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‘I don’t need therapy — I’d rather move to Hungary’

According to a Hungarian news report, the Dutch government is dealing with the migration crisis by providing young women with what they call “therapy” to prepare them for the (non-negligible) possibility that they may be raped by an immigrant. Advance therapy for rape — isn’t that swell? Close your eyes and think of Holland, girls!

The article below discusses the whimsical T-shirt pictured above, among other aspects of the revolt against multicult in the Netherlands. It’s a reminder that Hungary is leading the resistance against Islamization and mass immigration in Europe. The Hungarian referendum coming up on Sunday (on whether to accept mandatory migrant quotas from the EU) is as significant for the future of Europe as last May’s Brexit vote in the UK.

Hungary deserves the support of immigration-critics throughout the West. It comes highly recommended as a tourist destination, as do the other countries of the Visegrad Group. For those who can’t make the trip, buying Hungarian products is a suitable alternative. Which, needless to say, makes me think of wine.

I consulted with the future Baron, who is a wine expert, and he says that Tokaji, a.k.a. Tokay, is the most well-known Hungarian wine. It’s a sweet white dessert wine, like a sauterne or an ice wine. But he says there are also dry reds, including Egri Bikavér (“bull’s blood from Eger”). From the wiki:

According to legend, the name originates from the invasion of Suleiman the Magnificent around 1552.

“To motivate and support the small group of soldiers during the Siege of Eger castle they were served delicious food and a lot of red wine. Among the Turkish soldiers it was rumored that bull’s blood was mixed into the red wine, as otherwise the strength and firm resistance of the town and castle of Eger could not be explained. Finally the enemy gave up.”

It has been suggested that the term Bikavér was coined by poet János Garay in 1846.

For the non-bibulous among our readers, there are other Hungarian products that may be worth a look. I noticed while browsing the web that most of Hungary’s exports are of technical products — it’s a very high-tech economy. But pork products were on the list. So… wine, pork, and maybe a Magyar agár puppy. How much more Islamophobic can you get?

And now for the Magyar-oriented Dutch girls. Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this article from the Hungarian news portal PestiSrá

This is why Dutch girls want to move to Hungary

The Hungarian government’s immigration politics are more popular than the EU’s present policies. In the Netherlands young Dutch girls advertise on T-shirts that they would rather move to Hungary than undergo the preparation therapy organized by the Dutch government for migrant-violence (rape). [Yes you heard it right, they give them preparation for the certain rape and violence rather than protecting them from it — translator]

One of the latest programs in the Netherlands to prepare young girls for unavoidable migrant violence is to provide them preparatory therapy against rape. As a result some girls have begun to wear a T-shirt with the text: “I don’t need therapy — I’d rather move to Hungary” (Ik heb geen therapie nodig — ik moet gewoon naar Hungarije).

[“I don’t need therapy — I’d rather move to Hungary” Photo:]

The reaction of the young girls is not unique, and this shows in the popularity of the right-wing Party for Freedom. They want to ban and deport Muslim migrants, leave the EU — as urged in the election program of Geert Wilders, the leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom (PVV). The party leader — who was charged with hate crimes in the past but acquitted — wants to de-Islamize the Netherland and ban the Koran, mosques, Muslim schools and organizations, and close the migrant centers. In his one-page manifesto he also called for a ban on the burqa because it is an Islamic symbol. Based on the latest polls, his party the PVV is the most popular political power in the Netherlands.

They Put the Migrants into Prisons Instead of Apartments

The Netherlands is one of the most popular destination for migrants in Europe. In the last couple of years the Dutch government tightened its migration policies, but it seems like it is not enough. While in 2015 they provided apartments and language courses for migrants, in 2016 they found a solution for what to do with unused prison cells: in the past they had rented them to Belgium and Norway, but now they are using them as migrant accommodations. Of course they rebuilt the prisons, but the thick cell doors and prison grills on the windows are a reminder of the original functions. Based on an Associated Press report, the migrants do not mind the location; they only complain about the food.

