95% of Asylum Applicants in Italy Are Fake “Refugees”

In the following clip from an Italian TV show, a well-informed man discusses the massive disproportion of economic migrants among asylum applicants in Italy. He also objects to the use of military barracks to house the “refugees”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   These are the facts… the afternoon of 28 October.
00:05   They are facts from the ministry
00:09   Of 76,000 requests for political asylum presented… 76,448
00:13   [unintelligible] for those numbers… Nigerians, Pakistanis,
00:17   Gabonese, Senegalese, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc. etc.
00:21   Syrians make up 800 in all
00:25   of 76,000. Therefore [unintelligible]
00:28   and therefore, accepted as political refugees, there are 3,952.
00:32   Therefore, I repeat — you at home watch my lips —
00:36   76,000 requests for asylum…
00:39   Those accepted are less than 4,000.
00:43   Therefore, there is something… Surely, a variance of 20 refugees..
00:47   Last point. The casernes serve to guarantee security
00:51   Therefore, I see the [unintelligible] tricolore (flag)
00:55   The casernes serve to house the military, the police,
00:59   the Carabinieri, and not those who are have to be pursued by the military,
01:03   by the police and by the Carabinieri. To receive women and children
01:07   fleeing from war is my first sacrosanct duty.
01:11   Therefore, the smallest quota of women and children really fleeing war,
01:16   Must be received not in buses but brought here by air.
01:21   All of the rest must be sent home. All the rest must be sent home.
01:27   All right, we’ll go to a commercial. We’ll go to a commercial…

9 thoughts on “95% of Asylum Applicants in Italy Are Fake “Refugees”

  1. Ummmmmm………………………………..Yeah!
    Go to the commercial!
    Go to LOTS and lots of commercials!

    …………………..LOOK! a Squirrel!
    (ANYTHING but listen to this guy……………)

  2. Italy has a special and dirty part in this affair.
    Because it is als the European country that de facto works as a people trafficker.
    The left Italian Government under Matteo Renzi begun by itself with the so called “Operation Mare Nostrum” fishing Migrants out of the water nearly still in sight of the coast of Northern Africa.

    Later the same trafficking continued under EU`s Frontex regime (actually they should protect European borders) as the so called “Operation Triton”.
    But in any case, the Italians tell the asylum seekers to leave the country and let them just wander north to France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
    So it`s a foul game the Italian officials are playing here (with only a relative small number of asylum seekers who they actually take themselves).

    • Actually, the EU mandated Mare Nostrum. The Italians did not have a choice.

      Nevertheless, that and the rest of the migration crisis has been handled ineptly and corruptly.

      • The EU can`t force any member state to start a so called rescue operation by themselves.

        But of course if a government will do this, then it will look for support of any kind from the EU.
        Especially a left government of EU-underlings like Renzis.

        • I disagree. In the case of Italy, the EU can force it to do just about anything. And it has.

          The key is ECB debt. It was well-known at the time that Brussels forced the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi by threatening to demand a raise in the interest rate on the next rollover of the ECB’s purchases of Italian bonds (if I remember correctly). And Berlusconi himself acknowledged it a year or two later.

          I don’t know how much of an increase would be necessary — a quarter point? A half point? — but given that Italy lives on the margin from day to day, even a slight raise could break the budget and cause a fiscal collapse.

          The EU has Italy by the goolies at this point.

          • Yes then we just have to disagree. 😉
            But to your argument: Italy is a member of the Euro-Zone so it has the Euro (€) as currency, the EU will do nothing to harm the allready problematic fiscal situation of Italy.
            Because it would only backfire at the Euro itself.

            And another point, the EU didn`t have to force such a step to the Renzi`s Government, because those politcians are all in consensus when it comes to the migration policy for Europe.
            Of course there also are some irrational aspects in the whole matter.
            Because on one hand they want to create this multicultural Union, this New Europe (national identities they only feel as something disruptive).
            And on the other hand they see that it hurts their chances getting elected and they see (to some point) that the migrants are not “pure gold”, as a green German politician claimed (ironically her name is Göring).
            But hey, it`s an ideology, what else can one expect then something stupid and harmful.

        • More and more people hope for this to happen.
          But sadly it may happen as fast as in one year, but it can also only happen after many years of painful decline.

  3. Italy needs to protect itself from ppl who are not seeking asylum. PPL that lie must go home.

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