“Little Rambos” in Austria Arm Themselves

The following news reports from Austria describe the surge in gun sales this year in comparison with last year. It’s plain that the news is alarming to the reporter, yet at the same time he manages to hold the gun nuts in contempt, referring to them as “little Rambos”. He also slithers around the reasons why Austrians are more afraid these days, referring vaguely to “crime” and “burglaries”.

The more approved methods of self-defense are obviously pepper spray and high-pitched alarms, because they are less “dangerous” — and therefore less effective.

One is tempted to refer to this as a typical European approach to firearms ownership, but it really isn’t all that different from a presentation in The New York Times or The Washington Post.

Many thanks to Ava Lon translating both videos, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Below is a report on the same topic from the online portal of the Austrian daily Österreich, also translated by Ava Lon:

Austria gears up

Almost one million weapons in Austria’s households.

In fear of raids or attacks, more and more Austrians are buying guns.

Vienna. Guns, revolvers or pistols — the demand for weapons has been huge in Austria for some time; some arms dealers are experiencing a real boom. ÖSTERREICH has the most important details:

Niederösterreicher [people in the region of Niederösterreich] have the most weapons at home

  • According to latest figures from the Central Arms Register of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, 286,610 Austrians have a firearm. The most armed of these are the Niederösterreicher (74,403), followed by the Oberösterreicher [people from the region of the Oberösterreich] (49,466) and the Steirer (47,302), all the federal states in which hunting also plays an important role.
  • Every owner of a weapon has on average not one, but more than three weapons at home. In the Niederösterreich alone, more than a quarter of a million pistols, revolvers, rifles, etc. are in circulation. Overall, Austria currently has a total of 969,760 weapons.

An increasing number of women are buying of pepper sprays for protection

But how has the number developed in recent years?

  • Back in June 2014, there were 132,000 (!) fewer weapons registered in Austria and there were 46,000 fewer gun owners.
  • The number of armed people rose sharply in Steiermark (+23.2%) and Salzburg (+23.1%). In Vienna, there was an increase of “only” 13.0%.
  • Most of the weapons were sold to Salzburg (+ 23.3%). There were few new registrations in Oberösterreich, Vorarlberg and Vienna.

But tens of thousands are also currently looking to protect themselves better than those who register. “The demand for pepper sprays and high-pitched alarms, with which one can draw attention in dangerous situations if necessary, increased significantly in recent months,” explains Erich Michek, Managing Director of the Viennese arms business Lubet.

Transcript video 1:

00:00   The numbers released by the Interior Ministry are alarming.
00:06   Yet more Austrians feel the need to improve their safety by acquiring a gun.
00:12   In the entire country, the number of people who are buying their own guns is on the rise.
00:15   Altogether there are currently almost one million guns in Austria; the exact number is 969,760.
00:24   In 2014 there were 16% fewer. Every gun owner
00:30   has on average not one, but more than three firearms.
00:33   The number of gun owners rose over the last two years by 19%.
00:37   In Austria the most well-armed are the Niederösterreicher, followed closely by the Oberösterreicher.
00:42   The number of purchases is really exploding, with more than 20% in Steuermarkt and in Salzburg.
00:48   The least-armed are the Voralbergers and the Viennese.
00:54   Here the numbers rose by 11% and 14%.
00:57   Alternatives to dangerous arms are, for example, pepper prays and high-pitched alarms.

Transcript video 2:

00:00   So obviously there are many little Rambos here in Austria.
00:06   The reason is simple: the Austrians are apparently more and more scared.
00:12   Scared of crime, scared of burglaries, and so on. We have researched at the Interior Ministry:
00:15   the current numbers talk about almost one million weapons in private hands.
00:21   The ranking: Niederösterreich [region in Austria] over 70,000. Oberösterreich, over 50,000.
00:25   Surprisingly, those who own guns do not have one, but more than three in the closet.
00:36   The Niederösterreich alone has more than quarter of a million, and the increases are huge!
00:42   Salzburg is number one, and in Salzburg there is — compared with two years ago —
00:48   an increase of 20%. So 20% more guns are there in circulation.
00:54   A little research also with gun stores, and there are not only firearms, but also pepper sprays:
01:00   so small, practical things with which one can defend one’s self, are trending,
01:06   and they are selling better and better.

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    Our Austrian Chicken Little needs to have his head examined soon—by a stonecutter.
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