terribly frightened. Why shouldn’t they be. Terribly frightened means terribly angry. Again, this is not enough. Because they are women. But millions of German men are also terribly angry, are fuming. There will be a spark. A leader will step forth. The men will gather round him. All the calumny in the world will not stop him, will not blunt their allegiance to him. He will take power. Not in a nice way. Not by following protocol. He will seize power. The order will go out to expel the Muslims BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The order will be carried out. Germany will be saved.

    • You ain’t been scared until you’ve been in a PROLONGED situation of stress and fear where you want to throw up. Anger is a coping mechanism, but it is not the solution. (The solution would have been to not get into a bad situation in the first place.) Now that you are up to your derriere in hungry alligators, you will have to think clearly . . . quickly; and start bailing to drain the swamp to expose the threats and to remove them.

      As for leaders . . . they are bound to disappoint you, because their actions can never match their promises.

    • Oh goody, I do love a nice fearless-leader fantasy. What colour will his horse be? Please make it white! And make him tall and handsome. With nice teeth.

  12. Ricpic, you must have been reading christian prophecy. One of the most interesting is fro defeat modernism and russia in catholic prophecy.

    • Actually, back in the 1930s was a seer named Edgar Cayce who is quoted as saying that in the new century (21st Century) the West would look to Russia, not the Soviet Union as it was then known.

      Haven’t we been seeing that now for nearly a decade?

  13. Wow and Europe use to be so safe. If I lived in a situation in Arizona similar I’d always pack my gun locked and loaded but sadly Germans can’t do that. I am thankful a Globalist like Hillary lost. I just hope Trump keeps his promise about the Muslim refugees.

  14. Of note is the comment of how when attacked, passers-by just keep passing by. This lack of solidarity, this passivity in the face of aggressions against fellow citizens, especially their women, is a sign of mortal cultural decay. If they don’t vote for AfD in their coming election, I’ll have lost all hope for Germany.

    And this politically correct nonsense about the violence coming from other Germans? I find that hard to believe. I lived there all through the 80’s and 90’s, walked all over as a young woman, and never once had problems.

  15. Change is coming, and it is coming like a freight train.

    From a distance, the train doesn’t appear to be moving almost at all. Then it gets nearer, and you see it is moving after all. The it IS near, and you realize it is moving very fast, indeed.

    It’s like this in Europe now. We are starting to realize that there is movement. Soon, that movement will astonish us.

  16. It will only be when women (all people really) realize that it is a matter of their freedom, their right to life; versus all of the touchy-feely stuff that the Greens are pushing; it is only when they realize that it is their lives that they are voting for that things will really change.

    I fear that for many the realization will come too late. And that will be the death of us all.

  17. ” Back then we yelled, “We own the night”, and we marched through the streets in groups during the night. ”

    Yes, where are the feminists and those bare breasted Femen people? Why are they not protesting the “loss of the night…and day” for German women, not to mention Swedes, and the French to name a few. And all because of muslim migrants. If the gropers and rapists were white skinhead types, they would be matching and waving their placards for sure.

  18. Bit late for it, now, but I think it is worth remembering that these comments are curated by the journalists.

    So any comments directly naming Muslims as the source of the problem would immediately be axed. That they allowed some “Southerner” comments is already huge.

    But a big lie is best hidden among a forest of truths…

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