The Police Jump if Somebody Posts Something in Social Media

The Dutch government is very sensitive to negative opinions about the migration. A couple of months ago the police knocked at the door of young man who posted something on Twitter. The interesting part was that he had not said anything negative, just asked a simple question about the migration. This is when it came to light that the Dutch Police have a special unit that watches social media, and whoever posts “interesting” content will get a visit from them personally.

Migration and Safety are the Priorities

As chair of the presidency of the EU [Note: The Netherlands rotated off the presidency in July, and Slovakia rotated on], the Netherlands, has the goal of bringing EU politics closer to its citizens and to contributing to growth. The primary focus for the Dutch president is migration and international safety, so they suggest a shared border control and a fair distribution of the burden among the member states. They want to create an effective European border control, and they wish to remedy the root of the migration crisis with a more committed and more proactive politics [I actually got nauseous while I translating this propaganda — Translator].

The EU — in Theory — Has an Agreement to Protect Woman

The agreement wishes to give an extreme boost to fight violence against women and prevent domestic violence. The signing countries must take every conceivable measure to prevent violence, protect possible victims and punish the perpetrators. [I am not sure telling a woman to make peace with the fact that she will be raped for sure counts as prevention. — Translator]

Thailand, Bulgaria, Venezuela…

However, Hungary was the first on a T-shirt as a target country. In the meantime new versions have been released. Based on those, the Dutch would rather go anywhere outside of their country, including Bulgaria, Venezuela, Egypt or Albania — they would rather move than participate in their government’s re-education training.


37 thoughts on “Hungary the Model

    • I understand your bewilderment!

      The problem is that these left wing lunatics in government, throughout Europe, are totally confident in their discredited and misguided immigration “policy” whilst busily writing a collective cultural suicide note for the rest of us!

      They have no fear of retribution or consequences resulting from their actions.

      Look to History – Lord Haw Haw, a British citizen was HANGED after WW11 for broadcasting radio propaganda for the Nazis! I would argue that equally treacherous behaviour by today’s leaders in Europe should be similarly “rewarded”
      As there is no greater political crime than that of abandoning your own citizens and opening your borders to a hostile third world rabble who openly despise western values.

    • It reminds me of the South African film ‘Disgrace’ w John Malkovich. The young woman (Jessica Haines) seems to miserably expect to be horribly raped, repeatedly, by young black criminals. I could not bear that film, the awful choices she had (leave her farm or stay and expect attacks).

      So that is what Dutch life is for young women now.

    • I watched the video with interest. Astonished that the Hungarian inventor of the eponymous “Biro” pen wasn’t mentioned. A Leo Szilard is also mentioned as the inventor of something relatively trivial. Perhaps there may be two Hungarian Leo Szilards from the early-mid C20th, but the Jewish atomic physicist Leo Szilard persuaded Albert Einstein (because of his prestige in matters of science/physics) to write to President Roosevelt and explain to him that there was potential for atomic energy to be weaponized. Thus was born the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos and the the ultimate product: the abrupt curtailing of Japan’s intended Iwo Jima-style home islands defence in 1945 by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, which saved at least 50,000 American soldiers’ lives and the lives of far more Japanese soldiers and people. The stock of Purple Heart medals manufactured for the anticipated casualties in the planned American invasion of Japan’s home islands had not, in the year 2000, been used up.

      The world would be a very different, and far worse, place, but for the existence and actions of Leo Szilard. He was, reputedly, a difficult person to get along with. An opinionated, forthright, energetic genius. Needless to say he was, as any person with an ounce of integrity and intelligence in that era was, profoundly anti-Communist. Szilard was Hungary’s gift to Western civilization.

      • Yes it is the same Leo Szilard who worked on the bomb too. I guess the video was concentrated on peaceful inventions. Also there are another video (series) showing even more Hungarian inventions. This was not a full list more like just taste.
        Edward Teller was not mentioned either.

    • My dad imported his Vizsla and treasured this great hunting dog which had a great people personality too.

