German Solution to the Trump Problem: “Murder in the White House”

First there was Madonna. Now there’s a “journalist” named Josef Joffe from Die Zeit, who called for the murder of Donald Trump as part of a panel discussion and call-in program on German TV.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this January 22 clip from the “Press Club” program on Phoenix TV (ARD, German public-service broadcaster):

Below is an article on the same topic from Epoch Times, also translated by Nash Montana:

ARD: Joffe says “Murder in the White House” is a possible way to remove Trump from Office

A YouTube video goes viral: Die Zeit publisher Josef Joffe calls for “murder in the White House” as a way to remove US president Donald Trump from office. “Josef. Remain serious,” Constanze Stelzenmüller warns him thereafter.

On the ARD Press Club show on January 22, 2017, the Die Zeit publisher Josef Joffe names “murder in the White House” as a means to remove the new US president Donald Trump from the office.

The sentence came as an answer to the question of a viewer who wanted to know: “Is there a way out left to get out of the Trump catastrophe? Is there a possible legal scenario or a paragraph in the Constitution which would result in a possible removal from office?”

Constanze Stelzenmüller thereafter explained that the round had already expected such a question. That the legal aspect of a removal of office process would have high hurdles, she said. “A lot has to happen for this. We are at this moment far away from that.”

“Murder in the White House,” Josef Joffe threw in after that.

“Josef. Remain serious,” replied Stelzenmüller.

Investigation of Madonna

In the USA investigations have been initiated against the pop singer Madonna after she said this about Trump during the Women’s March: “Yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.” Breitbart reported about this in depth.

Video transcript:

0:00   First of all greetings all around.
0:03   And my question is: is there
0:06   still a way out of the Trump catastrophe?
0:09   Is there a legally possible scenario,
0:12   or something in the Constitution which
0:15   could result in a possible removal from office?
0:18   And I hope for all people that you can answer my question with ‘yes’.
0:22   Thank you, Frau Nieleburg, and you have a great day in Hamburg.
0:26   We were — before the show — just bringing to mind
0:29   what the requirements are, because we actually
0:32   expected a question like this.
0:35   It’s a fact that for a process of removal from office,
0:38   a simple majority in Congress is needed, where
0:41   we all know there is a Republican majority at this point.
0:46   It is [possible] — I find it not unthinkable —
0:49   that before the expiration of his official term,
0:52   this could happen,
0:55   but for that, a removal from office has to actually happen,
0:58   meaning there have to be legitimate charges,
1:01   there has to be a hearing, and in the end
1:04   there has to be a qualified two-thirds majority of the Senate
1:07   in order for a removal of office to take place.
1:10   These are politically and legally pretty high hurdles,
1:13   a lot would have to happen for it; we’re far away from that.
1:16   Murder in the White House, for example. Josef. Remain serious.

50 thoughts on “German Solution to the Trump Problem: “Murder in the White House”

  1. He’s a jornolist, an MSM leech. They care nothing for the law, only their own comfortable sinecure.

    And German people get mad when outsiders mutter about Hitler being alive and well? Surely if this fellow is not taken to task, or if he faces no professional penalty for suggesting the killing of a sitting president, then the outsiders may be on to something.

    • Yes, and I reckon this guy would be the first to scream out bloody murder if someone outside of his ‘influence’ suggested the same thing about Mutte Merkel.

    • The German elite seems to have a deep seated death wish. How else can one explain such arrogance, lack of insight and confidence that he will not be arrested for calling for the murder of a sitting president? This man is the editor of one of Germany’s principal newspapers!

      I am totally shocked at this especially when one knows what a disaster Merkel’s policies have been and how serious are Germany’s problems at this time.

  2. Do these idiots know that THE INTERNET IS FOREVER? Your statements will now haunt you like never before.

  3. It’s the hypocrisy of the left. All peace and love for one of their own, but intolerance and hatred to those who dare to oppose them.

    Here they are holding a serious discussion on “is there some way to remove a newly elected US President” when the more important question is….”Is there some way to remove 1 million muslim migrants?”

