A Russian Warning to the USA

In the following clip from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the briefing officer delivers a fairly clear warning to the United States and its clients among the “moderate Syrian rebels”: don’t bring your aircraft anywhere near Russian positions, or else.

As the Assad regime and its Russian allies close in on the ruins of Aleppo, we may expect additional “incidents” to occur, with massive disinformation about them propagated by everyone involved. It will be interesting to see how much further the conflict escalates by the time Election Day arrives.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   Good evening, dear colleagues. Several well-known Western media outlets recently released
00:08   leaked White House discussions on possible air strikes
00:12   and missile attacks on Syrian Army positions.
00:16   Based on our experience, such leaks are often followed by real actions.
00:22   Most troubling is the information that the sources of these provocations are the CIA and Pentagon,
00:30   which in September of this year reported to their president
00:33   that they are kind of in control of the rebels,
00:36   but today they are lobbying for war in Syria.
00:40   I would strongly advise to my colleagues in Washington to consider very thoroughly
00:44   the consequences of going forward with their plans.
00:47   The Syrian Army is currently in possession of quite effective missile defense systems
00:53   such as the S200 and several others. These systems were restored
00:57   during the past year and are now fully functional.
01:02   Moreover, I would like to remind American strategists that Russian bases in Syria
01:08   have S400 and S300 missile defense systems.
01:15   Their radius of operations may come as a surprise to any unidentified flying objects.
01:20   We highly doubt that operators of these systems
01:25   will have time to try and identify any incoming objects,
01:31   their trajectory, or their carriers.
01:34   And any dilettante illusions that there are in fact invisible planes
01:38   may collide with disappointing reality.
01:43   And lastly, the most important thing:
01:47   Right now, the majority of our ceasefire forces’ officers are on the ground.
01:50   They deliver humanitarian aid and negotiate with the civilian leaders
01:55   and militants in most Syrian provinces.
01:59   Thanks to their actions, 732 towns and hundreds of thousands Syrians can live in peace.
02:07   Any missile or air strikes of the areas, which are under control of the Syrian government,
02:15   will create a real threat to Russian troops.
02:18   In conclusion, I’d like to bring to your attention the following:
02:21   After the incident on September 17th, when the coalition
02:25   bombed Syrian army positions near Deir-al-Zour,
02:29   we took all necessary precautions to prevent such an incident from ever
02:33   happening again to Syrian or Russian troops.

38 thoughts on “A Russian Warning to the USA

  1. Also, I saw (I think on Vlad) a white house “spokesperson” babbling to a reporter, amazing the depths these people have sunk to. He actually tells her that the way to get al-Qaida from that one neighborhood they still occupy is to stop bombing!!! You gotta see it to believe it.

    No wonder conspiracy freaks talk about lizard people!!! 🙂

  2. For the West to cause a disaster out of hurt self-esteem would be even more tragic than what already happened. The Russians don’t ask for permission anymore, since they learned that those claiming the highest authority in the world are also the most clueless, if not outright lying through their teeth. Now they just do what delivers results. I like them. And we really don’t need more enemies than we already have.

    • Read through the Syria files at wikileaks. It “ALL” makes me think there are no good guys.

      • There aren’t… and who is to judge what that means at all. I didn’t say they are white angels. Only that they achieve results. Western interventions notoriously show to be half-assed, delimited by the means we are willing to deploy instead of the ends to be achieved, and to top it off badly planned on grounds of false assumptions and ideology rather than reality. It is time to know when to step aside. We need to protect our own from the fallout, which we are neglecting to do.

        • I agree with you K.
          We had the Russians as allies in World War 2 and they helped us win.

          We need them on our side in this new global war between Islam and the rest .

          Trump is essentially pragmatic he will be happy to hammer out an alliance with Russia in our own best interests.

          But if we elect Hilary we will have war with Russia and with Islam.

          That is a sure recipe for defeat.An army can’t fight multiple enemies on multiple fronts and win.
          Russia will not come to our aid against our common enemy then.

          And Islam will triumph.

          • And what are you willing to pay for this cooperation? Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland?
            What are you willing to concede to Russia for this cooperation?

          • Stop believing the CFR/Beltway, war-drum propaganda, babs. There is no credible evidence that the Russians have designs on Eastern Europe besides increasing their economic influence there. Occupation/invasion makes no sense. The countries you mention are in Russia’s back yard. Let the natural trade interests unfold there, and tell your State Department bagmen to stay home and fix their own disintegrating country.

          • Shelagh, the Soviets in ww2 were our allies only in the sense that we were fighting the same enemy. They were no friend of ours, and what they did during, and for many decades after the war was pure evil.

