Who Needs the UN, Anyway?

The recent Security Council vote barring Israel from building new “settlements” brought to the fore the malevolent machinations of the OIC-dominated United Nations.

The entire process was cynical and manipulative on the part of Barack Obama, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and other anti-Israel officials in the United States government. They engineered the resolution, pressured Security Council members to vote for it, and then abstained from voting. All the other members voted in favor of it — including the UK and Russia, mind you — so the resolution passed unanimously.

This malicious parting shot by President Obama may eventually have the salutary effect of causing the USA to withdraw from the UN, or at least to defund it. I doubt that was the president’s intention, but it looks like the new Republican Congress — soon to be working under the leadership of President Donald Trump — could be moving in that direction.

The following essay about the festering globalist corruption that is the United Nations was originally published in France. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this piece from Boulevard Voltaire:

United Nations: the metamorphosis of woodlice

[Translator’s note: Seven paragraphs more or less explain what they mean by this title. If you look up ‘woodlice’, you’ll see they eat dead leaves and vegetable debris, like earthworms, but they are crustaceans, so they don’t have a metamorphosis in their life cycle. The authors of this article clearly failed their biology class!]

Obama will have succeeded one thing: making the UN obsolete.

Will the year 2017 mark the end of the “spring” and the return to the realpolitik of empires? Seeing the hyperactive panic of the globalist political class, one might believe just that. The narcissistic presidents Obama and Hollande, defeated by Trump’s victory, which destroyed thirty years of globalist work, and above all terrified by the rapidity with which the latter put on the presidential shoes, are reduced to leaving their mark… post-mortem.

With one target: Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Trump. It was enough for Trump to announce his plan to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem to make a rabbit to jump out of the United Nations’ hat: Resolution 2334, passed without an American veto, makes Israeli settlements outside the borders Of 1967 — before the Six-Day War — illegitimate.

And [former UN Ambassador John] Bolton added: “Contrary to what Obama says, it is the end of the ‘two-state solution’… which basically cannot work” (Newsmax, 28 December).

The visceral reaction of the Jewish community… on Jerusalem. The eastern part of the city (known as the Jewish quarter) had been occupied by the Arab legion during the 1948 war, its population expelled. The “reconquest” of 1967 is now null and void.

And the fury of the Jews is directed at President Obama, to whom Bolton ascribes a “denial of Israeli as much as American exceptionalism.”

That’s not all. Obama and Holland are organizing, along with 70 states (but without Israel), the Paris conference of January 15 (five days before the swearing-in of President Donald Trump) which, in Netanyahu’s opinion, is only a trick to get out a new-broom resolution that would supplement last week’s (2334) resolution to perpetually tie the hands of the new Trump administration. A first…

This last start, this metamorphosis of the losers, is above all an act of faith in the role of the “drones” of the world, those unelected luxury cartels who deify the concepts of “international community” to the detriment of sovereignty… and peace.

The problem: Trump, Netanyahu, Putin, Farage, Orbán, Erdoğan, Xi Jinping, Rohani, etc., multiply on the planet, managing their problems directly, without the viziers of globalism. And John Kerry will have to put his “Israeli-Palestinian solution” back in his pocket… and regret that the Ottoman and Persian Empires are no longer there to manage the puppet states of the Middle East, non-viable as much as unlivable.

Obama will have succeeded in one thing: making the UN insignificant. As for its cost: American taxpayers pay about $8 billion annually (approximately 23% of the total budget) for a piece of international cheese whose operating costs exceed 30% of those of an equivalent government bureaucracy (source: Fox News).

It’s time for Trump to transform the UN into luxury apartments…

Note: The design for the header graphic was conceived by Vlad Tepes.

16 thoughts on “Who Needs the UN, Anyway?

  1. There are a few stories out there about a meeting in Paris, 5 days before the Trump inauguration, of mostly French/Eurabia/OIC members to further bury Israel before Trump has any power to change things.

    IIRC, Obama will make an appearance, but I’m not sure there. Hollande will attend. If anyone has links to this meeting or its agenda, I’d appreciate the sharing of them.

    From WND:

    “We need to ditch this organization run by crazies and create one run by free nations,” former Rep. Steve Stockman told WND.

    Former Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Minn., told WND, “The U.S. should expose the O.I.C. (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) agenda at the U.N., which is institutional genocide by consensus against the Jewish state of Israel, and against the Jewish people generally. Then the U.S. should let it be known the U.S. will no longer be part of the O.I.C./U.N. agenda.”

    She essentially predicted the U.N. must clean up its act or face the ultimate price: “We will refuse to pay any further U.N. costs, may remove ourselves from membership and consider removal of the U.N. building from the current U.S. site in New York City.”

    The U.S. contributed $3.04 billion to the U.N. in 2015, according to congressional testimony. That’s 22 percent of its budget and more than is paid by 185 other countries combined.

    Stockman reflected, “Emanuel’s advice about not letting a serious crisis go to waste, which was once used to enact such major changes as Obamacare, could now backfire on the administration.”

