There Is No Cause Like a Lost Cause

Even Vice President Biden has enough remaining brain cells to look embarrassed by his colleagues’ objections to the electoral college outcome.

Watch Paul Ryan stone-face it throughout the ‘process’.

These fools are objecting to the verification of their districts’ electoral votes but not a one of ’em got either Senator from his state to sign on to this tom-foolery. Such a kabuki theatre event would be high-risk for them.

Nota Bene: You are to ignore the fact that most of the objections were made by members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The white dude is from Alabama, I think.

5 thoughts on “There Is No Cause Like a Lost Cause

  1. I’ve been watching all this ‘sore losing’ stuff, but is it really just the sore losers thumping on about their loss or is there something more sinister in the making. The Russians are now being demonized daily in the lying media – there is no let up – and now Alex Jones at has a theory concerning DHS and the federalizing of the election process that is simply chilling.

  2. N.B.: I neither ignore anything, nor forget anything, including my own successes, mistakes. I’ve had my share of each, including doozies on both sides, a cause of humility, and giant appreciation of God’s grace. Being an independent of the Tea Party persuasion. I do try to understand all I’m able. I also try to take the measure of intelligence, behind each such person. And I know some are able to progress to more intelligent levels, but must deal with their current level.

    This caucus has shown consistent appalling and obvious disappointment to the truly capable and intelligent people, including Walter Williams, Charles Payne, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, countless more, even the supposedly greatly setback or oppressed, former slave, who self-educated himself, Mr. Frederick Douglas. These good and outstanding examples and so many more like them, comport themselves thoughtfully, with wisdom and consideration.

    These many successful people, have transcended, overcome, all the various difficulties which each of us do face, in our own ways, and degree, growing beyond what we have been given, or dealt. And some from any source, truly swim personal oceans of challenges, climb true personal mountains, to reach the shores of successes, often even unrecognized! And that is as life is, and must be. God with Christ as the ultimate arbiter of final success!

    This caucus characteristic display of the typical instincts of the character and ethics of the ghetto, not the true character, ethics and virtues of an somewhat educated, somewhat refined, common man, even. The caucus members, leading from behind, display inept false pride, in mouths. They represent the constant display of our great disappointment, because instead of behaving in exemplary fashion for the world to see, for the position they have achieved, they behave instead as a stereotyped group as failures, with mouths. All failures have mouths. Better for all, they just disband, rather than continue such embarrassment !

    A prime example of current reality is Larry Elder’s saying: “Putin didn’t write those emails!” [DEMOCRATS WERE CAUGHT, WITH THEIR USUAL PANTS DOWN, IN THE ACT OF BEING WHAT THEY REALLY ARE!]”

    • I see I may have inadvertently been unclear about Larry Elder, whom I meant to compliment about his observation of truth and reality! This was important to make clear.

      • Yes, I like Larry Elder, too. I almost did a post on Thomas Sowell’s retirement from the writing life, but it made me too sad.

        And today comes word of Nat Hentoff’s demise. He was truly a rara avis. The Baron really admired his work. From the wiki:

        Hentoff espoused generally liberal views on domestic policy and civil liberties, but in the 1980s, he began articulating more socially conservative positions—opposition to abortion, voluntary euthanasia, and the selective medical treatment of severely disabled infants. Hentoff argued that a consistent life ethic should be the viewpoint of a genuine civil libertarian, arguing that all human rights are at risk when the rights of any one group of people are diminished, that human rights are interconnected, and people deny others’ human rights at their own peril.[18]

        While at one time a longtime supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Hentoff became a vocal critic of the organization for its advocacy of government-enforced university and workplace speech codes.[19] He served on the board of advisors for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, another civil liberties group. Hentoff’s book Free Speech for Me—But Not for Thee outlines his views on free speech and excoriates those whom he feels favor censorship in any form.

        I disagree with the wiki statement that Hentoff “became more conservative”. As many other classic Liberals of his generation were to find, modern liberals moved further and further left, dropping all the old-fashioned virtues and donning marxist-socialist robes instead. It wasn’t an improvement.

        As Daniel Patrick Moynihan (another Liberal Democrat) predicted, it was a culture-wide depravity and dumbing-down that would cost us dearly. It is deeply sad – far past irony – that when Moynihan retired from the Senate, his replacement turned out to be…Hillary.

        • Thanks Dymphna, an illuminating expansion on the subject. Sorry, surprised, to hear of Nat’s passing. That was a well-regarded book, of a vitally important subject, I recall in memory.

          I too was disappointed to see Thomas’s retirement, but well deserved. I am glad Walter is still making contributions, I think. I had the opportunity to shake his hand briefly after a talk in the ‘70s or ’80s. Stumbled on and followed their works, and many others thinking’s, in the conservative media, back then. I’ve never cared the nature of the individual, but the contributory positive nature of one’s output, so far as I’ve known about myself.

          Some can do more, some less, but all positive contributions are important, and add up, to civilizational progress, however unevenly, and ultimately are balanced out to one’s self, at the small door.

          I agree with your comments.

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