      I’ve not personally been to Hungary, home of my ancestors, but one of my sons traveled to Budapest this summer and he loved it, despite not having familiarity with the language outside of favorite foods like ‘lesco’ (tomato/pepper stew aka warm salsa), szilvásgombóc (plum dumplings), or Kolbászos Paprikás Krumpli (potato sausage stew) etc.
      FWIW, Authentic Hungarian products like Hungarian style paprika are available online at MagyarMarketing
      As for the wine, when purchasing the Tokaji variety (pronounced “tok-eye”) seek the Hungarian versions with the label indicating “Aszu (desiccated) 5 or 6 Puttonyos” for quality. You can find it as high as 6 Puttonyos – very expensive, but 5 is more available. You may see wines still labeled with 3 and 4 puttonyos for marketing reasons, but these do not meet the minimum sweetness requirement to be Tokaji Aszú.
      Over forty-six years ago, this was the wine my spouse and I chose to celebrate our marriage. We also served it at our daughter’s wedding, for which I researched the history a bit.
      Described as ‘The King of Wines and Wine of Kings’ by Louis XIV, Tokaji was once one of the most important wines in the world. It was coveted by royal customers including Hungarian noblemen, Ferenc Rákóczi II,
      Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and even Austrian composer Joseph Haydn (who received some payments in the form of this wine). As a matter of fact, to celebrate the British Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday, she was presented a rare museum Aszú wine bottled in 1900.
      Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos is a rich, honeyed dessert wine balanced by a terrific and refreshing acidity, fairly weighty in the mouth with great length and a butterscotch and pear like finish.
      Tokaji Wine with its unique and much prized characteristics, can only be grown in the Tokaji-Hegyalja region (some 3 hours drive east from Hungary’s capital Budapest) located in the north-east, on the border with Slovakia and the Ukraine. Vines, believed to be indigenous to the region, were first cultivated in Tokaj during Roman times. Hungary was invaded by the Mongols in 1241. The cellars which are such a feature of the region were built during this turbulent period.
      The Ottoman Turks conquered much of what is now Hungary during the 16th Century. The well-defended Tokaj Region was never fully occupied but subject to raids and the threat of invasion throughout this period. Legend has it that at some stage during this time, the Tokaj vineyards were left un-harvested due to the Turkish threat. When the populous returned the grapes had shriveled and the concentration of sugar and acidity intensified. In 1631 The Tokaji Aszu winemaking process was first described by Abbot Szepsi Laczkó Máté.
      The production of Tokaji Aszú is dependent on the development of a necrotrophic fruit fungus called gray mold, or botrytis. The mold develops on the berries in moist conditions (such as in foggy river valleys) and then dries when the sun comes out. This process of rotting and drying causes the grapes to shrivel and become sweet.
      This is where things start to get interesting with the traditions of Hungarian Tokaji production. The Aszú berries were collected in large baskets called puttony and added in measured amounts to barrels of non-botrytis grape must. Then, the wines were produced and labeled based on how many Aszú baskets were added to the must. Thus, the system of labeling wines with ~3–6 puttonyos was developed.

        • Hi CrossWare

          Any latest news on the turnout for the referendum? In order to be valid it must be 50+ if i remember correctly.

          I hope the Hungarians stand their ground against this EU collaboration in yet another islamic invasion of Europe!

          • The referendum will be tomorrow (Sunday) I will be close to computer and report as much as I can. 🙂

      • I’m not a fan of sweet white wines, but if Haydn (great composer and lovely person) liked Tokaji I should give it a chance!

        Haydn is less famous today than his younger friend Mozart, or unruly pupil Beethoven, but when he died in Vienna (then occupied by the French) in 1809, Napoleon had his troops line the route of the funeral procession.

