Is the Niqab a Gateway Garment?

According to the following report from the Austrian public broadcaster ORF, shops specializing in the sale of full-face veils may actually be nodes in Salafist networks.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Experts Warn Against the Spread of Nikab Shops

Experts are warning against the spread of so-called nikab shops in Germany, which offer full-cover clothing for Muslim women.

These businesses are “not just fashion shops, but parts of a Salafist infrastructure,” said the director of the Global Islam Center at the University of Frankfurt am Main on Tuesday for the ARD TV magazine Report Mainz. Furthermore, veils for girls as young as two years old are sold there.

“Meeting Place for Salafists”

Schröter continued that these shops are centers “in which information is passed on and which function as meeting places for Salafists of both sexes. The scene is clearly extremist, unsettling, and demands action.”

According to Report Mainz, covert photographs show a saleswoman pressuring a customer to cover up. The magazine speaks of a “shocking development, especially when it concerns the indoctrination of children” according to the Freiburg Islam scholar Adbel Hakim Ourghi. There were symbols in several of the shops which may be connected to the jihadist terror group, Islamic State.

Comparison With the Extreme Right Scene

According to the “Report Mainz” website, what the expert Susanne Schröter sees in these shops is a parallel to shops which carry products for right-extremist followers. “These are stores where the symbols of a movement can be acquired, and that also exists in the rightist scene.” She places the nikab shops in the in the category of “extremist consumer culture” as well.

Photo (not shown): Nikab shops could be passing on information.

8 thoughts on “Is the Niqab a Gateway Garment?

  1. Every business, institute, or organization the invaders create is a “network node” in the parallel society they are trying to create to undermine and eventually overthrow the host society. Obviously the mosques are the most important nodes of all.

  2. The Burka is their way to say, “Don’t rape that chaste covered Moslem woman, rape that uncovered kafir slut instead.” It’s no different than wearing a black SS uniform. I

  3. Beats me what the “extreme right” has to do with Islamic conquest. Not to resist is treason.

    • As a rare commenter here from a (mostly) left wing viewpoint, Warren, I sympathise. I’ve mainly persuaded the (socialist, conscientious and thoroughly good and decent) lady in my life of the dangers of Islamisation, but my (also good and decent, female, half-Jewish, strongly feminist) manager is an uphill struggle. Fortunately we like and respect one another.

  4. An ad popped up on my Facebook feed for this

    It’s swimwear that looks like evening wear and it’s make of lycra. Personally, I’ve been into the Marilyn suit for a few years now (since my 40th) for public relaxation, but this is ridiculous and clearly insidious. And for swimming laps obviously you wear a proper swimsuit that fits tightly, no matter your age and shape.

    While swimming in a dress is perhaps neither here nor there, the problem is the dripping wet fabric when you get out of the water. You’ll catch your death.

    The Modli homepage says: ModLi is the first & only modest fashion marketplace connecting millions of women from diverse backgrounds to modest fashion designers & boutiques from …

    I see it was launched by an Israeli woman, Nava Brief-Fried, who says, “There really are millions of women who dress modestly, millions of women, whether for religious reasons or for other reasons. A lot of women dress modestly, and they have to feel good about it, and I think that’s where we come in”.

    Some Christian sites extol these virtues on P1 of the Google search.

  5. Europe is terminally infected with Islam. Baron – you’ll develop carpal tunnel trying to keep up with all of this.

    • That sums it up in so few words. Terminal, it’s all over. Last one out please turn off the lights.

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