Graz: Austrians Celebrating Christmas Beaten and Whipped by Afghans

Yet more cultural enrichment news, this time from Austria. I admit it: I sensationalized the title of this one. But it’s really difficult to post material like this without pointing out the bizarre apocalyptic nature of current events in Austria and Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the German news portal

Graz: Afghan refugees attack guests at a Christmas celebration, use their belts as whips

Multiple people were injured during an attack on guests at a Christmas party at the Schlossberg [Castle Hill] in Graz. The incident happened Thursday night. The victims of the attack were celebrating at the Stallbastei [the stables] of the castle, when they saw that a group of Afghan refugees made an open fire and were burning plastic bottles. One of the guests of the Christmas group walked over and “I asked them if they please would extinguish the fire,” the man from the Graz area tells the Kleinen Zeitung [local newspaper]. When he explained to the youth the danger of an open fire near the historic site, the conflict began.

Attack and injuries

The fight escalated. Five people were beaten, multiple people were injured. The attackers used their belts as whips. One 41-year-old Graz woman had to be admitted to the hospital with a concussion. One 50-year-old man from Leibnitz was severely injured by the asylum seekers; he had to have stitches and suffered multiple hematomas on his head. Another victim’s cheekbone was broken due to being hit twice with a fist. The scenario that took place is inconceivable: “Some of the people just threw themselves to the floor and tried to protect their bodies with their jackets,” one witness reports.

Interview of two men

The asylum seekers fled before the police arrived. During a manhunt two Afghans, aged 16 and 20, were stopped and interviewed. The witnesses recognized them as two of those involved. The 20-year-old tested positive for alcohol. Both men are being investigated for brawling and inflicting bodily harm. They have not been arrested.

Whether more Afghans from that group can also be considered perpetrators is still under investigation, say the police.

24 thoughts on “Graz: Austrians Celebrating Christmas Beaten and Whipped by Afghans

  1. I “love” the part where they never arrested. I am now just waiting to hear, not only they were not arrested but the government will give them medals and extra money for their heroism.

  2. ” The 20-year-old tested positive for alcohol”

    Oh dear! those good muslim boys have been corrupted by Germany’s beer culture.

    • He might be just doing a little experimentation before he goes to meet with the 72 virgins and some boys after a violent explosion…

  3. The filthy Kuffar may never, ever reprimand Moslems, no matter what they do, whether heinous or deeply stupid, as in this story.

  4. Well, I think we shouldn’t interfere in Austria’s internal matters. The Austrian people didn’t want an …. extremist as president, did they?

  5. “Some of the people just threw themselves to the floor and tried to protect their bodies with their jackets,”
    The self defense technique described above shows how the people of the West have been so conditioned into passivity and surrender that they no longer know how to defend themselves. How pathetic. Pick up a chair, a bottle or a rock and fight.

    • Exactly. You are conditioned not to fight back. It’s pure insanity. And it’s why islam is winning.

      I have become so americanized that I will not take *** from no one. I will fight back immediately with whatever I have and can find. Mightily. I feel no fear. But I am very familiar with the tactic described above. It’s engrained into caucasian europeans from birth.

      • Exactly … we who have become americanized also oftentimes have a personal firearm at hand – for our protection in similar situations.

        It is difficult to imagine a situation like this one happening in the US. Hell ya, we would fight and there might be dead bodies after the fight …

    • After the recent presidential election in Austria why is anyone surprised?

      Effete, psychologically neutered cowards all!

    • Those were a few people in their late 40`s and 50`s.
      Some of them woman.
      Against a group of aggressive male youths wich no doubt are experienced in violence.
      And who took them by surprise.

      We dont carry guns with us in Austria normaly you know.

      • I didn`t even noticed this happening last year.
        MSM didn`t report about it then, or only on a low news-level.

        • Thats easier said then done when there is no tradition to carry arms with you, and secondly the law is restrictive.
          The only guns one can acquire easily are rifles.
          For handguns one gets relative easy a permission to have them at home, but not to carry them around.

          Until recently not even police was allowed to carry guns in private!
          And Austria doesn`t even has a very restrictive law compared to other European countries, in the UK even a pepperspray is illegal.
          Of course criminals allways get guns if they want to.

          But even so, a gun is not necessarily useful in every situation.
          We both were not on site, so talk is cheap.

        • Paul, maybe you live in USA where you’re allowed to carry a handgun; I know of NO other countries where that is legal, not even here–Canada.

          On top of which, USA is-as far as I know- the only country in the world where you are allowed to USE that handgun to protect yourself!

          Not to mention, that handguns are very difficult to obtain in most countries, and very expensive if you can find a black market.

          It may indeed be a ‘god’ given right, to protect yourself in USA, but even here in Canada the government doesn’t always see it like that, and in far-away Eurabia—it’s usually a crime to defend yourself!

          • Pure Grain Alcohol in a squeeze bottle and a grill lighter will certainly serve as a deterrent when you turn the assailant into a torch. Even if you miss, purpose fully or accidently to sight of a atream of burning liquid will certainly cause a pause in the activity of an attacker.

    • Ok, this was last year.
      I still couldn`t found anything about those Afghans being trialed of convicted.

      And even if they had been convicted.
      Since they count as minors (there age may just be a lie) and very likely have no criminal record in Austria, they would get away with a clap on their hands.

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