  1. Absolute Insanity. The unbelievably soft minded and sterile { both in mind and in their reproductive functions } political hacks and elected representatives would be a cause for great derision…if these functionaries were not so dangerous. There is no more United States of America for decent God Fearing people to flee to. A mixed blood chief executive of questionable origins and an Islamic background is not an indication of the great ” Melting Pot ” that the United States once was. One could see the beginning of the end in the Netherlands years ago as older people were clinging to the drapes as they were being removed from their homes ; destined for ” dignified death centers ” in an effort to make room in the crowded country for the young. Today the invasion of military age Muslims makes one wonder if the country would not have been better off if it allowed the oldsters to remain at home. { less room for the primitive culture immigration}. A Pope who was elected in a controversial manner { check it out } and a German Chancellor from East Germany, whose demeanor contradicts her actions, are the bell weathers of modern Western Civilization. God save us.

  2. Don’t forget to purchase (renew your supply of!) Hungarian paprika, the best to be found. I’ve been a scratch cook for a long time, and I absolutely *love* Szeged paprika. There are other varieties of paprika as well (e.g., Kalocsa).

    There *must* be additional Hungarian products we can purchase to show our support.

  3. Hungary, along with the Czech republic and Poland know what it is like to live under a mad dictatorship and do not wish to repeat the experience. I do admire their integrity and strength of belief. I have been to Budapest several times on business. It is enchanting! If ever England fell to the Muslims, I would beg Hungary to take me in! Another Hungarian of note, was Dr. Semmelweiss. Poor man villified in his time, like so many visionaries, but lauded now.

      • I never knew he was Hungarian…though I do remember him as the prime example of what happens to those who buck the system. From the wiki you cited:

        Despite various publications of results where hand-washing reduced mortality to below 1%, Semmelweis’s observations conflicted with the established scientific and medical opinions of the time and his ideas were rejected by the medical community. Some doctors were offended at the suggestion that they should wash their hands and Semmelweis could offer no acceptable scientific explanation for his findings. Semmelweis’s practice earned widespread acceptance only years after his death, when Louis Pasteur confirmed the germ theory and Joseph Lister, acting on the French microbiologist’s research, practiced and operated, using hygienic methods, with great success. In 1865, Semmelweis was committed to an asylum, where he died at age 47 of pyaemia, after being beaten by the guards, only 14 days after he was committed

        Plus ça change…today, the FDA, in tandem with Big Pharma, wields inordinate power and influence over the practice of ‘modern’ medicine. Independent docs learn to keep a low profile.

      • Fascinating reading there. An interesting quote to share on this blog given the characterization used by his opponent to reject Semmelweiss’ idea:

        “* August Breisky, an obstetrician in Prague, rejected Semmelweiss’s book as “naive” and he referred to it as “the Koran of puerperal theology”.”

        Clearly, in generations past, the ‘koran’ was not a respected book of knowledge.
        The wiki link also made reference to this 1938 video documentary on Semmelweiss which is available on YouTube:
        That mothers might live.mp4 10:29 length

        This short tells the story of Ignaz Philipp Semmelweiss (1818-1865), a Hungarian physician. He was the first to realize that the deaths of new mothers could be significantly reduced simply by requiring doctors to wash their hands before treating a patient.

      • Ignaz! I was planning to write an essay on Semmelweis as a deeply tragic historical example of someone who knew his analysis and solutions were correct, but whom the European medical establishment humiliated, crushed and ultimately killed – he was beaten to death in the insane asylum to which he was committed by the powers that be.

        It is one of the saddest personal stories in history. I see strong parallels between Semmelweis and Geert Wilders, though as yet Wilders has not been crushed and killed. Time will tell as they seem awfully determined to silence Wilders.

  4. Hungary, along with the Czech republic and Poland know what it is like to live under a mad dictatorship and do not wish to repeat the experience. I do admire their integrity and strength of belief. I have been to Budapest several times on business. It is enchanting! If ever England fell to the Muslims, I would beg Hungary to take me in! Another Hungarian of note, was Dr. Semmelweiss. Poor man villified in his time, like so many visionaries, but lauded now.

