Knife Jihad in Bavaria

This report from Politically Incorrect describes an instance of Knife Jihad in the Bavarian city of Aschaffenburg.

Note: In a German media context, “Southern-looking” is a euphemism for “Muslim immigrant”, much the same as “youth” in France or “Asian” in Britain.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Aschaffenburg: “Southern-looking” bicycle rider thrusts knife into back of pedestrian

Friday morning around 8:30 a 33-year-old pedestrian had a knife thrust into his back by a passing bicyclist. The victim was able to call the police himself, saying he felt something like a heavy blow to his back, and that he was in a lot of pain. At the scene, the ambulance people realized that there was a knife stuck in the man’s back.

The severely injured person was brought to the hospital. The police are searching for the attacker; the victim reported he didn’t know him. He has been described as follows: male, about 20 years old, strong, heavy-set figure, dark skin, black backpack with light or gray stitching. He rode an old, fit-for-scrap woman’s bicycle with a silver basket.

Such knife attacks have been well known in Israel for years, where Jewish pedestrians and joggers get stabbed on the streets. The European Gaza Strip now runs right through Germany.

11 thoughts on “Knife Jihad in Bavaria

  1. I will confess to being very conflicted with this one.

    Is this an argument for knife controls or bicycle controls?

    • I must protest – this poor innocent young Somali gentleman was merely going about his lawful business, in his usual quite manner, seeking advice from any passing psychiatrist, when a succession of rude, pushy Americans hurled themselves onto his knife ( which he always took to the Mall as one does) only for him to be shot by an off duty policeman who misread the situation.

      Nothing to see here folks, cannot use the dreaded phrase
      I*****c T*******m as that would be judgemental, just a cultural misunderstanding!

  2. “Southern looking”… does that mean he was one of those intemperate Italians? Or maybe a Greek, coming to take revenge on Germany for his country’s debt crisis? That must surely be it…

  3. I only carry a gun while hiking due to wildlife or the unlikely chance of running into a smuggler or an illegal, most want to avoid hikers. But, if this starts to happen, not likely, in my area I would pack all the time.

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