    The former congressman told WND, “The growing outrage over the vote has provided conservatives our turn to take advantage of a crisis, because (with the incoming Trump administration) now we have a chance to kill the wasteful spending on a wasteful concept called the U.N.”

    The Texan also said, “Obama severely overplayed his hand by allowing this unprecedented slap at Israel. He revealed his true feelings. Obama had to show his anti-Semitic and pro-global government views before he walks out the door.”


    Some other comments gathered by WND:

    By Monday, the calls for withdrawing the U.S. from the U.N. were growing.

    Roger L. Simon, CEO Emeritus of PJ Media, wrote, “[I]t would be useful to negotiate the entire institution out of existence, or at least impoverish it to the degree it will have to decamp from Manhattan and leave that pricey Turtle Bay real estate for better purposes.”

    He noted, “this ‘peaceful’ organization that has had no effect whatsoever on ending war spends most of its working hours bashing the state of Israel. In 2015 alone, the U.N. General Assembly adopted 20 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism – and only 3 resolutions on the rest of the world combined.”


    Referring to the group mentioned by Bachmann, and its heavy influence on the U.N., Simon said the O.I.C. “includes most of the disgusting theocratic kleptocracies that exploit or enslave their people, abjure human rights, discriminate against women and hang gays from telephone polls, and lead the way – now with the help of Obama’s USA – in the aforementioned bashing of the only democracy in the Middle East.”

    The most scathing criticism and loudest call for withdrawing the U.S. from the U.N. came from FrontPage Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield, who wrote, “We are not making the world a better place by being members of this anti-American organization which vacillates between being evil and useless.”

    “The Jewish state is the U.N.’s scapegoat for anything and everything,” Greenfield continued. “These days, the United Nations is a forum for Islamist powers and the rotting remains of the Communist front to continue its war against the free world while seducing weak-minded nations into going along.”

    Some are saying we need to replace the UN. That would be a mistake. First we have to repair national sovereignty, a job for each nation that would require full-time work and would save much money and labor from being funneled into NYC. Let it die without rushing to replace it.

    America would need to use some of the billions it saves to help NYC make up the huge economic shortfall an exodus of foreign “dignitaries” would cause. The collapse of restaurants alone would be a real problem.

    I can see different geographical areas naturally dividing into areas of mutual interest. It might even serve to tone down Russia’s overreach, who knows?

    For sure, the chances for regional wars would likely escalate at first but then die down as the players realized there would not be interference from bigger players. The cruel, ugly euphemism, “United Nations Forces” would evaporate. Maybe they could have a yard sale for all those blue uniforms, some a little blood-spattered.

    Who knew? Turns out the UN was the center that couldn’t hold. Maybe we can arrange to have the Scandinavians give BHO another Peace Prize – this one well-earned, for bringing about The Turtle Bay Condos where the UN used to be.

  2. Besides, we already have Comedy Central. The latter has an ADDED bonus; it has some funny material.

  3. And let’s not forget the ‘United Nation’s was the brainchild of one FDR. Oh yes, he who must not be criticized. Everyone thinks that WSC roped Roosevelt into joining WW2 – what tosh! FDR never did join in the fighting – Japan attacked the USA and he had no option, and Germany declared war on the USA, not the other way around.

    However, FDR was right up for establishing a new world order, with the Reds sitting at America’s right hand, and it was Roosevelt who came up with the name – the ‘United Nations’.

    And since he needed the guns & materiel, Churchill had no option but go along with this. As for the Russkis, well they could see just how they could work this ‘United Nations’ malarkey to their advantage, & were quite happy to say whatever FDR wanted just to keep the dying old man happy. Meanwhile, the Russians won the war for us, & occupied more of Eastern Europe when they were partnerned up with Roosevelt than they ever dreamed of when they were all pally with Hitler.

  4. The UN has lasted a lot longer than Woodrow Wilson’s ” League of Nations “….As Hugo Salinas Price says ; ” People are easily fooled “. The family is the basis of civilization….Not educated parasites. Pray for Putin and Trump.

  5. Bolton added: “Contrary to what Obama says, it is the end of the ‘two-state solution’… which basically cannot work”

    There is little better news than this with respect to that purposefully drawn out farce known as the “Arab – Israeli Conflict”. This gruesome charade has seen vicious, calculating murderers purposefully restrain their “low intensity” warfare just below the threshold of what might have inspired serious intervention at an international level.

    Instead, the “Palestinians” (and all of Islam) have intentionally sought to have this festering wound flaunted before the world as an obscene, running sore that most professional beggars could only hope to envy.

    An end of all hope for whatever “two-state” (or “three-state”) solution represents the emergence of a cold-eyed appraisal with respect to some realistic “settlement” (ha ha … just kidding!) to this macabre Middle East Grand Guignol.

    As if the mere notion of Israel squeezed into an hourglass that was necked down between Gaza and the West Bank was even a workable proposition in the first place.

    Let’s all hope that the world’s most feckless and over-rewarded, parasitic buncha hapless farcks might finally have to do some realistic math about their future.

    This endless “jihad-lite” nonsense has worn perilously thin and any continuance of such intolerable bloodletting ought to be met with some serious, overwhelming reprisals.