  5. I am a (Wilders voting) journalist from the Netherlands and I try to read everything wrt the Islamization of the west and all its aspects. I thought you were a reliable source for that information, but this message about some preparatory therapy for rape victims in the Netherlands raises serious doubts about that.
    There is no such therapy, the t-shirt bears no relation to the migrant-problem, and instead of proving that what is supposed to be news can be substantiated you start to talk about wine. I really do not understand this.

    • For all I know, the whole thing is satire. Maybe a Dutch satire that fooled the writer of the article. But you’ll have to ask the Hungarians about that. I don’t understand a word of Magyar, so I can’t investigate this one for myself.

      Fortunately, we have plenty of Hungarian readers who may be able to tell you more/

      • In future, maybe use reliable Dutch sources to provide information on what is going on in the Netherlands, and reliable Hungarian sources for what is going on in Hungary? Just a thought. Using a Hungarian article to report something supposedly happening in Netherlands that raises all sorts of flags didn’t turn out such a good idea, now did it?

        • I thought it turned out just fine. I have no problems with it.

          What are “reliable Dutch sources”? Do you mean like De Telegraaf? So I should teach myself Dutch, somehow, and then read the Dutch MSM? Or teach myself Dutch slang, and read Geenstijl instead?

          Hungarians didn’t make that T-shirt — Dutch or Flemish people did. Can you tell me who made it? Can you find the source? Can you tell me what “therapy” they were referring to? What was their actual intention?

          If not, quit carping at me. Because if you can’t identify the actual source, you don’t even know that the story is false.

          You know the language, so you have no excuse for ignorance about this.

          • Don’t you already have a Dutch correspondent? You should have asked that person whether “pre-emptive rape therapy” for Dutch girls is actually a thing before running with this dubious story.

            Sorry, as I don’t read Dutch I cannot do this research for you.

          • If you don’t read Dutch then you know nothing about the accuracy of the Hungarian report!

            If you had read the post more closely, you would have noticed that I began my introduction by saying, “According to a Hungarian news report…”

            That is: This is what the Hungarians reported rather than This is what I know to be true.

            It would be nice if I had the time to verify the complete accuracy of every translated article, but I don’t. Therefore I present them as-is to readers. I make sure to ascertain that they are not malicious, nor absurd on the face of it, and this article is neither.

            The Hungarians did not manufacture this shirt; the Dutch (or Flemish) did. If some kind reader will supply the story of the origin of the shirt, I will gladly post it. If it is in Dutch, I will have it translated.

            More than that I cannot do, madame.

            I earnestly urge you to leave off your ankle-biting and focus your attention on more important matters.

        • Okay, so you agree that it’s a nothingburger, pending confirmation by a reliable source. Think we’re more or less on the same page now.

    • The article was a direct translation of an official publication. I do not fabricate information I translate articles from Hungarian to English. As for how and where the original article is come from I can’t take responsibility.

  6. I may be in Budapest from 12-15 October. Where should I stay? What should I see? What should I do?

    The Netherlands are truly a failed state if they believe in this “preventive therapy.” A culture that cannot or will not protect its women folk is no culture at all.

  7. The Hungarian deli in Old Market, Bristol sells some very good sausages and loads of other stuff

  8. The Dutch rather going to Venezuela than enduring their regime’s brainwashing? that’s something… altough, please come over here, maybe among the emigrating Dutch enough will have the cojones to bolster the ranks of the much depleted sane people in Colombia…
    (comedy ends here)

    Or better yet, fight the monster at home and avoid the need to emigrate…

  9. No, I mean exactly what I say. And I would not be at all surprised to find that there really is some sort of “therapy” offered by the Dutch government. We have numerous Dutch readers, so if I am way off the mark, one of them will surely tell me. And then I will retract, with suitable contrition.

    • I did some research and found no Dutch state initiated program on this subject.

      The Belgium state does educate mohamed’s invaders how to behave towards women and prevent rapes and honor beatings of women :-). So does Norway.

      Anyway. If only women would have the dignity to wear the headscarf.. (there is sarcasme in that last phrase)

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