Aggressive Intent, Advance Collusion by “Nafris” in Germany on New Year’s

One of the notable aspects of this year’s New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Dortmund, and other German cities was the apparently organized manner in which crowds of up to a thousand culture-enriching young men gathered to grope women, shoot fireworks at police, and engage in various other forms of urban mayhem.

The following video and article discuss this aspect of what happened on Silvesternacht in Germany. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Die Welt, also translated by Nash Montana:

They really wanted to show these European wimps

Brutalized men from North Africa provoked in a purposeful manner on Silvester 2016, believes Alice Schwarzer.

Without the intervention of the police the situation would have escalated, says the women’s rights activist. “One has to assume that their appearance was a statement,” a seasoned detective agrees.

The women’s rights activist Alice Schwarzer is convinced that the young North African men wanted to provoke in a purposeful manner. “The same sort of men as those who last year were determined to ‘celebrate’ Silvester 2016 in Cologne their way. they were uprooted, brutalized and Islamized young men mostly from Algeria and Morocco. If the police as a consequence hadn’t intervened from the get-go, once again hundreds of women would have been chased off with sexual violence, and the ‘helpless’ men at their sides would again have been humiliated,” Schwarzer told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Initiated and organized by a handful of shadowy men in the back, these young North African men, formed by patriarchal traditions, their minds poisoned by political Islam, gathered like locusts on Silvester 2015.

This was a test of strength

“In 2015 the purpose was to prove to those western ‘sluts’ and their men, these European wimps, just who was the boss,” says the women’s rights activist.

“It was a test of strength. A challenge to the state. Because those men, who again traveled to Cologne, had to know that they would meet resistance by the police.”

Dietmar Kneib, the chief inspector of the organized crime division of the police headquarters in Düsseldorf, said he was surprised at the massive number of young North African men who showed up in Düsseldorf, Cologne, and other cities.

“One really has to assume that this was a statement. The discussion of the past year couldn’t remain unknown even within their circles. But then to show up again in that quantity, equipped with a bold aggressive basic mood coupled with the corresponding demeanor, that really made me think,” the seasoned criminal investigator said.

The young North Africans were connected extremely well using the social media — “and I’m not talking Facebook, but those that we can’t monitor.”

Video transcript:

0:00   Despite a huge contingent and new security concepts,
0:03   the police did not reckon with the fact that over 1,000 North Africans
0:06   came to spend Silvester Night in Cologne.
0:09   The police reacted fast, but are still left puzzled as to
0:12   how the North Africans colluded with each other.
0:15   Within the frame of the possibilities available for us
0:18   we of course are monitoring various social media sites.
0:21   We can determine some movement there,
0:24   but it is rather difficult.
0:27   Although only 2% of all immigrants in Germany come from
0:30   the North African states Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria,
0:33   they commit roughly 22% of all crimes committed by immigrants.
0:36   according to the federal criminal police office (Bundeskriminalamt BKA).
0:39   A Sociologist tells us that this disproportionately high share is explained by,
0:42   among other things, the low prospects for a residency permit in Germany.
0:46   Moroccan Sociologist Abderrahmane Ammar: They know that they don’t have good chances for residency permits,
0:49   they have to support their families,
0:52   and in order to make money they sell drugs
0:55   or commit robberies,
0:58   and sometimes it comes to,
1:01   or often it happens that they become aggressive.
1:04   And this is the kind of behavior that is essentially significant,
1:07   and not, as the criticized Cologne police have reiterated,
1:12   how they look and their country of origin.

71 thoughts on “Aggressive Intent, Advance Collusion by “Nafris” in Germany on New Year’s

  1. And who’s to say that future “tests of strength” won’t involve again large numbers of young men of a certain background showing up – but this time with firearms, which they’re ready to use??

    • Knives. They will sneak into the houses in the middle of the night and slit the throats of all inside.

      That’s my thought as to the future for Germany. A Kristallnacht of a different sort.

