German Girl Outsmarts Dim-Witted Migrant Groper

The following brief article from Politikstube translated by Nash Montana provides a heartwarming change of pace from the daily horror of migration news coming out of Germany.

This story underlines the well-known disparity in IQ between native Europeans and their new culture-enriching neighbors. Not only was the young girl courageous, but she was also smarter than the would-be rapist — he was actually stupid enough to believe her and come back the next day:

Wolfsburg: 13-year-old girl traps a groper — Algerian arrested

A 13-year-old girl has trapped a groper. The man had harassed her at the main train station, but the student figured out how to get away from him. According to the BILD report, the man had grabbed her by the hand an pulled her into a dark corner: “He covered my mouth and in English he told me that I had to be quiet.” Then he tried to kiss and to grope her in the dark corner. The student, however, promised him that she would be back in the same place on the next day, at 3:00pm. The next day the man indeed appeared at the appointed location, which led to his arrest by the police. The groper is from Algeria.

The above paragraph is a summary of a report in Bild. According to the translator: “The first picture in the BILD article shows two cops and a civil cop arresting the groper. He’s quite tall. The second picture shows Lisa, who entrapped the Algerian sex offender. She’s very brave and resourceful.”

Notice that the Politikstube report (and hence the Bild story) violated the Press Codex by revealing the perp’s ethnicity. Is the PC wall finally beginning to crumble in Germany?

32 thoughts on “German Girl Outsmarts Dim-Witted Migrant Groper

  1. I love that you thought of making the point about the disparity in IQ’s. Even a 14 year old German girl has more brain cells than a grown culture enriching new-German.

    At 14 she also , this girl was not brainwashed enough yet to turn this sexual attack inwards feeling guilty about it because the groper was a “refugee”. She was smart enough to see this situation as what it was, and she turned the tables. I hope she will stay that way. This incident certainly will have solidified her already outstanding common sense.

    • Remember, the girl was thinking with the brain in her head. The Nafri was thinking with the other one.

    • Imagine if the nation starts to wake up to the dangerous Muslim enemy within. In the 1930s the British Facists left and right took a short sharp eyes front when they realised what Hitler had in mind for their country. If Reagan was here I have a feeling he would be giving the Muslim fifth column a very unambiguous, ‘Tear down these mosques. Take off these masks. Stop this ideology of lies and deceit. What are you doing here? This is a Judeo-Christian and every other kind of infidel land. No more Islam peddlers.”

      • If you read Mein Kampf, (which I doubt you ever have or will) you will read that Hitler wanted to preserve the British Empire and nation. He considered Britain a natural ally. The British Fascists led by Sir Oswald Mosley knew this and had no fear of Hitler because they knew that if he had invaded, Mosley would be the new Prime Minister and the King would not of been deposed. Oswald and Lady Mosley were put in jail by Churchill for the duration of the war because they were pacifists and didn’t want war with Germany. As for the Muslims in Europe, once governments are in place with the intestinal fortitude to get rid of them, rounding them up will be no problem because they are unarmed and look different as well as their low average IQ. There will be no “safe houses” for them.

        • finally someone who is well read on the subject. We are seeing Europe 2016 and 2017 very much like Europe pre WW1.

          Churchill was in cahoots with Roosevelt and Stalin to push for war. We see Obama and Insane McCain trying similar tactics to start war with Russia. There is just so much that Putin will take. He has shows great Statesmanship and patience so far. I believe Putin is waiting for Trump to get in and will choose diplomacy over war. Putin is a Statesman.

          As for the human rubbish invading the West, we must close down all Mosques, and send them packing, home. Those who refuse to say where home is, well we will put them in Guantanamo until they give up their origin. No hijabs or burkas allowed. Don’t like it, go home.

          Islam is not a religion it is a cult. Close it down and close the mosques.

          • ‘Yes & amen!’ to all you’ve written. I’ve followed you for years, and deeply respect your intelligence and bravery.

