Trump Supporter Leaves Norwegian Liberal Spluttering

For those of us who are used to Nice, Nice Norway, this clip from a Norwegian talk show is a delightful change of pace. The guest on the show — Hans Lysglimt Johansen, an entrepreneur, politician, and social commentator — went off-script concerning Donald Trump, thereby committing a serious breach of Jante Law.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:17   Welcome. Hans Lysglimt Johansen, welcome to you.
00:23   Who was the hero of the evening for you? Yes, for me Donald Trump did a great job. I thought he was fantastic.
00:28   He showed leadership and he was strong on the points that he IS strong on.
00:32   And he was prepared, and he was presidential, as the Americans say…
00:37   which is incredibly important, but the most important is of course that he is an all-around good man,
00:42   that he has fought his way all this way against all the insane resistance,
00:47   and there he stands, and is clearly a possible new president of the US…
00:52   Imagine if he wins!
01:43   It’s about getting the truth out about how corrupt the system is.
01:49   Millions of Americans have waited for someone like Donald Trump
01:53   who would expose the lies, and now he gets help from WikiLeaks!
01:57   And it is fantastic how we now see the lies falling apart
02:03   in front of the eyes of millions of Americans. The US will NEVER be the same!

24 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Leaves Norwegian Liberal Spluttering

  1. Oh my gosh! He was so articulate. And so spot-on re how many Americans see this election – i.e., win or lose, Trump has moved the foundations a bit…I wouldn’t be surprised if he set up a kind of shadow government to keep an eye on things if HRC steals this.

    Would some Brit please explain how a shadow cabinet – or whatever it’s called – is set up and how it functions? This one would have to last four years since we won’t be able to get an executive to step down. Unless they’re impeached. In this case, her v.p. is cut from the same cloth…

    I hope Trump sees this.

    • It’s just a mirror cabinet with mirror posts set up by a party NOT in power, as a means of preparing itself for power later when it wins. It has no real role except as a forum for spokesmen. So a shadow Environment Minister would merely be the opposition environment spokesman. It’s role play.

    • The largest party not in power is officially called “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”, and is expected to have a government-in-waiting.

      Shadow Ministers are briefed on certain defence and security matters. Bear in mind also, that our Civil Service is expected to be politically neutral, so swathes of them don’t get replaced when the government changes.

      All of which explains the very rapid handover of power following a change of government after an election; the removal vans are outside 10 Downing Street a very few days after the result is called.

      • If your Civil Service is anything like Australian ‘public servants’, they are far from politically neutral and are generally left wing, working as hard as they can to undermine non-socialist governments of the day and cover up for the socialist governments of the day.

  2. I think she was ready to call in the men with white coats to take him away. She is saying this man is off his rocker or his meds.

  3. I love to see a liberal made speechless. She looked like she was having a medical crisis.

  4. Oh MAN!!!!!! The look on her face!!!!! PRICELESS!!!!!!!! In Flemish we have a saying: “Mond vol tanden”, lit. “Mouth full of teeth”. BWA-HA-HA-HAAAAA!!!! ROFL!

  5. This clip is fantastic – pure comedy gold! Thank you. What makes it special is that it doesn’t just show a funny reaction. The man talks such good common sense, and that woman’s reaction to it shows how stupid she is.

  6. Sorry, but I was disappointed. The inarticulate “Wow. Just Wow. I can’t even…” reaction was interesting (and not helped by the comic sound effects), but the clip should have run longer to convey the verbal response of the transgender participant, who must eventually have said *something*.

    • Surpise, surprise!

      Has anyone not twigged yet that the rise of left wing, lesbian liberals correlates directly with the rise in psychologically Neutered, effeminate, brain dead males in society?

      The rise of the snow flake western society!

  7. The literal meaning of his middle name “Lysglimt” is “glimmer of light” – fitting, n’est ce pas? 🙂

  8. Her response is typical of people who exist in a totally homogeneous cognitive environment, where everyone has the same thoughts and same assumptions. They simply assume the opposition is totally incorrect, irrational, and evil. So, it’s literally a shock to encounter a real person, not apparently evil, who proudly espouses the opinions they assume to be evil.

    They would react in the same way to someone who proudly says, “I only eat barbecued babies, as grilled babies are bad for my digestion”. They are shocked someone would actually admit to holding these opinions.

    I agree it would be interesting to see more of her reaction. After all, since she never considered those opinions in the first place, there is always a chance she will stop a second and actually consider them on their merits.

  9. If I remember correct, that ‘woman’ is a proud lesbian. Openly so. We call her types, CaterPillar lesboes. Huge, mean and stupid. Started her carrier in the political correct NRK, national leftist TV paid for by the tax payers – as a movie reviwer. Her reaction to logic and sensible views on the presidental race, I’m not overdoing it, is typical for NRK and the media establishment in Norway. Real deplorables. Norway has become a hell hole of political correctnes – as in perverted. What this behemoth is doing for a living today is unknown to me, I have not followed NRK for 8 years.

    • Have you ever seen ‘Lilyhammer’ starring Steve van Zandt? He really pokes fun at the PC Lefty crowd.

  10. I am of Norwegian descent in the united states. My grandfather came from the telemark area. I am totally in support of donaldtrump. Our country had been stolen from us by Obama and Hillary and much evil would have come upon our counntry if Hillary Clinton would have been elected. Obama half destroyed our country and Hillary would have completed the destruction. Thank God BC for trump. Europeans do not understand the. True nature of the end danger. Hooray for trump.

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