      • In Europe and most certainly in Ireland. From the smallest towns to the larger cities you see – Turkish barber shops. Often one either side of the street and another a little further down. Inside very serious bearded focused Muslims clip away around the equally seriously balding old heads or kufar kids. Nobody looks happy. The picture never looks right. These are ‘religion of peace’ head shops. How was we to know.

      • If they push it too far though, their hosts will react… witness this last Silvesternacht, where it seems the Polizei engaged in “racial profiling” their targets, far more than would be accepted in, say, London or San Francisco!

        Hence my guess is that for now, they might go easy on the knives and guns – at least while the welfare cheques are flowing in… but in future, with more (and better armed) invaders, could one small incident somewhere set the country alight? After that, it’s anyone’s guess what could happen.

  2. Germans missed golden opportunity – to detain these beasts altogether, revoke their residence permits and deport them immediately.

  3. Of course. It’s the only game in town. If thrills, spills, rape and for fun and for free is your thing – too bad if you are not Nafri. Helter skelter. They seem to believe that they have the infidel across a barrel. In the infidel’s own living space at that. This could start to end horribly for the Nafri bodies very soon?

  4. I am from Germany and unfortunately I’ve experienced this, last year a group of young dark skinned men of which only one spoke german sorrounded me and a friend in a train and touched us , I’ve always thought that if one day I was in such situation I would fight tooth and nail to get the man or men away from me I thought I would kick, punch, bite, scratch, poke eyes ..but in that moment I was petrified, scared like never before or after in my whole life, there are no words to describe how horrible, deep and desolating is the fear of a woman in the claws of those evil men, I was two months feeling like a child again, living with my parents, angry with the world now I don’t go out without my boyfriend, I don’t use public transport anymore, he drives me whenever I have to go and then pick me up, no woman is safe in Germany, men should put the pants on and women start to accept that we are weaker than men physically and emotionally to repel the attackers, I know these humanoid scum rarely mess with men or women who walk with men.

    • Do not forget this experience when you go voting! Remind your friends too. For now this is the way to fight!

      • Yes – too true! As long as the politicians get away with causing all this, they will continue to do the same – and things will only get worse… whatever one may think of the AfD – a vote for them seems to be the only option to let the establishment know that this situation cannot be accepted.

    • Dear german lady, I cannot accept your weak attitude.There are classes of self defense out there in Germany and classes how to kill with a knife;surely a knife that opens automatically and and finger knife for the jugular should not be hard to find.If fear is your answer then the scums have won;which unfortunately they did.

      • I used to say the same untill it was me the woman who was sorrounded by 6 men bigger and stronger than me, I understand what you mean but in that moment things are very different.

        • I’m sorry for your experience Marianne.

          The Classic Liberals of the political Right told everyone what would happen – because the same thing has been happening for 14 centuries (ever since Caliph Abd al Malik invented the conquest ideology of “Islam” to advance Arab Imperialism).

          So the Muslims have been exactly the same for 14 centuries. What has changed then ?

          The political Left has changed ! It claims to care about citizens yet it does not. The Left is enabling this invasion because it gives them more power and the chance to create all the laws it wants to destroy the Classic Liberals of the Right with.

          This is not your fault. The Left has been lying to the World for decades about its agenda – which is to create chaos so they can have their ‘socialist Revolution’.

          Look to Hungary and the Czech Republic for how governments behave when they care more for their citizens than for invaders.

          Look to the USA at its Bill of Rights for the things that can save Europe – Free Speech, the Right to Armed Self Defense, and Limited Government.

          The sooner the people of Europe vote in leaders that get this – and there is no shortage of such options: Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, AfD, etc then the more European lives will be saved. Delay means tragedy for more and more Europeans.

          Understand: Europeans are the ‘New Jews’ and Muslims are the ‘New Nazis’. Islam commands you submit. Either you win or they win thanks to Islamic verses like Koran 9:29.

          What are you going to do to make a difference? Are you telling as many German women as you can about your terrible experience ?