  6. That resolution should then, in theory at least, become the catalyst for every country that has ever won land from their enemy through battle and throughout time to give it all back to those they vanquished.

    I cannot fathom why Russia of all countries would support such a resolution knowing full well that such a vote would put Russia at odds with the incoming U.S. administration (Is Putin now playing with a loaded deck? And if he is, then for what purpose?). As for the UK, well one only need know recent UK history and its promotion of everything Islamic to understand why their vote was cast in the affirmative.

    That New Zealand, the middle part of an ANZAC army that fought wars against oppression and fascist forces would be part of this back stabbing of a tiny state of four million souls by supporting such a fascist organization in the 21st Century – I find no words to adequately describe my disgust.

    These kinds of unelected and unaccountable organizations, such as the U.N. that are propped up with taxpayer money and produce no discernible result that has truly benefited all of mankind, as they are supposedly in place to do, only goes to prove the inadequate effectiveness of multi-national and multi-cultural organizations and underscores their so very predictable failure to live up to the expectation that is placed on them.

    I have been urging the withdrawal of the Commonwealth of Australia from the United Nations for some years now and ever since the massacre by Rwandan rebels of 12 Danish policemen who foolishly handed over their only means of self-defence (their personal weapons) to the rebels on the advice of then Secretary General of the U.N. Kofi Anan. I realized then how hopelessly corrupted and compromised the U.N. had become and how the U.N. had permeated Communist thinking via all their Human Rights laws into all Western lands.

    If we wish to retain what we still have then we need to walk away now from the mockery to humanity that has become the United Nations.

    • I share your disgust with NZ (my native country) backing the resolution. Also perplexed over Russia signing.

      Just as the League of Nations failed, so too has the OIC controlled U.N..

  7. The UN and OIC failed to realize their magic negro was actually a fecal fingered Midas; everything he touches turns to crap. This will add to what will likely be, over the course of years, a thorough repudiation of the Islamic “religion” in the US. No one will miss the UN.

    • Funnily enough I’ve made the same anti-Midas observation about the Ummah members I deal with on a regular basis.

  8. I can’t help thinking that if Obama and the globalists had had any idea that Trump would actually win, they would have pulled off enough dirty tricks to steal the election, or have an outright coup. It’s evident they are unhinged enough at this point; if they had had adequate time to marshal the forces of the Presidency, there is no limit to the treachery they would employ.

    Having said that, I’m extremely cynical at the claims we can use the vote to disengage the US from the UN. 71% of US Jews voted for Hillary. Hillary is completely familiar with OIC; she gave a press conference in 2011 stating the US government would use “shaming” (coercion) to enforce non-criticism of Islam.

    So, the Jewish donerists are going to support leaving the UN? What about the 71% of Jews who voted for Hillary? What about the extremely tepid and pro-forma reaction to the UN resolution by the largest Jewish organization in the US?


    Unfortunately, most US Jewish organizations are hard-left, globalist, Obama and Hillary supporters. The donerists are influential, but unless we have a real “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” situation, the donerists alone are not going to be able to pull the US out of the UN the leftists love so much. I suspect the supporters of Israel are using the threat to pull out of the UN as a lever to get the resolution rescinded.

    And the real target of the OIC? It’s not Israel, which is small potatoes. It’s the US and the large, European, non-Muslim countries.

  9. To further track down the woodlice metaphor, this little critter is more commonly known by many other names. In our region (western New York) nobody calls them “woodlice”; they are called “pill bugs”, and you can find a few by turning over almost any rock. See the pictures at

    If anyone is looking for a fresh metaphor-emitting bug, here is one that has come to infest our region in the last year, as a result of global warming, which is the Universal Cause for anything environmental:
    What makes this bug a good metaphor, besides its nature as a miniature skunk, is that it is an invasive species that came to North America only in the last few decades. And they have a flat body that enables them to sneak through any tiny crack to get into your house. (In Japan they are called 放屁虫【へひりむし】”he-hiri mushi”, fart-emitting bugs.)

    • It may be a new year but you still provide the best information.

      I watched a praying mantis take care of some stink bugs who were eating my pole beans last Autumn. While we are not as afflicted as others have been, it is downright sinful when one of them falls into a cup of coffee.

  10. Ever read Menacham Begin’s book THE REVOLT and his description of how his socialist colleagues acted. They weren’t really sure that they wanted a state, but whatever they got, they wanted to run it. These kinds of divisions among the Jewish Community aren’t at all new, and Israel exists in spite of everything, so who knows if the Hilary supporters will be able to stop Trump if push comes to shove.

  11. If the UN were to disintegrate, much like the USSR, the moslems would have to rely on themselves to conquer Judea and Samaria, as well as E. Jerusalem. Without the help of the UN, Israel remains in its homeland. What of the worldwide refugee program, run by the moslems through the UN? This, too, disappears. Amen!

  12. The OIC is just a part of the Islamic global jihad and their every action is to further Islam in the world. The UN has outlived its purpose, globalism, and America must withdraw and kick them out of the country.

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