ISIS snuff videos? Nah, just hip-hop. And the stabbing? A simple misunderstanding.

The following article is a sardonic recap by Michael Stürzenberger of a media report on a violent incident in which a culture-enricher beat up two passengers on a Berlin bus and stabbed a third one.

This text is from Politically Incorrect, and is based on a report in BILD. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Berlin: Syrian stabs passenger in the face on the bus

After a Syrian “refugee” had finished watching an Islamic killing video, he began to shout “allahu akhbar” and beat up on two passengers with his fists. He slashed the face of a third passenger with a boxcutter knife. The victim, a 54 year old Italian, suffered a 15 centimeter long and 7 centimeter deep wound across his left cheek. That’s what is stated in the court report. But in court the mohammedan dished up an outlandishly absurd story out of the 1001 Nights. Taqiyya of the finest quality for the unbelievers.

by Michael Stürzenberger

BILD describes the obvious story of lies of the Syrian “refugee” [the media’s text is in italics]:

The alleged Salafist execution scene on his cell phone was in reality a hip hop video and the Allah screaming were cries for help.

A cry for help! A hip-hop video! In reality the Muslim was watching one of the usual customary Islamic execution videos. Thereafter he imitated the triumphant “allahu akhbar” howling of the Islamic State butchers. But it’s already clear: German multiculti morons always see a “cry for help” in violence, and his lawyer probably advised him to serve up this farce in order to try and get out of it.

The bus hadn’t been on the road for very long when for no apparent reason he started to pummel the sleeping man in the seat in front of him, the prosecutor says.

But the defendant disagrees: “The man wasn’t sleeping. He was talking loudly on his phone. That bothered me. I was shaking his seat.” And then the whole thing escalated: “The fists flew.” His seat neighbor then inserted himself and he had to defend himself against that person as well with his fist. Another passenger meddled.

“I didn’t understand anything, I panicked and I yelled: Allah, they are killing me. And then I got my boxcutter out of my backpack. Where I stroke the man with it, I had only later realized.”

The Italian (54) suffered a 15 centimeter long and 7 centimeter deep wound across his left cheek that had to be treated in the hospital. The bus driver alerted the police and they arrested the defendant at a rest area.

This absurd house of lies will only be believed by a left-impaired judge. In the Berlin Morgenpost we learn of the oh-so-terrible circumstances in Germany that just didn’t welcome this “refugee” the way he expected it to:

Omar A. was born in Syria and came in 2014 to Berlin. Here he had, at least in his opinion, experienced comparably bad care and support. For instance he was offered a German language course only very late in time and only through the help of a social worker. Allegedly he felt overwhelmed with the apartment that was assigned to him, having problems with fixed costs, and receiving intimidating letters from lawyers.

Exactly. And that’s why he was watching IS execution videos:

In the court report it says that Omar A. had yelled “Allah” multiple times during the altercation. Before the confrontation began, the defendant had been drinking rum and had watched a video on his cell phone “with killing and execution scenes of an Islamic background.”

“Islamic background” sounds good; the mainstream press is slowly moving closer to the truth. Although a bullet was found in the apartment of the Syrian and he has been sitting in detention since then, his court trial is not being led by the chamber for state security as would be appropriate in the case of IS terror, but it is being tried by the youth court:

Nothing will change the fact that a bullet was found during the search of his apartment in August of 2016. That was an alleged coincidental discovery, after Omar A. prior to that had been attracting attention for violations of the narcotics act, which had led to the search of his apartment in the first place. In any case, he has been in jail custody since then.

Yes sure, totally, it was a “coincidental discovery”. Tomorrow the court proceeds. We’ll have to assume, unfortunately, that the left-ideological infested cuddle-justice will handle him with kid gloves, as they so often do in these instances, and they’ll grant him probation based on “pedagogic rehabilitation”. Until the next jihad knife attack. Or does he have a truck driver’s license yet?

Incidentally, I am totally in favor of all Syrian “refugees” immediately being be sent home in order to help the moderate head of government Assad rebuild their country.

2 thoughts on “ISIS snuff videos? Nah, just hip-hop. And the stabbing? A simple misunderstanding.

  1. A passenger suffered a 15 cm long and 7cm deep wound across his left cheek? A human cheek is only around 1 cm thick?

    But on the length, that is quite a gash and sounds more like a very serious and a possibly fatal wound.

    And that is a very serious offence that should get that jihadi some jail time.

    • I was concerned about that 7cm, too. I checked the original, and that’s what it said. But I think it was a typo — should have been 7mm, I think. That’s about right.

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