      • Such words are easy to say – until you come face to face with the threat… You should hope that you never find yourself in a situation like Marianne.

        • May be, but only staying or feeling weak is easy to do too; in fact, TOO EASY, it shouldn’t be done. Take a self defense class, always bring knife or spray, and always walk in 2 or 3 at least. I was once surrounded by about 5-6 men. I am a male. What did I do to escape? I remember something from the ‘X-Men: Firat class: the maximum power is reached in the point between anger/rage and calm. I then mix the anger and calm inside me; and suddenly hit two men near their eyes. I can escape. That’s the least you can do. Somewhere else in this website I post about a program aired by NatGeo (about self defense). Eyes are vulnerable for men and women. Attack the criminals in their eyes. That shouldn’t be hard. Yes it is easy, and I’ve done it.

          • In the army I learned that my first best survival tactic was to run like Hell. This saved my life in early sixties Narobi, Kenya when I was attached by three Muslims. They just could not catch me. So stay fit. Learn to run for your life on s split second’s notice. Remember these things are the lowest form of life. Killing, torturing, lust for the Godless Lifeless Saudi based moon ghoul Allah is their lie in waiting. They will probably kill you anyway. Scream. Someone may hear. Just the possibility of being discovered may penetrate enough to freak the Afri out. Set your phone up for one touch locate, record or whatever. A loud ‘I am being attacked by an Afri Freak’., or whatever. Men and women need real world training in combatting the trash blowing in the wind. Study these creatures. Make them the hunted. Come on ladies . You can do it. Keep your male friends close. I was told as a child that men’s role in the world was to protect women and children. Yeah I know.

          • I’ve done martial arts… the first thing they teach you, when facing a large group, is that your best chance is escape… only fight if you absolutely have to.

            And if they have knives, then most people have very little chance…

          • In Haramsway is absolutely right. I’ve already heard professionals teaching that when facing a large group, your best chance is to run away. This has nothing to do with honor or being weak, this is a matter of logic. We’re not in a Jack Reacher movie there.

      • Wake up to yourself! Most women are not built that way, either physically or emotionally – surely you realize that?

        Female police officers are taught self-defence and carry side-arms as well as Oleoresin spray, extendable baton and Tasers, yet they also become victim to the scum that uses force of numbers to at first, surround and then immobilize. There have been instances where just one single male has taken on two female officers and only for the actions of a male passing by would have shot them both with one of the officer’s side-arm.

        • National Geographic once aired a program where one woman with minimum self defense ability can defeat one man. Attack the penis, it’s the most vulnerable. I still remember the lesson. If using the techniques that were aired (not limited to attacking the penis) two woman officer CAN beat a man officer. I disagree with you. Female officers that suit your description do not deserve their job.

          • Oh, you couldn’t go that extra step and call me a liar? Well your comment certainly tells me that you have not been in the circumstances I have described and that has been my experience to know of. It also seems to me, that your lack of appreciation for the reality of the situations I sometimes describe on this site also causes you to place faith in a National Geographic article over that of real life experience and a program that would be so far removed from the actuality of life on the streets as to be pointless in showing it.

            That you promote such a program tells me you have no idea of what you write about!

            And then you add this; ‘Female officers that suit your description do not deserve their job.’

            Well unlike you, I have worked with many female officers who were good at their job and many who were not. But even those who were good at their job did not last the distance and some landed in hospital with life threatening injuries from the violent or other incidents that they attended and were subsequently medically discharged from the ‘job’ because of their disabilities – happens to males as well, as it happened to me!

            So, unlike your National Geographic ‘education’ the reality of life on the streets is that police work is dangerous and at times life threatening for which you have shown no appreciation of!

        • You say “most women”, not “all women”. Shouldn’t police women be unlike most women emotionally and physically? I tell my own experience. How can you be sure I wasn’t in the circumstances I told? Think bro.

          • I think you come across as being very naïve. If you haven’t yet gauged the personality types that make up both male and female then you still have a lot to learn.

