Five of the Berlin Subway Firebugs Are Syrians, And One is Libyan

We reported yesterday that seven “youths” set a homeless man on fire next to a subway station in Berlin. The police published CCTV photos of the suspects, and since then six of the high-spirited young culture-enrichers have turned themselves in. The seventh suspect has not yet been apprehended was later arrested.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this follow-up report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Berlin: Homeless set on fire — Suspects turned themselves in

December 27 2016

  • A homeless person in Berlin barely escaped a fire attack on Christmas Eve
  • As announced by police, seven young men allegedly set the clothes of the man on fire while he was sleeping in a subway station
  • Monday evening, police published photos and a video of the wanted persons, who subsequently turned themselves in
  • Six men reportedly are from Syria, one from Libya

After the attack on a homeless person in a Berlin subway station, the suspects turned themselves in. Six of the men turned themselves in at different police stations after Monday evening, police announced. Another man was arrested. The police had released photos and a video that showed the wanted persons. Police are investigating the incident as attempted murder.

The men, aged between 15 and 21 years, allegedly set the clothes of a homeless person on fire in the Schönleinstraße subway station on Christmas Eve, and then fled by subway. The man was sleeping on a bench. He was not injured, as passers-by intervened. A subway train driver who witnessed the incident rushed to help with a fire extinguisher.

The suspects are now being interrogated by the homicide division. “We know who the main suspect is. He is 21 years old”, says the police speaker on RBB (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg). Six of the suspects were born in Syria, and one in Libya, she confirms upon enquiry. “They immigrated as refugees”, a speaker tells Süddeutsche Zeitung. She did not announce when they came to Germany.

The subway station Schönleinstraße is located between the Kreuzberg and Neukölln districts and is monitored by video cameras. Only a short a while ago, an attack on a Berlin subway station caused nationwide outrage. A man unexpectedly kicked a woman in the back down a stairway. She fell an broke an arm. The suspect has been arrested in the meantime. Police were criticised for waiting several weeks before searching for the suspects via video stills.

15 thoughts on “Five of the Berlin Subway Firebugs Are Syrians, And One is Libyan

  1. It is time to reintroduce the auto da fe to Europe. There is a lot of kindling that needs to be burned.

  2. W. Europe is without hope, and some countries will fall to Islam sooner than others, but in the end game they will all be under Islamic rule enabled by their globalist leaders.

    • I won’t be *that* quick to loose hope. Europe still has chance, the people there are warriors with long warrior traditions.. the layer of European “culture” is not that thick, and as muslims become increasingly troublesome, the “culture” layer *will* get thinner

      • Sorry to say, but we Europeans are no warriors.
        Even in the past centuries we only fought Muslims if we had to, as a last resort.
        And often only when Muslims attacked us first.

        But if we decided finally to go to war, then it was often victorious.
        Or such a bloody defeat that Muslims also suffered heavely.

        • If German men ever decide that their country is worth saving and their women worth defending (and that last may be a big “if”), they will be a formidable enemy.

          Just imagine fifty German men with access to good weapons; working together, co-ordinating, planning, acting as a disciplined unit — they’d be able to defeat a force of culture-enrichers at least twenty times as large. Easily, even if they were over fifty.

          The same is true of Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, and Austrians. All of the Nordics. But they have to be roused, and I don’t know if they’ll ever be roused. So far they seem willing to go gentle into that good night.

          • I remain deeply suspicious of WW2 belligerent motives. The German men are no longer capable of fighting, but their women appear to be recruiting for something.

          • There is a lesson to be learnt from the past.
            If peoples stay commited to their own heritage, belives and culture, then muslims can always be defeated.
            Even if it takes hundreds of years under muslim occupation.
            And even if there are some setbacks and defeats.

            Spain, Greece, the Balkans, Hungary & Austria, and Bulgaria are prove for this.
            Even India in some sense, thanks to the British the muslim rule was ended (even if it wasn`t intended).
            Sometimes it can be done alone, sometimes with help from the outside.
            Defiance, astuteness, doggedness and courage are what it takes.

  3. They are not ethnic Germans. Angela will be so disappointed. In the meantime why are these Muslim ants not having their flames of hate extinguished – nationally – nationwide – whatever. Everywhere on the planet outside their smelly koran infestations where real humans used to live? What in the name of Mickey Mouse was WW2 all about?

  4. I wonder whether the five ‘Syrians’ may be something else, from North Africa, for example.

    • All North Africans should be removed from Europe. There is no war there, and as long as you are not committing crime or criticizing the regime you are largely left alone. Invaders from this area are only in Europe for the handouts because they are extremely lazy.

      • How about Libya? Or Egyptian Christians? Depending also on your definition of “North”, there’s war in South Sudan, and Sudan and Eritrea have some of the most oppressive regimes on the planet.

    • definitly right! I saw the faces of northafricans, not syrians.I ve been there and can tell them apart.

  5. The homeless man was from Poland. (1 of around 5,000 homeless Poles on the streets of Berlin). Although his background may not have had any role to play…

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