    • Dead right, and yes of course there is! As you and I know, NZ had few Japanese during WW2 e.g., but here in North America, both countries rounded up all the Japs–internment camps.

      The moslems could indeed be rounded up and deported, but that’s the big question; do any of today’s leaders (including Pres. Trump even) have the intestinal fortitude to do so? I doubt it, so moslem atrocities will continue long into the foreseeable future.

      Long gone are the leaders of long ago.

      • All the Jap[anese]s in the US were not rounded up & put in internment camps. Just the West Coast and there, mostly in California.

  4. What a bunch of losers. Their country is collapsing and they have the smug stupidity to talk about a “Trump catastrophe,” as if it affects them somehow?

    Why do they care about Trump? What is he going to do to their country at all? What could he possibly do to it that’s worse than what they themselves are doing to it?

    What failures they are.

  5. I keep saying it… the one and only thing Germans really loathe – no matter how much in the dump they themselves are – is America’s claim to exceptionalism and Constitutionalism, mixed in with a couple of mentions of God – and they all collectively lose their minds in Germany.

    It’s a very thin veneer that protects the so-called enlightened studied learned progressive oh so super intelligent Euro-better-than-America journalists in their smug media studios all over Germany. It always comes off all too quickly.

    I’m looking so much forward to more of these true-face-showing innuendos on German TV, the longer Trump will not be “removed from office”.

  6. Wow! Can you imagine had she said the same thing referring to Obama? She would have been fired, vilified and ostracized, Pronto! Talk about racism!

    • She would suffer as you note, and her critics using the racism slur to shut her up — while hiding what really angers them: any challenge to the International Socialist agenda.

  7. What is wrong with these people? Leftism is mental disorder, and they can’t cope with losing. I’ll bet they all got participation awards at school and never had to deal with real life.

    • I have been in correspondence ‘comments’ with two such individuals (well, I believe they are individuals who use different screen names but they still think the same) on Sputnik News.

      My stance on that site is that I take to criticizing any comment I believe is adverse, derogatory, propaganda or just filled with lies on any subject, but particularly concerning Israel and Jews.

      And believe there are many on that site.

      One can always tell the young and indoctrinated when they appear and typically so by some of the screen names they give themselves – it seems that there is no imagination being employed!

      And the lack of imagination in an individual is what I believe contributes to such stupidity in believing that what they have been told to believe is correct and any other contrary opinions should be ignored or attacked. But the really irking and annoying aspect in taking on such stupidity, in comment form, is the inanity, the ad hominem attacks, and the outright arrogance of such thinking that really is a closed mind to all the self-evident truths from which we all able to learn from if we keep an open mind.

  8. The blond woman is evil! Her voice and demeanour reek of arrogance,
    Very scary woman, and this is the behind the scenes msm type scum bags who are pulling the wool over our eyes and supporting our murder and dismantling of our cultures and countries in favour of islam and communist ideology.

    She looks like a nazi, would look correct in a black gestapo outfit.

    Trump should start legal proceedings against this socialist […].

    • I doubt if the US laws would apply to someone in Germany for a purely domestic action. If I were a German authority, I would not allow a US prosecution, even if it were possible.

      But, hopefully, she will be denied a US visa for the rest of her life…or, at least until the next Obama is elected.

  9. What’s scary is that leftists are so sure of themselves in their self righteousness that they would go to murder without thinking twice.

  10. I emailed Joffe telling him he was insane (verrueckt) and an […] Twas the best I could come up with. We need a no gloves approach.

    We’ve been too nice for far too long. People who are each and everyday conspiring to steal our children’s future have forfeited the right to be treated as if they were decent speaking partners who, albeit differing in opinion, can be considered civil and reasonable.

  11. Sorry, but this time the vital tidbit got lost in transmission. It was an allusion to “Murder in the Orient Express” and clearly said in jest. Everybody understood that, friend and foe alike. The point is the hypocrisy that every time someone from the AfD or another “politically incorrect” speaker uses the same kind of humour or allegory, the righteous go ballistic and demand immediate and serious consequences as if it was meant literally. This was pointed out in the PI-News article on this item.