      • If anyone in Germany killed with a knife in self defense, I suspect they would face a tough prison sentence for manslaughter. Anyway, killing one of a group of six would mean her certain death by the other five.

        Germany can no longer protect its citizens. It is no longer a civilized country.

        • Well, if you feel that the state is that far advanced against you then you need to figure out how to combat the obscene laws that THEY have put in place to put only YOU – the very citizen they are employed to protect – and not the REAL offender, under THIER microscope.

          If that is the case, then may I suggest, that if the scenario you reckon ever eventuates then one may always abide by the old adage that dead men can tell no tales!

    • Marianne I’m sorry you had to endure such horrible ordeal, here in France things aren’t much better. Thank God I haven’t been assaulted but I’ve been insulted by culture-enrichers many times in the street and sadlyI know many women who have been accosted and gropped. My female workmates carry scalpels, small knives, gas pepper spray even small hammers in their handbags and pockets! I know a nurse who knocked down a young african with her flashlight! A russian girl who lives in Lyon once showed me an anti-bear spray she carries in her car, a big, heavy spray can which she brought from her country and according to her can cause a man to faint in seconds! I hope things get better for you and your beautiful country.

      • I felt the same way in France about 12 ago. My partner stood in front of me whenever we went on the metro. I got groped by someone from a group of Arab men on Montmatre.

        Men alone get attacked all the time, too. These cowards do group attacks, and even though men are larger than women, a single one can’t usually defend himself either.

        Nobody, man or woman, should suffer all this in a civilised society. They have let in barbaric monsters.

    • It is extremely difficult for a highly trained martial artist to deal with a group of 6 people who may be armed.

      The victims either male or female are confronted by a gang of people working together. It is all about survival in those circumstances.

      My son was in Germany recently and remarked on this feeling of guilt over past events that appeared widespread. No right thinking person could blame a chid for the sins of the parent, let alone impose such a ridiculous impost on a whole generation. I don’t know how the Greens can get away with that total nonsense.

      To get back at these [epithets] be an activist. Join AfD and get these [epithets] deported. Fight them any way you can. Make sure you tell everybody about the abuse you suffered. Tell everyone that the cure for islamic violence is not more Muslims. demand deportation of all who cannot prove themselves to be refugees. You have the power in the ballot box. All you have to do is use it.

      The way to break down the PC totalitarians is to be unafraid of being called a “racist” – islam is of course just an idea, nothing more, I could convert to islam tomorrow if I chose (unlikely), I have bit more difficulty changing my race. “Nazi” is a claim made by people who act like totalitarians themselves against people who wish to win democratic elections!. This is the key. The PC proponents wish to shut down debate. That is when the power is handed to you. Just keep arguing. That drives them wild. They have no arguments only abuse. When that doesn’t work they have nothing, there is a tipping point and the PC lobby collapses.

      It has worked here in Australia where half the population opposed Islamic immigration and the government has changed its policies.

      You have many supporters outside Germany. We really do feel for you here. Is there anything concrete that we, outside Germany can do to to help?

      Best wishes from us all in Melbourne

      • “Join AfD and get these [epithets] deported.”

        The problem with that is, what you wrote earlier:

        “My son was in Germany recently and remarked on this feeling of guilt over past events that appeared widespread.”

        Now that much of the German “mainstream” has painted the AfD as being “Nazi”, it’s going to be so much harder for them to get support… even though just a short while ago, they were nicknamed the “professors’ party” (thanks to their disproportionately intellectual membership).

        It’s the tried and tested approach: sling enough mud at your target, and it sticks… and in Germany, the most potent type of mud is called “Nazi”.

        • I have been called a Racist and a bigot lots of times. I just don’t care. Here the words have been shouted inappropriately so many times that they no longer have the sting they one did. Islam is not a race. I will not be shouted down by bullies and fools. All they have is abuse. If you are silent they win. Ignore the mud, it comes with the territory. It is all about seizing the narrative from the islamofacists and their virtue signalling supporters. Rapist apologists should not be able to seize the public space and its accompanying narrative. They need to be confronted. Antifa is pro rape as they give it a free pass. They need to be told.

