Culture-Enriching Wannabe Mujahid Arrested in Chemnitz

As reported recently in the news, police in the German city of Chemnitz arrested a “Syrian” “refugee” who was planning a jihad attack in Germany. Below are some of the details, as reported in a police press conference.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (edited version):

00:00   The modus operandi and the behavior of the suspect
00:06   currently speak for an Islamic State context.
00:12   The information sent to us (I mean the country’s criminal police) said
00:18   that according to the evaluation of intelligence information,
00:24   Jabha Al-Backah, domiciled in Chemnitz, is currently preparing a bomb attack.
00:30   The state prosecutor in Dresden became directly involved
00:36   According to this information, Al-Backah
00:39   did some research online concerning the manufacture of explosives,
00:42   and he procured for himself the necessary ingredients.
00:48   We have to assume that the explosives might possibly used in the form of a vest,
00:54   and that it’s almost finished or even ready for use already.

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  1. “Domiciled in Chemnitz”. How refreshing. Not “Chemnitz man”, or “Austrian”.
    This is a model worth adopting elsewhere.

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