Love at First Sight, Eritrean Style

The incident described in the following news report from Portugal is becoming all too common in Modern Multicultural Europe. A 38-year-old Eritrean “refugee” encounters an elderly homeless woman sheltering in a doorway from the cold, and what does he do? Why, he rapes her, of course — after beating her up first, as a sort of culturally enriched foreplay.

I don’t understand why the perpetrator didn’t give his age as 17 like the rest of them do. Then he would have been sent to juvenile court and given a far more lenient sentence.

Many thanks to Lei Islâmica em Ação for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The man who assaulted and raped a homeless old woman in Albufeira
00:04   is a refugee from Eritrea.
00:07   The foreigner, 38, was detained by the Judiciary Police
00:12   and is part of a group of 15 refugees who arrived in Albufeira in October.
00:18   The foreigner was welcomed by the Silva Leal Foundation on October 28
00:23   along with other refugees who were being held in Italy.
00:26   On Thursday morning the man assaulted the 67-year-old victim,
00:30   who was sheltering from the cold at the entrance of a bank
00:34   in Lower Albufeira. According to the police, he used physical force
00:38   and partially stripped her of her clothes,
00:41   and, as the victim resisted, assaulted her,
00:44   breaking her chin, nose and face.
00:48   The victim was rescued by Albufeira firefighters
00:52   and admitted to the hospital in Faro in critical condition.
00:55   A few minutes after the crime, the aggressor was intercepted by a witness.
01:00   Judiciary Police investigators confirmed the woman was raped.
01:05   The man was taken to the Court in Albufeira
01:08   for the application of coercive measures.

15 thoughts on “Love at First Sight, Eritrean Style

  1. The local Europeans who are tired of this foreign invasion of Europe really only have 1 option. They must treat these invaders as a planned insurgency, of which they most certainly are; they are planned insurgents imported by the very governments of these nations.
    The effective response to an insurgency is well doumented, may I suggest FM 3-24. US Army / Marine Insurgency & Counter Insurgency Field Manual

    Direct PDF download

    • If a person comes to a European country to seek asylum, and he commits any crime of violence motivated by his beliefs as a Muslim, then that should be sufficient to determine that any claim for asylum based on persecution for his religious beliefs shall be refused on the grounds that he deserves to be persecuted.

      If he claims to be a Syrian or an Iraqi citizen and manifests allegiance to ISIS, then he should be extradited into the hands of the authorities of either country. Even if it means sending him to his death.

  2. This has to end – and it must be made clear to all those who have in any way supported the invasion, that they will be held individually responsible for every crime committed by the savages they invited into Europe.
    Let them be afraid.

    • How will you do this? Who will hold the tribunals and assess culpability? Heavens, in Britain moral perversions like Rotherham went on for decades because social workers and police quivered at the idea they might be called racists for protecting British girls.

      “They” aren’t afraid at all – they’d laugh at you for thinking so. In fact, they might do more than laugh. Ask Tommy Robinson what he got for speaking out…that’s the fate for anyone who manages to make a dent in the evil and perversions. Especially after we find it also goes on at the highest levels.

      • I would make a few suggestions about how to make those responsible face justice, but they would only be redacted. You are right though; the guilty parties are not afraid of us and most likely laugh at our naivete in trying to fight back by protesting/lawfare. Nothing will change until our side stops trying to use the same tools against them that they use against us. Stronger tools and methods are needed to instill fear in our oppressors.

        • What we need is to send the violent back to their home countries. In Britain that may be more difficult since they are often on the third generation. But if you know their original extraction, send ’em back.

          In the old days, Britain could have done. But in the old days, Britain wouldn’t have permitted this self-genocide. The wars in the 20th century killed off most of the real men.

      • The government is forcing the people to take active vigilante action. When you allow the break down of civil society by allowing widespread corruption and blatantly disregarding the will of the people, the guatenteed outcome is violence.

        In the current situation, the even more pernicious aspect is that the Muslims will out breed the native Britain’s within 2 generations.
        Within 10 years there will be no way to stop the out breeding short of a genocide.
        The most critical aspect of this invasion of europe, that most overlook is how devistating the exponential growth of Muslim populations is. Without stopping that exponential growth the native Europeans are certain to lose their culture and their continent.

      • About 80% of Eritreans are Christians, although normally it is not Christians who commit these vile assaults. Eritrea is poor, but the main reason they are entering the West is that they face
        universal national service, which, though it is supposed to last for 2 years, can actually go on for much longer. The Eritrean Government is paranoid about the Ethiopians invading to regain their lost province and regain Asmara, the main seaport in Eritrea. Ethiopia is otherwise land-locked.

      • In this case – as in most actually – the guilty ones are the EU`s own Frontext, some NGO`s who “rescue” Asylum-Seekers out of the sea, but most of all the leftist Renzi-Government in Italy (that started with this nonsens in the first place).

        Like the Swedish or Austrian Government, Merkel is primarily damaging her own country.
        But this criminal lunacy is deeply rooted in Brussels and the Migration Agenda of its Commission.
        Nothing here is happening by accident.

        • I mean, the Commission-President and the Migration-Commissioner bot said themselves just recently (and literally), that the EU needs millions more of these migrants.

          Not just wants – that it “needs” them!
          And they are propagating this since many years.
          It`s only now that their plans start to work out.

  3. “A few minutes after the crime, the aggressor was intercepted by a witness.”

    I afraid there will need to be a lot more Citizen Arrests in the future, with police unable to cope with the sheer numbers of offences. What’s going to happen on New Years eve?

    • Poor woman, my heart goes out to her, why was this savage in the country in the first place? weak, weak, weak politicians.

      Here in the UK a known jihadi released from prison, costing Thousands in benefits cannot be deported to Jordan in case he is tortured.
      typical of Amber Rudd(y useless) the Home Secretary, quite prepared to risk 100’s of innocent lives should he decide to strike again.

      Same stupid politico who let in Calais “children” with beards,
      Receding hairline lines, obviously late thirties or older.

      There has to be an end to this madness soon.

    • A volunteer from a local charity has been talking and giving food to the elderly woman. He moved to a next homeless at a nearby street. When he came back he found the old lady almost dead, blood allover. The immediate recue saved her life. The perpetrator was found a street away.

  4. If Roosevelt could round up innocent Japanese Americans back in the forties { with public approval } and quarantine them in camps….as well as steal their properties. Why can’t Europeans { gin up public approval “referendum ?”} round up military age muslims, and intern them in some remote areas ?. Slovakia has opened it’s eyes and is finally recognizing that Islam is NOT A RELIGION. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Wake up folks.

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