          • I can see where you’re coming from – but you Australians are (at least to a an outsider) known for being quite forthright in what you say! Which isn’t the case in Germany…

            There, people are not known for speaking that much to each other – and even less so about “controversial” subjects. And being labelled a “Nazi” might not only mean losing some of your friends, but also quite possibly a visit from the Police, about which your employer may be told, likely leading to a dismissal… hence it can be quite an effective threat.

        • On reflection, here in Australia the important thing in winning the battle for the narrative was to confront everywhere, on line in Parliament, in the public space, and in the MSM. I realise that in Germany there is absurd political censorship controlled by the Government, but when there is a narrative that cannot be ignored politicians being what they are, change their behavior. It takes time for people to come around but they will. It actually happened quite suddenly when a tipping point was reached. It was not the election of the anti Islam party, but them doing very well in the polls that influenced the major party to change the law. I am seeing similar signs from Merkel after seeing the successes of AfD. Politicians like to stay in power.

          I just worry about the German morale.

          If the British, Americans, Italians, Dutch and French can do it, the current German and EU regimes are on the wrong side of history.

          Given what I read perhaps the Austrians are regretting their choice already.

          Best wishes to you all

    • Marianne I understand all you have said, it happened to me too, back in 2006 I was visiting relatives in Netherlands and a group of young black men started to follow me and then sorrounded me, took my purse, my ceel phone and gropped me, were not from an old woman in a car who began to yell at them and blow the horn they might have raped me, the monsters directed their rage to the car of the old woman kicking it and trying to break the windshield, the most grotesque part of this was that by the time the cops arrived they purposely allowed the young men to run away: 3 officers, two men one women two stood by me asking me “are you ok?” the other was asking the same to the old lady in the car meanwhile the black men walked away… when I furiously complained at the police station they remarked that I am russian and I could be expulsed if caused disturbance in a public office…. I was almost raped and the police threats me to expulse me while the men who attacked me were allowed to walk away laughing at me.. Netherlands need Geert Wilders ASAP

      • Be an activist. Organise. The Dutch have a ready made hero. Speak of your experiences. They cannot silence you. Say that the police did nothing. Blog. Shout it in the middle of the square, join others with similar experiences. Lobby politicians. Be a politician yourself. Demonstrate. What are they going to do? Take you to court? Tell the judges everything. Post the events on GoV… Etc. good luck in your new career.

      • That’s gross! And we keep on hearing ads from feminists about how women need to speak out and when they do, nothing is done, they let the men run away.

    • Meine liebe Marianne, You women want so badly die Emancipation, and now you cry for help from the German Man? This is KARMA.
      Defend your self and fight the battle.
      Diesen Rat gebe ich Dir, das ist nur der Anfang von dem Ende Deutschlands.
      Vielleicht gehoeren sie auch zu diesen sogenannten Gutmenschen die ihre Teddybaeren in den Bahnhoefen verteilt haben. Wie gesagt migefangen mitgehangen.

      [Machine translation:

      “This advice I give to you is only the beginning of the end of Germany.
      Perhaps they also belong to these so-called good people who have distributed their teddy bears in the railway stations. As mentioned.”

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • That is what they want you to do, to fear living your life to the fullest, with or without a man. Get a gun and the next time you are attacked, kill the perpetrator. Self defense is the most basic human right.

    • Sorry to learn that yoou had to go through such a horrible experience Marianne. You’ll gain confidence again with time don’t worry. Also, there’s not much yoou could have done unfortunately when confronted with 6 men. Should you harm or kill one of them you’d be killed by the others or would end up in jail. Europe is messed up really.

  5. Saw the word ‘Silvesternacht’ out of my eye corner – my initial reading of it ‘Silvernacht’ – as opposed to ‘Krystallnacht’.

    • I don’t think you are far wrong on that score – and have a nice pint of Theakston’s bitter for me while you are at that pub.