          • If anyone is experienced in dealing with Islam, then it is Russia:
            PC right now does not allow us to acknowledge what has been common sense throughout all of history, namely that, if we don’t put away an enemy for good, we burden our children with having to deal with it all over again. This cowardly moral cannot prevail either way, in that it either spells our doom down the road or is poised to be overcome eventually. Unsustainable conditions never last in nature. Islam sees all of this the same way from its own stance, of course. So far it has proven pretty sustainable -because- it is ruthless and doesn’t allow itself to be corrupted. Tough choice.

    • Russia doesn’t ask for permission because they know the current US President is an incompetent buffoon.

  3. I think it’s better if Trump losses, as more third worlders pour into the country and changes America demographically and culturally her influence around the globe will wane creating a power vacuum inwhich perhaps now Russia can occupy and maybe we can get some real peace in the world.

    • That sounds just like the French reasoning when they left Vienna to the hands of the Ottomans.

      Changing America’s demographics and culture for the worse is not going to make Russia more powerful. Russia has its own Muslim problems.

      We are in the throes of a beginning new age – a post-capitalist age, as Peter Drucker put it so well. It will demand different skills and new ways of thinking. Our ideas about sovereignty will probably remain, though, despite the indoctrination of the globalists.

      • From a nationalist point of view Russia would be the better option, even if Trump won there are still too many Republican obscurantist in office. Russia and seem to be the only two super powers standing in the way of total US global hegemony, do we want multiculturalism and multiethnic societies or do we want free nation states? The Russian seem willing to work with the latter without imposing the former…

  4. The present US leadership is determined not leave the power, or if they have to leave do it with a literal “scorched Earth” policy.

    • i’m sure metro sexual Barry O’fraud was paying attention
      and checkin’ his pants regularly.

    • Shelagh, the Russian propaganda merchant is just doing his job, saying what he is told to say. He and his handlers know, the US could take those missile defense systems out in half a hour, without launching a single aircraft.

      • Well I tell you what ,I’d rather have him in the trenches with me than the Fort Hood shooter.So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Our robust defencec systems must have just been having a bad day on 9/11 when the Saudis took out the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and might have God knows what else. Wink wink.

      • Obviously you have never seen a map of Russia. I hope someone in the Obama community organisation reads a book or watches a uTube video before firing off into the vast blue yonder. Russia is not Syria.

  5. Amazing how our government seems to want to take down Assad and the Syrian government, given what happens after Damascus is rendered uninhabitable and the Syrian government ceases to exist:

    “A prophetic pronouncement regarding (masa’) Damascus (Drameseq): behold (hineh), Damascus (Drameseq) is revolting and corrupt and will be removed from among inhabited cities. It is degenerate and unrestrained and shall be abolished (suwr min iyr). And (wa) she shall actually become (hayah) a twisted and tangled (ma’iy) heap of rubble (mapalah). (17:1)

    [The remainder has been redacted. This was WAY too long and off-topic to remain in its entirety on this post. — BB]

  6. Taking out Kaddafi in Libya did not work out well so, our leaders want to repeat this error in Syria?

    And these same leaders would like to be respected?!?

    • Unfortunately they are ideologues. Results, no matter how disastrous, will ever be part of their decision making.

        • Is that the royal “we”? I certainly never voted for that empty suit, Clinton. Nor did I pull the lever for that empty headed puppet, Obama.

          There is much concern about the rigged voting in this country, and with good reason. I’d give Obama a pass on 2008’s election, but I don’t believe the results of 2012 were accurately recorded.

          Concerns about the Democrat voting machine have been on-going since at least Nixon and Kennedy, if not before. Given how close the vote was, Nixon could well have challenged for a recount but he refused, saying it would shred the cultural fabric to question the election of the first American Catholic president. He let Kennedy have the win, but I think it permanently unsettled him about our electoral process.

          We end up with charlatans and 3rd rate thinkers in office because the Dems own the process. If that should eventuate in the dissolution of our federal states, they will reject any blame, but our current situation is directly due to a long, long history of Democrat machinations.

          Corruption destroys a polity from within. With the election of Kennedy our feet were firmly and openly walking that road. Since then American political and economic corruption has become increasingly blatant.

          That’s just one reason the soi-disant “conservatives” are so angry at Trump: his win would loosen their firm perch on the #2 branch of the American political tree. The GOP(e) don’t play to win the game, they play to situate themselves more securely on the opposing team.

          • It has sometimes appeared to me that when one political party has become completely corrupt, the other political party or parties might not also become corrupt, they merely become irrelevant. I hope that this is not true, but I do not have a clear argument to say it is not.

  7. What ever the rights and wrongs of the Syrian conflict the west should desist from goading the Russian Bear! Russians are a tough, proud people, remember they lost 18 million people in the WW11 era and would have been prepared to lose even more if necessary.

    Compare Putin to the effette and ineffectual Obama and his nutshell you have Russia Vs the USA it would be a no contest.