    • Then let us Americans start joking about murdering German politicians then, no? Don’t worry, we’ll tell better ones; we’re funnier.
      Don’t worry…Mutti and her pack are safe; no Americans really think that much about them to even consider either jokes or murder.

      But some of us do remember that cover of der Speigel back during Iraq — the one with the American coffins (at a time when my own husband was deployed; the irony — his family is “straight off the boat” from Germany). And remember a lot of German smugness coming from prominent sections of your society whenever we had a terrorist attack.
      That too was “allegory” and “not serious” if I remember the explanations given back then…

      Some of us have lost patience with your humor, Diesers and Dunkers.

      • Hey, don’t shoot the messenger…

        That our officialdom is completely off the rails about Trump while at the same time grossly overestimating its own moral weight in the world is fully agreed upon in these circles. In fact, some are actually wishing for an “external solution” to the Merkel junta, well in jest of course. But secretly thinking “someone ought to do something about it already”. At least maybe an asteroid.

        The problem above was exemplified by a PEGIDA demonstrator who brought a gallow along to symbolize what he wished for this administration. He got prosecuted for incitement and advocating deadly violence.

        • P.S. – In the days running up to the inauguration there were reports that an attempt on Trump’s life might be imminent. It was pretty dense. So quite easy for our talkshow heroes to pick up the idea from the airwaves and spurt out that they wouldn’t mind at all. [Epithet in plural].

          • “Easy” is often not correct, or even wise. And “everybody else is doing it” is the rationalization of naughty children after they have really landed themselves in hot water.
            No excuses for them.

            But…it could prove useful for America and Trump; he can perhaps use it to vilify Germany to the public here (it may take some of the attention off the divisions caused by the left’s balkanization of our populace) and thus perhaps twist Merkel’s arms in negotiations…so perhaps this can result in a good thing.

            If you were wise over there, you would take this opportunity to whittle away at her support and find someone who can truly create a coalition of the sensible (and leave out the foolish mock gallows and those who think that is a grand idea: they are more like our leftist protesters…they will scare away more people than they bring in and who that might bring in you may not like or want; Trump’s supporters did not overcome by being scary, they were the opposite in fact, just tough and willing to endure a lot — I hope they stay that way; it gives me hope). Good luck.

        • My apologies. I’m not going after you personally — although I am admittedly rough…that is because my patience has worn thin (and I have had German relatives through marriage that run the gamut of the political spectrum over there, so I am extra wearied perhaps). There is a very big difference between individual people and an entire country.
          But the leaders of your government, who were voted in by the majority of people (remember: that is something Americans have heard hot and heavy since I was a child), is not exactly one that I much care for (to put it politely)…in fact, rarely has it been.

          For a very long time, I have never mentioned anything, for another country is not my business. But since my country is apparently fair game, then what is sauce for the goose is how I believe the old saying goes.

          The external solution is non-existent (outside of war). You should have been working on an internal one a very long time ago. That is, of course, the opinion of an outsider looking in. Germany has not been well led for a very long time; but rather than fix its own internal problems that have been bubbling underneath the lid, it has contented itself with graveyard whistling to the tune of “look how much better we are” and slamming, eh, usually my country and my people.

    • What difference, at this point, does it make?

      None. Said is said.

      The fact that this washed up old coot thinks it’s funny to allude to ‘murder on the orient express’ only proves what an elitist swine he really is. Or did he per chance mention ‘ten little niggers’ in reference to Obama, ever, since he seems such an avid Christie fan?

      He’s a smug [cohesive unit of excrement], and that’s all there is to it.

    • Completely agreed. It involved no political prosecutions, is fully within the rights of the US, shows we take our Presidents seriously even with a “joking” reference to assassination, and emphasizes that visiting the US is a high privilege and not a right.

  12. And I wondered what happened to those Germans that would shoot their fellow Germans off a wall. They obviously aren’t all dead. They act so nice. I thought Europe had done away with the death penalty.