  6. I believe a large “cohort” of athletic Christian and Jewish manhood bearing defensive fiberglass shields adorned with Crucifixes or Stars of David, as appropriate, and fortified by bludgeons and electric cattle prods would constitute a perfect welcoming party for the New Year and for the newly arrived.

    Let the “test” begin.

  7. The collusion is easy to explain. On a technical level, they use mobile phones. On an organisation level, there is a military structure hidden in the migrant swarms, with local commanders who get their orders from leaders in their home countries.

  8. To myfreeeurope regarding Marianne — Until you have been surrounded by a hostile gang and see how easily they can overpower you, please don’t be so harsh. “I can’t accept your weak attitude” is easy to say from your computer desk, but try that while cornered in a moving train with no allies to back you up. I’ve been there in L.A., and it is a helpless feeling. Only in the movies can individuals overwhelm a determined gang that pulls no punches. We must rid our societies of those with “aggressive intent.”

    • Any individual can defeat a ‘determined gang’. You just need the right tools.
      The tools often have brands on the side like Colt, Ruger or in Marianne’s case “H&K”.

      In most European countries it is possible to get a firearm if one belongs to a club. So join a club then !

      Don’t want to be prepared that way, then join “Neighbourhood Watch” or equivalent organization. Germans still outnumber the invaders but are not using this to their advantage.

      Pretending that nothing can be done is bs. Something can ALWAYS be done – but you have to organize it AHEAD OF TIME.

      • How many Europeans join gun clubs though?! In much of europe its thought of as being, well, weird… like something for Breivik/Dyllan Roof wannabees.

        As for Germans “outnumbering” the invaders – that may be so but the invaders live largely on welfare and can spend most of their day in the gym. Whereas Germans of the same age are more likely to be corporate slaves, or living a virtual life playing Pokemon Go… still more of them are leftists/Antifas, and acticely side with the invaders… so, the relevant statistic is – how many patriotic gym-trained Germans are there, versus how many gym-trained invaders + Antifas?

      • ” You just need the right tools.”

        Nonsense, in this context! You may have a license to own guns and use them at the shooting range or when hunting. But it would be a severe offense carrying them in public places in a way where you could make use of them. Typically, you are required to have them shut away in some kind of case; preferably with a lock.

        You are even forbidden to carry a knife ready for use longer than 7cm (IIRC).

        There are almost 5 million licensed weapons in Germany; anything from 22 l.r. upwards. So you might calculate all the immigration problem could be solved within a few hours …

    • Correct. I have been trained by the best karateka for 30 years in Okinawa and Tokyo. The gang that was faced was an enormous ask. It is all about survival in those circumstances.

    • I’ve been there too Chris and people really have to understand that we’re not in a movie indeed when facing a whole group of aggressive thugs.

  9. Only 2 per cent of immigrants come from North Africa? Is that of all non-German-born people currently living in Germany? Given that ‘immigrant’ these days often refers to the recent crop of invaders, I’d have thought Nafris to consist of far more than 2 per cent of that particular cohort–and none of them with a right to seek asylum anywhere, let alone in Germany.

  10. Can any group be more shrewd and cunning than western man? Aren’t we the best fighters? Use this comparative advantage.

  11. Many women in our world have been beaten, robbed of their life savings. Forced to be a prisoner in their own home. It happened to me. I have been traumatized for ten years but, am slowly getting back my voice. If we dont speak out against these people then we will have no life anyhow, or at lest not one worth living. We must not cringe from them but we have to fight them.

    I know exactly how Marianne felt. They frighten us, they bully us and frighten us so much with death threats to our dearest family members like our children and grand children. I wish I had screamed it out to the world, but back then my own country was turning a blind eye to what was happening to our world. There was no help available even if anyone did believe our story. These people are a well prepared group and they lie with total ease. People believe they are good people because they appear to be so kind and gentle and in reality they are the devil incarnate.