    As terrible as the loss of civilian life is in Allepo the Russians have taken the pragmatic point of view that to defeat the rebels that there will inevitably be collateral damage, meanwhile the faint hearted wester luvvies choose to ignore the continued hideous medieval torture and slaughterhouse districts still held by ISIS.

    On a lighter note catch the clip of Obama on you tube ( if it hasn’t already been removed) of Obama (whilst on his 2008 presidential campaign) proudly and lewdly displaying his (fortunately still trousered) erection to an embarrassed flight attendant and somewhat surprised press corp.

    What an appalling hypocrite, Trump gets trashed by the press by Obama and the American for admittedly excruciating “locker room” talk yet Obama will get a free ride on his unfortunate “incident”

    Wold love to see the headline “Obama to influence the erection, sorry that should read election!)

  8. Are we having fun yet? This is all great. The Russians are now operating the Syria based air-defense system, very thick multilevel, over the horizon, stealth-resistent, etc… Who is monitoring all this stuff? Right on. Israel. Its a replay of 1973-1982. in 1973 Russian airdefense took a chunk out of the Israel airforce flying mainly F-4 Phantoms Skyhawks and early Kfirs. It was so bad groundforces stopped asking for air-support. By 1982 the Syrians, led by the Russians felt confident enough to operate their airdefense system, far thicker than 1973 against the IAF operating the same F-4 plus some early F16’s. Not a single Israeli plane was hit. I was There. The Syrian airforce was defeated 100:1 and the Russo-Syrian airdefense system collapsed. This was the beginning of the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact which realized they were absolutely penetrable. So now, replay. The S400-300-200 are up and emitting Israel is figuring out how to defeat them. On the line are not the jihadis the Russians are beating to a pulp. Its the Iranian nuclear sites “protected” by Russian airdefense. The stupidest thing the Russians do is operate their systems around Israel.

    • Brandsetter -a genuine question ; from an Israeli perspective who is worse -the bloke with the erection in the Whitehouse and his favorite witch and anointed successor Hillary- or the Russians?

    • Did you see the recent account of the THIRD Lebanon – Israel War? All praise be to Obama and his treaty plus bribes. Of all the damage he did in MENA, this one coming in should in all justice be his true legacy:


      In August 2015, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released its first-ever public strategy paper, highlighting the complex challenges to Israel’s national security. Notably, it was not Iran’s nuclear program nor its ballistic missile development that ranked as the greatest threats to Israel, but rather its regional clients and proxies. Chief among those was the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. One year later that assessment still held, with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Gadi Eizenkot declaring that Hezbollah was the IDF’s “main enemy,” posing “the most serious threat to Israel.”

      And that was written long before BHO’s traitorous treaty with Iran.
      Thanks, Obama.

      In other news about Hezbollah, here’s a (kind of) amusing story that illustrates the quality of fighter the Israeli Arabs produce:



      After being instructed by his Hezbollah handlers to plant the bombs at important centers and major hitchhiking stops in Haifa, Diab and his brother Youssef toured the northern Israeli city to search for suitable sites. They failed to locate one, concerned that the best locations were monitored by security cameras. Instead, after another scouting mission with Youssef, Diab suggested placing the explosives at the Golani Junction in the lower Galilee, near the Israeli Arab town of Tur’an, which is a major gathering point for Israeli soldiers.

      Diab surveyed the Junction and surrounding area, taking pictures and sending them to his handlers with his brother Jamil’s assistance. With Muhsen, he then returned to the grove in Metula to retrieve the explosives, but forgot where he had placed them. In late July, The bag containing the explosives was discovered by a farmer.


      Those fools must have stayed up late watching Keystone Kop movies…

      • Well Dymphna even if the immediate threat is not Iran but its proxies( like Hezbollah )a stronger wealthier Iran can funnel more weapons and cash to Hezbollah than a weak poor Iran could do.I’m not particularly reassured.I’m a Protestant myself but truly feel that Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East deserves our support.

        Israel is our first line of defense against the totalitarian repressive Islamic world.

        And O’bama wants to empower her enemies.

        As will Hillary.

        Our only hope is Trump

        But the mainstream press are publishing and broadcasting libel and slander against him.

        That libel and slander is being repeated on lots of websites ,not just American ones.

        There are only a few voices of reason ,breitbart ,gatesofvienna are foremost among that honorable company.

        Keep up the good work

  9. I’m picking Putin is a chess player and Obama is not. Looks like checkmate in about three moves for Putin.
    A lesson for future presidents; have a policy, then a strategy, then work to achieve it and defend/enforce it.

    • “Putin describes negotiating with Batak Hussain Obama as being like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, poops on the board and then strutts around like it won the game.” (Allegedly. Sounds true.)

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