What Will the Filthy Infidels Torture Me With Next… The Comfy Chair?

The following video was included in a Facebook post by a (mostly) German-speaking Muslim man who was unhappy with his torture at the hands of airport security. It seems he was detained and searched, and had his luggage searched. The delay caused him to… MISS HIS FLIGHT!

The poor fellow breaks into tears when he describes his defiance in the face of the ordeal he suffered. Those filthy infidels!

The whole thing is reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch, but as far as we can determine, this estimable gentleman is entirely serious in his suffering and outrage.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   [Arabic]
00:05   They plan and Allah plans! And we are here.
00:09   And we will [Arabic] stay and we will [Arabic] return!
00:15   No matter what they do.
00:18   You can BURST with rage! And with envy.
00:21   We will carry the message of [Arabic] on!
00:24   [Arabic] until the LAST breath!
00:27   That gets out of our body insh’allah. (Audience: [Arabic]!) — May Allah strengthen us!
00:32   (Audience: [Arabic])
00:36   May Allah give us [Arabic]!
00:39   [Arabic]!
00:43   [Arabic]! we are not afraid of them! (voice breaks)
00:46   And we feel so miserable cause we ain’t doing nothing,
00:49   but [Arabic] (sobs)… But [Arabic] they will not get us down insh’allah!
00:54   May Allah [Arabic] insh’allah.
00:58   We were not afraid of them in the [Arabic]
01:01   back when we were criminals maybe and did bad stuff,
01:04   when we sinned against Allah (sobs).
01:07   Now we’re supposed to be afraid just because [Arabic] (voice breaking)
01:10   Allah, they will not get us down insh’allah.
01:13   [Arabic] they will not manage to do that.
01:18   But what hurts is that these filthy [Arabic] get together with them
01:23   and want to harm us.
01:26   but [Arabic]
01:29   [Arabic]
01:34   When you are patient and fear Allah
01:38   no harm will come to you. That’s promise from Allah. [Arabic]
01:42   And therefore I say to the [Arabic], HOLD FIRM to Allah [Arabic]!
01:47   And we are one Ummah! The harder they give it to us,
01:51   and the harder they test us, the stronger we emerge.

17 thoughts on “What Will the Filthy Infidels Torture Me With Next… The Comfy Chair?

    • Thanks, Medge. The B tells me there are other people in the comments inquiring. I’m having a good day moment. I remind myself there are only moments…

  1. Mouthy moslem twit!

    They’re in tears, the victims, hey, he missed his flight! What could be worse than that?But those kafirs moslems beheaded, burnt alive, fried in vats of concentrated acid, drowned slowly?

    These irrational lunatics seem to equate a missed flight as worse than that! And our leaders are dragging these sub-humans into our countries!

  2. My experience with the Muslim male is that in company with others of their kind they are full of bravado and like to display a tough outer shell, but when one gets them alone in an interview room they turn soft on the inside. One male I arrested actually began crying when I closed the door to the interview room – he was that afraid.

    I enjoyed every minute of it!

    • The whole thing coming from their entitlement as it says in the Quran. After all they are the “Übermensch” as the German would say…

  3. They wouldn’t even let him wear his suicide vest during the flight, even though his religion calls for it. Yet another example of white racism, all thanks to Donald Trump. When Obama was president, these kinds of things never happened.

  4. Two stories in reverse order of being read:

    1. A Muslim man in Europe is searched at the airport and misses his flight. And has a video made announcing his misfortune and weeps for himself.
    2. A Muslim man in Europe finds a 67 year old homeless woman in a doorway and violently rapes her, beating her bloody and braking multiple facial bones such that she’s taken to hospital in critical condition.

    What a sickening pair of news stories to wake up to on a Sunday morning. I never imagined when I was a young teenager that such things could happen in Europe. And now they are just par for the course.

  5. Julius, you said it all for me. Thank you!

    If I were emperor of the world, every single Muslim would be back in north Africa again, never to be allowed out. And yes, they are revolting — I suppose there are some that do not engage in bad behavior, but too many do so and therefore are revolting.

    What kind of crazy religion encourages such horrid behavior? Their prophet has much to answer for, may he be burning in Hell.

  6. Let him take a flying carpet or a camel next time.

    Scum like that shouldn`t be allowed to take advantage of western technology anyway.
    Or travel in our countries.

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