    I lost everything of value in my life the work of a lifetime.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Infidel Woman. What country was that in? I know an English woman who many years ago trusted and married a muslim and ended up ‘investing’ all her money in a business of his in an islamic country. She lost everything – just had to be glad to escape back home with her children.

      The silver lining is that her children thrived with her and their grandparents and are happy Christian adults now.

      • I have also heard of these enablers . . . perhaps even met some: Women who travel to “refugee” countries to experience the “charms” of “exotic” men. One such bloke was Ali from Incekum. I was dining at his restaurant when he told me of his English lady/financier who enabled him to start his business. Of course, he also had a respectable wife and family. A man will do what a man’s gotta do.

    • I’m sorry for your experience. My aunt had something simar happen to her, although she’s still trapped in Malaysia. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I, and the rest of my family, think the way we do…

      It’s time stories like this see the light of day. We need more books, more TV interviews, more films like Not Without My Daughter… even if leftists try to bully cinemas into not showing them. People need to know that these are not isolated incidents – but the general rule, in these sorts of situations.

    • The fact that you can make such an empathetic post shows you possess great perspicacity. To overcome the bullying and threats over such a long period of time when others would have succumbed shows you to be a person of great strength. These qualities truly are treasures that you obviously possess in spades.

  12. The Jewish people of Europe were condemned for not fighting back or resisting the Nazis. Are we getting a better understanding now?

    • One of the first things that Hitler did when he came to power was to disarm the German populace. If you have firearms and they are ‘registered’ then be aware that your government will be able to confiscate them at any time of its choosing.

  13. On the technical side they are probably using WhatsApp to organize. WhatsApp has encryption good enough to conceal their messages long enough. I hear it is in favor as a tool for tinpot regimes that can’t run their own comms. I’ve also had US gov’t personnel claim it’s okay for conducting business and gov’t comms. Uh, okay.

    I have to respond to all the crazy self-defense comments here. Things may be different for ladies, but for men the US has crazy laws restricting dual-purpose tools like knives, or simple self-defense tools like expanding batons. In many jurisdictions mere possession of either tool is a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison. I can only imagine how bad the laws are in Europe.

  14. “…uprooted, brutalized and Islamized young men mostly from Algeria and Morocco.” So they were victims?

    • Before a bully becomes a bully he lives in a pupal stage as a victim. If, at their age, you had been brutalized in myriad ways from the time you were a few months old (which is the family custom in tribal Islam), then uprooted from your family and tossed out into a strange world before you were fully grown, yes you would be a victim…and then the wheel would turn just a bit. You would still have the potential to be a victim when facing larger bullies, but you’d also have the “freedom” via ganging up with others, of being the fist instead of enduring its punching power.

      But that doesn’t mean we can tolerate feral children or adults whose behavior is that of malign bullies in Western society. We are hundreds of years past that now and don’t have the tools to deal with it.
      In Social Services years ago I worked with destructive families. One young boy had climbed a tree to get away from a group of larger boys who were going to beat him up. He was so relieved when his father drove into the driveway – now he was saved. The bigger boys scattered and he climbed down from the tree, crying and telling his daddy how glad he was that he’d come in time. The father’s response was to reach into the car, grab a hammer, and start beating the kid for not being able to hold his own against that group. Good ol’ Dad said, in defense of his behavior, “yea, though I walk through the shadow of the Valley of Death, I shall fear no evil for I am the meanest [ ___ ] in the valley”.

      In other words what we see as a feature in Islamic mass immigration unfortunately still continues to be a bug in the settled Western world. In our world, we are so much meat to the feral immigrants but we still manage to raise up some of our home-grown malign bullies.

      It’s important to understand the dynamics even as one strives to prevent/sanction them. The price of the failure to do so is your own humanity.