  13. First off, the caller — who sounds like a German national — how is it that a German citizen can be requesting solutions of a German news show about how Germans can “legally” get rid of Trump? And then the suggestion from a German media personality that murder be the solution (a capital offense when it involves anyone, last time I checked, let alone a sitting president of a foreign country and an ally no less)! I know Americans have gotten plenty of flak from other countries about overthrowing foreign leaders they don’t like and installing ones they do (including and especially some very vociferous and self-righteous Germans), yet most of the time this involves the actions of U.S. presidents that foreigners seem to like (Obama, Clinton) and many American citizens don’t (Obama, Clinton) — except when it can be used for left leaning political gain (Bush).
    And it does not escape me that certain Germans threw a real fit when that chancellor of theirs was found to have a bugged Blackberry (found under the watch of their favorite Americans…Obama and Clinton)! Oh the humanity! How could an ally do this! Amerikkka!
    But it is ok to suggest finding a way to get rid of our President, up to and including murder?

    Oh well, this could work well for Trump if he uses it to help encourage public opinion to back him in VERY tough negotiations with Merkel’s Germany (I think they may have just gotten tougher, for Merkel), which will be coming up soon. Thank you, Germans, for the gift.

    • That was a German SJW moron asking a stupid question a bunch of MSM SJW morons… Nothing to with reality, nothing to do with real German people… The elite entertaining itself Hunger Games style…. for now!

      • No…it was a “real German person”…just as our flakes are still “real American people”.
        That is another of the things that has caused your problems: whether you like them or not (I don’t see how you could, for they seem even worse than ours in many ways) those fools are still very much real and yours. Just as ours are the same.
        And the sooner you get to grips with that the better…for then there may be found a way to stop them.

  14. The German media and the “elite leadership” have long since gone over the cliff and have no idea what morality in government or the private sector would look like. With this mindset, it is no wonder that Islam sees easy pickings around Europe.

    • I agree — the near-Weimar-like slide into decadence by German society is receiving its just reward, and Islam has moved in to claim it, noting how successful the left had been in preparing the ground.

  15. I found their Facebook site but I couldn’t make a comment. Maybe they should ban their entry into the USA as a security risk like they did to Michael Savage in the UK and I think Robert Spencer.

    • Well do not forget USA is a democracy (with the election of Donald John Trump even so, while UK is slowly sliding into a fascist-shariah totalitarian dictatorship. Let’s not follow their methods…

  16. Before Trump has really done anything, “they” want to murder him. Before Obama did anything, “they” awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize. Go figure!

  17. We need to bear in mind the fact that murder is DEFINED as an illicit killing. So, Josef Joffe has called publicly for the illicit killing of Trump, and surely it’s true that killing Trump would be an illicit killing, i.e. murder.

  18. “Is there a way out of the Trump catastrophe…?.” No doubt Europeans would have found the Clinton woman inspiring, wonderful. Europeans, sigh….
    That woman deserves more “refugees!”

    • Maybe in her own house and on her own lawn, but there are good people and young children (the few that they do have) who do not deserve that. There are even a small few Christian actual refugees (horribly wronged in their asylum, which is no asylum at all) who deserve some safety and succor, being actual oppressed refugees. They will get none with more of the bandits allowed in.

      • Even a few actual Christian ‘refugees?’ Perhaps, certainly fewer than 1%. In the boats and on the marches the moslems sounded out their fellow travellers, and any Christians were thrown overboard or murdered, and there has been plenty of evidence of that.

        Of course there are decent people to be found in western Europe, but with things as bad as they are, I find it strange that the decent people are not in the streets in their millions, so it seems to me they are content to shrug their shoulders and accept the coming islamic state, and second-class citizenship in their own countries.

  19. How cute.

    Someone should remind Mutti that the Bundeswehr isn’t even on the same planet of competence as the Wehrmacht.

  20. When I say the title ‘Murder in the Whitehouse’, I was hoping someone was going to kill Trump. So disappointed .

  21. and Trump, better don’t step foot in Europe.
    he is not wellcome and neither of his supporters.

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