Looking Under the Rocks…

NOTE: This post is dedicated to the Gates of Vienna commenter and contributor Seneca III. May 2017 find him healthy, wealthy, and wise. He deserves it.

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The website Captain’s Journal has long been a reliable source for the news behind the news. This online activity makes the Captain a target. As he says in today’s post, “Concerning The FBI Coup, The CIA, The ‘Deep State,’ And The Clinton Foundation”, if you expose what you know, you can become a target:

If anything happens to me, you’ll know where to look. Like George [the subject of his post —D], I don’t hide behind a nom de guerre. I’m not anonymous — I write under my own name. My son Joseph and I have discussed this before. Rehearsing the danger I believe it is for me to write about these issues, after learning about the issues surrounding #Pizzagate, the deep state, the rogue generals and The Clinton Foundation, I said that I simply cannot turn away. Joseph encouraged me that I cannot…

His name, by-lined in this essay and well-known to those who read him regularly, is HERSCHEL SMITH. As the Baron often says, “we’re all paranoid now, but Smith doesn’t appear to be excessively.”

The Captain’s essay today promotes the You Tube work of George Webb, of whom he says:

[George] has been prolific lately communicating many important things, and also providing groundbreaking analysis of the information he presents. You can visit his YouTube channel for yourself, and you should, every day. I want to link only two of his videos here, but in my opinion, they are the most important videos he has done. Seriously, if you do nothing else today, you need to watch these two videos entirely.

Before I embed them below, I want to offer up a number of comments. I have a lot to communicate and I don’t know of another way to do it except to go in no particular sequential order. It’s my fervent hope that George reads this post and that you regularly watch George’s videos. If I can’t do anything else, I certainly can connect my readers to good men like George.

In the first video I link, George clearly says that he is receiving FBI help. I had suspected so from the outset. This lends credence to the idea that there are some patriots left inside the U.S. government, and that there is a war going on within the intelligence community.

Here’s Part One of a three-part series being promoted by the Captain:

Yes, indeed, wow. Very wow…

A ‘wow’ for which the MSM has been bizzy-bizzy, trying mightily to misdirect your attention. But this is the world in which we live, the world which would have gone even more deeply dark had Hillary been elected. I think half the American people intuited this when they voted for Trump. Many of those voters were in the “ABC” camp, i.e., Anybody But Clinton.

[The other two parts should be on the sidebar. I haven’t seen them yet, but I will when we return from a visit to the dentist. Providing we’re able to traverse the frozen wastes between here and his office.]

It’s a good thing George Webb, the information compiler who did these videos didn’t go after Islamic interference in our government. You Tube would have long since deleted his account, as it has so many others.

Hat tip:Doug Ross, aka Director Blue. More on his high-value work later.

5 thoughts on “Looking Under the Rocks…

  1. I happened on George Webb around Day 60 or so. I was confused why the previous 59 days were not all visible. Turns out YT had lost them. A fan of George’s had saved them and has them and posted this to George Webb, who btw answers some responses immediately among the posts. He is a magnificent reporter and journalist and I have watched a few days videos twice or three times. Especially at firs, until I got the gist of the wealth of topics he links to the power players in DC and the machinations for over thirty plus years of one HRC, our near miss at POTUS. Watching daily now, as George posts two to four excellent videos, I find I can follow the rat lines as he connects them to cash, oil, arms, and children, all trafficked nefariously for many years. It’s not easy to take, but absolutely amazing work by both the famous, like Sy Hersch, and the unknown, like Eva Bartlett. And the great George Webb to assimilate and aggregate it for the likes of average folks like me. Like GoV, he has got the real deal, daily.

  2. What a nightmare! Is it really any wonder why people have been ‘disappearing’ around the Clintons?

    Charles Ortel, an American prosecutor, and Michael Smith, from Michael Smith News, have also much to say on the Clinton Foundation which is now out in the public domain.

    I note there was a ‘dump’ of hundreds of Clinton emails done quietly by the FBI this morning. I wonder if they have been redacted? Litmus test anyone?

  3. For more on Kissinger (and why Assad of Syria hates the US), and much more about the state of our culture, if you have access to BBC iPlayer, check out Alan Curtis’ documentary, “HyperNormalisation”.

  4. I watched a couple of this guys videos, and thought he raised some interesting points. Then I read through the comments section. Someone posted about the age-old question of obama documentation, etc. (Never been answered, records sealed) Webb replies that he didn’t want to get into that debate because it’s a distraction. Then goes on to say, “besides, I like the guy”. Who says that? Who likes that guy? “refugees”, dope dealers? pedophiles? I mean, really?

    • I don’t like what Obama has done but after eight years as our president, it’s too late to keep raising the question of O’s “documentation”. Back before he was ever elected, in 2007 or so, Hillary had the goods on him but no one was interested because he was appointed as America’s “Magic Negro” (the L.A. Times’ name for him).

      I agree with Webb; it’s a distraction. That’s why we’ve never run a story on it. With the powerful and with their puppets, one needs to choose which fights are worth the effort. If Hillary’s well-oiled smear machine couldn’t do it…that’s enough for me.

      Eventually, history will solve it.

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