Russian Military Briefing on the US Air Strike Against Syrian Forces

Below is a briefing given by a Russian military officer on yesterday’s accidental air strike by the United States on the Assad regime’s military forces in Syria.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   Briefing 9/17/16 — Head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department Sergey Rudskoy
00:04   Today US-led coalition warplanes struck Syrian army positions near Deir el-Zour.
00:14   The strike resulted in multiple casualties
00:20   I’d like to stress that at this time the Russian air force did not act in this area.
00:31   General Savchenko, the head of the ceasefire negotiations committee will report on the matter.
00:39   Yes. Lieutenant General,
00:43   Today at 17:00 hours 2 US F-16s, 2 A-10s and an armed UAV
00:54   struck Syrian Army defense positions
01:05   six kilometers south of Deir el-Zour airport.
01:11   When we received the news from the Syrian representative, we contacted the coalition forces
01:21   and demanded a cessation of hostilities.
01:27   As a result, at 17:50 the coalition stopped the bombardment.
01:33   After the strikes the ISIS militia started attacking in this area.
01:40   As of now, heavy fighting is still going on.
01:44   From 19:00 Russian Air Force has been supporting the Syrian Army by striking ISIS positions.
01:54   Ten strikes were carried out.
02:02   The Syrian representative will report on casualties.
02:44   As a result of the latest US-led coalition strikes on Syrian Army positions
02:52   we lost 160 men, among them 62 dead. Military equipment was destroyed:
02:59   three tanks, three armored vehicles, four mine throwers and one rocket launcher.
03:28   We consider these actions to be a blatant attack on the fragile ceasefire.
03:34   The strike cleared the way for ISIS militia to attack and overrun
03:43   Syrian Army positions, and try to occupy Deir el-Zour.
03:55   Only thanks to Russian air force strikes did we manage to stop the terrorists’ attack.
04:18   We request additional support from the Russian air force to help us neutralize the terrorists.
04:33   The Russian air force will continue to help the Syrian Army
04:37   and strike ISIS forces in the Deir el-Zour area.
04:44   We think that the latest incident, which led to multiple casualties,
04:50   is the result of confusion and ignorance in the US-led coalition,
04:56   as well as reluctance on US side to coordinate their anti-terrorist actions in Syria with Russia.
05:06   We are waiting for explanations from coalition command, led by the US.

11 thoughts on “Russian Military Briefing on the US Air Strike Against Syrian Forces

  1. Accidental? Yeah, right….. It’s what the obama crowd have been doing all along.

    Look for the Russians to ‘accidentally’ reply.

  2. Virtually everyone in this Obama administration is only worthy of utter disdain, impeachment, and likely long imprisonments.

    U.S. Commanders, both strategic and tactical in the field, if they had any integrity and fidelity to the Constitution, should refuse to carry out such orders.

  3. American armed forces in league with jihadi terrorists attacking a sovereign nation. Only in an Obama world could this happen.

    What a low level he has brought our country.

  4. ** three tanks, three armored vehicles, four mine throwers and one rocket launcher **

    This like a “clue” that the position struck was not an ISIS position. The US leaders didn’t coordinate with the Russians because they knew it was a Syrian position. Otherwise, how hard would it have been to make a call to Russian HQ and say, “Hey, Ivan. We have an armored ISIS unit as a high-priority target at Deir Ezzor? What have you guys got?” They did coordinate with ISIS, however, who just happened to mount an attack right after the US strike.

    Apparently, the real ISIS position next door could not be seen by the US. What do real ISIS positions look like anyway? Do they even use armor in this area and how does it get here and from what parent unit? Does ISIS have depot maintenance facilities somewhere that we haven’t bombed the bejeebers out of?

    Let us see the gunsight camera video and listen to pilot-controller audio for the strike and the previous day’s of surveillance. Does the US claim this has been an “ISIS” position all along, or does US intelligence see all military positions in highly contested areas as tabula rasa, without any tactical history? How long had the Syrian unit been there? The ISIS units? If the unit targeted had not been there a long time, how can its presence be explained? Can it be understood to have fit in with an ISIS strategy or a Syrian strategy? Against what threat did the commander of the targeted position dispose his forces? Which way were the tanks’ guns pointing to put it in terms that even the Golfer in Chief can understand?

    The Pentagram claims they thought it was an ISIS tank position. What tanks does ISIS have? Last I heard, they got their hands on a zillion of the Abrams tanks we left for the Iraqis. Do Abrams tanks look like the Soviet tanks in the Syrian inventory or does ISIS also have Soviet armor? If only Abrams, can US photo interpreters tell the difference? Are these questions left for pilots of US fighter-bombers to answer for themselves afresh over the target or is there some kind of a sophisticated intelligence analytical capability we have to make these target assessments beforehand? DIA and Air Force imagery with all sorts of labels and arrows is routinely generated in combat areas. What was generated in this case and when, and what did it show? What did the pre-mission pilot brief show? We’re the pilots told it was an ISIS site or were they told it was an SAA site? What can US pilots tell us about the logic of US target selection, its efficacy as part of an anti-ISIS/anti-al-Qaida strategy, and rules of engagement?

    Did our JSTARS aircraft pick up any movement from Syrian controlled areas to the Deir Ezzor target area? Was this information ignored by US intel or was this movement observed to learn more? During the first Gulf War, it was clear that JSTARS planes could track bicycles and chickens (free-range). Are we to believe that the origin, route, and destination of the armor destroyed at this Syrian site was not tracked and available to US strike planners? Or does the American military shell out billions for high-tech JSTARS systems because it has an academic interest in tracking Gila monsters, rabbits, and goats as a possible global cooling global warming climate change climate disruption beggar-thy-neighbor strategy?

    Where was the target in relation to other ISIS positions? Did the commander of the unit attacked choose his position so that it was more capable of being supplied logistically by ISIS or by the Syrian government? How were the targeted armor vehicles to be resupplied with fuel and ammo?

    Did the US not understand the CRITICAL role the besieged air base plays in keeping eastern Syria from complete ISIS control? Was the US strike one of many against ISIS in eastern Syria and only this one happened not to be coordinated with the Russians and YouTube? Or is this strike sui generis and understandable only as supporting ISIS since it fits in with no anti-ISIS strategy? Is the US strike to be understood as a reckless or incompetent action? How likely is it that the US military is this incompetent? That this was an honest, “stuff happens” mistakarooney?

    Who ordered the strike? Who else was involved in it in any way?

    These are the questions that occur to this observer after a mere 210 minutes of effort. Moreover, my estimation of the likely answers to these questions leads me yet again to wish for a speedy and orderly end to the present reign of liars, fools, metrosexuals, twits, dweebs, twinks, flakes, neocons, warmongers, Russophobes, regime changers, body men and women, opportunists, BLM enthusiasts, fundamental transformers, open borders fabulists, living Constitutionalists, natural born citizen poseurs, “refugee” resettlers, con persons, statists, Republican bed wetters, conservative capitulationists, globalists, MSM bag men, Saudi agents, communists, Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators, dilletantes, and sociable justice warriors.

  5. And now it appears that the Royal Air Force was sucked into participating in this atrocity by Obama’s suborned, sycophantic General Staff. We cousins on both sides of the pond are without doubt governed by traitors or idiots…or both.

  6. We here in Australia have been implicated too! Meanwhile our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is strutting his stuff at the 71st UN General Assembly saying we should take more migrants and support the TPP! (This, I might add, is a so-called Conservative Prime Minister). They are all in it – the Elites versus the great global unwashed.
    Any bets on who will win?

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