  15. Hello Everybody, I didn’t think my experience would trigger so many different reactions and opinions, my own experience is in Germany today very common, every house, every family has at least one female memeber who faced a situation like mine or even worse. After that happened I asked myself many times why you didn’t do something? why didn’t bite them? why didn’t kick their crotches? wh didn’t so many things I heard and was adviced to do if that happened one day, not having an answer tortured rather the only answer I had was: I was scared to death, six men, taller, stronger than me sorrounded me and my friend and they laughed and put their hands all over our bodies, one of them spoke broken german and called us whores and pigs, I am not sure how much did this last but seemed an eternity to me, at times I felt my feet weren’t touching the floor, don’t know if this was the enormous fear the sense of irreality that was invading me at the moment (this is not happening I thought) or the men were really lifting me up, the whole experience was pure fear, fear of being stabbed, raped, strangled.. anything could have happened. I spent weeks locked in my house, I moved with my parents, my mother took care of me as if I was her little daughter again, I feared these men found me again since they had my handbag, mobile phone, credit cars.. I closed my facebook account, I became paranoid with fear. All I want to say is I hope no one here man or woman have to go through a similar experience, my life is not the same after that, as I said I don’t use public transport anymore, my boyfriend drives me to my job and picks me up everyday even when this means he must close his store some hours every day, my friend who was attacked with me in the train experienced similar hell after all the incident. The police was not helping at all, they seemed upset when we stated time and again that the men were DARK skinned and didn’t look like germans, one very stubborn officed said that some native german have swarthy skin, this was incredible we found ourselves practically being treated like liars! they seemed to be pushing us to tell that the attack never happened or that the attackers were nordic men..Thing are this rotten in Germany today. I thank you all for all the solidarity and understanding. Marianne L

    • If they were upset, keep saying it. Organise with others and keep saying it. Demonstrate, stand for election, blog, go on TV and keep saying it. Do not ever be silent!

      Now is the time. The elections are close. This could be the most important time of your life. Your experiences have equipped you with weapons more deadly than any gun. You can argue your case from experience and it will be extremely difficult for the powers that be to shut you up without humiliating themselves. Attack police inaction and political appeasement. Go on – run for political office. If you don’t succeed, you have lost nothing. You may win ……….

  16. To Marianne, I’m very sorry you for your terrible experience, I am from Latvia, a country that is practically muslim free but I recently visited Sweden, the city of Malmö and I was shocked, totally appaled by the things I saw in the streets, it was totally UNBELIEVABLE: hordes of young men with dark skin gathered in street corness, stairs of train stations and when swedish girls walked in front of them they yelled things to them and touched their butts and fondled their breasts.. the girls reactions were: they just walked faster trying to leave the men behind or said NO NO and walked away, the perverts laughed and sat down again waiting for the next victime, people just watched, fit young swedish men saw this and did nothing (Swedish men super are super handsome but why I would date a man who ignores a lady in trouble!), one girl I saw tried to hold the hands of a man who wanted to touch her and he slapped her across the face, this happened in broad daylight and from what my swedish friends told me these things happen everyday and have been incorporated to the normal life of the city! Trying to find answers I talked with people and heard hundred horrible stories about rape, gropping, arson, torture of pets.. Malmö seem to be a foreign branch of hell these days. I asked my friends what do swedish feminists say about this? the answers were so unbelievable that I had to talk with a lefty feminist to corroborate it, this lady who looked like living skeleton (she is proudly vegan) said that white women have been brainwashed to believe that they are precious creatures and their bodies are invaluable treasures, she said women in africa, asia and latin america put up with worse condictions and added that denying sex to men from “oppresed minorities” was a despicable form of racism , her theory was some twisted kind of distribution of sex, according to her these things happen because some men can’t have sex because racist women don’t want to go to be with them, so they are forced to rape them. I asked her almost throwing a tantrum “what would you do if these men try to rape you?” and she replied “that is the kind of question racist people ask” and refused to continue talking. I left Sweden feeling I had left a dying country.. RIP Sweden we’ll miss you

    • Not bad!

      The stories on this post just get more and more surreal…

      Surely the take-away for us Eastern Europeans is… let’s make sure our countries stay nice and homogenous? 🙂

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