            God bless & keep you & yours,
            Joseph, 74, Victoria, BC

          • I think Churchill said as much as this: that England couldn’t compete with Germany . Economically or in other spheres. She must be crushed.

      • “If Reagan was here I have a feeling he would be giving the Muslim fifth column a very unambiguous, ‘Tear down these mosques.” You are ignorant to the fact that the unpatriotic, immoral, unethical Ronald Reagan called Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Al-CIAda and the Taliban “Freedom Fighters,” providing them with billions of $’s in weapons. The Reagan administration was caught fomenting Treason as the Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandal proved.

        • I doubt very much that Reagan had any large part in the provision of billions of $’s in weapons, since he was already in the early stage of Alzheimer’s.
          Yes, he was POTUS when the Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandal hit the news; however, it was Vice-President G. H. W. Bush and Colonel Oliver North who actually participated. Reagan had to take responsibility because – as Harry S. Truman once pointed to the sign on his desk and said, “The Buck Stops Here” – he was the President and the buck stopped at his desk.

          • Thank you for setting the record straight. As a long-time student of world history I’m appalled by the immense ignorance displayed by all-too-many commentators: they’re better off as baked ‘taters!

    • She is a brave German girl.Others can only learn from. By the way the time is changing. I have seen maximum muslim refugees are dumb, primitive. Sorry, to say that, but it is the truth. Why, because of their religion.

  2. I’m holding out for the expulsion of every Muslim arrival in the USofA in the twenty-first century. Combine that with conspiracy prosecutions of the uni-cultural Islamic seditionists, and we will have made real progress.

    No more “Mister Nice Guy”.

  3. And? Did the police talk to him and let him go? Isn’t that what happens? Should she not be sent to a re-education camp?
    – These people are truly stupid. That is the only thing that is going to save the West.

    • I don’t think so. The police, indeed, arrested the perp and hauled him off to jail. If it weren’t for the teen’s quick thinking, the Algerian would-be rapist would’ve gotten away with sexually assaulting the girl and not have been arrested.
      As it is, the perp will be deported to Algeria, once court proceedings against him are done. You’re right that the low IQ’s of these migrants are the sole thing that will save the West. Their average IQ is 85.

  4. Sounds like a future (current?) Merkel voter… Although North Africa doesn’t have anything like a monopoly on morons; the Germans continue to welcome these cretins in, as well as continually reelecting the queen of fools responsible for the whole debacle.

    • How much does job security and pensions have to do with this. Maybe when enough are faced with losing both will the willingness to kick-Islam s donkey happen – big time?

  5. This would be great if the guy would get deported and barred from entering the country again, but when you see articles about Merkel hiding crimes and banning reporting, e.g.

    Aufgedeckt: Flüchtlinge verüben 556.000 Straftaten – Medien und Politiker schweigen

    It’s hard to be confident. Merkel committed and continues to commit Treason, how is it she is still in office and not in prison?

  6. Just wondering how a spray deterrent composed of finely aerosolized pig blood and other parts might work against these folks. By breathing in the Allah offending vapors, it would be rather difficult to cleanse ones self from the evil once ingested. Any Imams care to wade in on how they would cure such a blight on members of their flock. Maybe a nice loud pig grunt or squeal could be emitted by the aerosol can along with the physical deterrent of the spray. Far more pleasing than the screams of an innocent woman or child. A lovely business for some entrepreneur.

  7. If you are so much smarter, then why are you losing your countries. lol! Nazi hrsht. Euros are fairly dumb nowadays. Which is why they are soon to be finished.

  8. What’s needed for protection from these miscreants, cretins and goblins are safety whistles, attached to a Glock 19..

  9. I don’t understand why Europeans won’t arm themselves. If Germans or British or anyone in Europe flashed a gun at these criminal Muslims, would the raping and mugging stop? No doubt it would go down in proportion to the amount of firearms the public had.

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