15 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Germany Needs Better Truck Control Laws

  1. Those trucks are almost as dangerous as SUVs. SUVs are running over people all the time, hitting other cars, and abusing the environment. I suggest background checks, wait period of at least several weeks, and mental evaluation for anyone contemplating purchasing a truck. SUVs should just be banned; they are too dangerous and scary looking.

  2. I had this conversation with my six-year-old grandson this past week, after he had used his Lego created submarine to press against the head of his eight-year-old sister, who was quietly sitting at their table, drawing with coloring pencils.

    Being disturbed, she protested. Grandson replied that it was the submarine which touched her. I told him it was he who used the submarine to touch her. He protested: why are you blaming me?

    So I asked him: how is it that the toothbrush brushes your teeth? Isn’t it because you are holding it and directing it this way and that? And do I “blame” you for brushing your teeth? NO. These things, Legos and toothbrushes have no power to move on their own; it is you who control them. To say I blame you in the Lego-head-touching incident is to attempt to escape responsibility for what you’ve done — yet it changes nothing; you still were in control of what the Legos did at your hand. It’s a fact. And yes, I do “blame” you.
    And the only right response is to say you’re sorry.
    “Why are you blaming me?” is not acceptable.

  3. Frauke Petry on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alternativefuerde/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

    Press Release of our federal government spokesperson Dr. Frauke Petry for attack in Berlin:
    ” the terror is now also arrived. The radikalislamische terror has struck in the middle of Germany. A-ton truck was deliberately driven into a crowd. Dozens of people who were looking forward to Christmas and wanted to celebrate are crushed and partly been severely injured.
    I would like to thank the families of the murdered my deep sympathy to the victims and survivors i wish that you will get well soon. I would like to thank the rescue workers for their dedication and the police for the quick catch of the perpetrator.
    We must not be under any illusions. The milieu in which such deeds can thrive is in the past year and a half through negligence and systematically been imported.
    This case is not an isolated incident and it won’t stay. That teaches us the look abroad, mainly to France. The Christmas market was not a random target. It’s not just an attack on our freedom and our way of life, but also for our Christian tradition. Germany is a in the immigration issue politically divided country. THE TERROR BUT WILL UNITE US.
    These terrorists are godless people.
    We just put on such a sad day in the least important to be right. But we do demand that our so irresponsible finally back from the borders to be controlled. We need to take control of our territory, without any ifs and buts. The Police and the secret services have to be upgraded, potential terrorists and so called instigator rigorously be deported. Mosque in which the jihad is preached, it must be close. All Muslims, as the home of our country have adopted these steps will be.
    Germany is not safe anymore. It would be the duty of the chancellor from telling you this. Since they won’t do it, I’ll let you know.
    We are the enemies of freedom and their supporters.”

    • I rather fear that gun control will have no effect – those who want to pursue either a criminal or terrorist career will be able to acquire them. Those who wish to defend themselves will have no defence. That is what the evidence seems to be.

  4. Actually they need better Policing. Why were there no Police officers on site patrolling a high profile Christmas market when the Islamic State had already announced it’s intention to attack such targets? One officer on site may not have stopped the carnage but they would quite likely have got the driver. Germany’s Police need to lift their game. Now they have a jihadi on the loose quite likely planning another attack.

  5. What about the tanks disguised as trucks? Or, the jehadis disguised as refugees? Or the ideologues disguised as lunatic religious in night shirts and Santa beards?

  6. You’ve got to be kidding! Does anyone now doubt that the Marxist PC political elite is actually insane? They have been brainwashed by their own propaganda and can no longer even SEE reality, let alone UNDERSTAND it.

    • And yet the wretched mutti Merkel turns out with a white flower whilst wearing her best miserable face totally unscathed.
      How is this woman still free and not in prison for her treasonous actions, lecturing the nation on how diversity MUST be accepted or the state will intervene because it enriches everyone!

      Wake up Germany, to oppose her doesn’t make you far right or racist, Mother Russia is not at your borders waiting to invade,
      Your enemies are already in the bosom of your country, they are called radical Islamic Jihadis!

  7. Like the ole’ passive voice trick – handy, dependable, and overused. “Mistakes were made . . .” So no one is responsible. No one has to own them.

  8. Our local newspaper has taken that to heart. Last year, they used passive voice when a policeman accidentally shot one of their reporters: Bullet Hits N-Z Reporter. This time they used active: Shock at Christmas Market — Truck Kills Nine People [Schock auf Weihnachtsmarkt — Lastwagen tötet neun Menschen]. I fear, however, that this will make people suspect innocent trucks just trying to go about their business.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but I understood that a Pakistani was the driver of the truck and had been arrested?!?

  10. I am shocked that we allow trucks to deliver goods to our countries. I thought that we would go back to the days of caravans travelling to deliver what we may want. I cannot have guns or knives so what am I supposed to do? I am sick and tired of ripping my meat apart with my bare hands and teeth and my veggies are not responding to my efforts. I am terrified that we may outlaw toilet paper as Big Mo says that you wipe your butt with the right hand and I only have one hand. Should I starve to death or never wash my butt? Maybe, just maybe some elite politician can provide some sound advice. I must have spent my entire life making decisions that did not agree with my inner self, so I need Angela to advise me. I cannot to buy wedding gifts for all the Child Brides and on top of that for all of Abdullah’s many wives. One could go mad catering to the Muzzies.

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